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Cryptonym: KDACROBAT-1

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Probably Bernardo de Torres. KDACROBAT-1 reported on Cuban exiles involved in narcotics in Mexico. Bernardo de Torres appeared to be an informant of KDACROBAT-1. The two men are probably one and the same.


05/17/72, Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline RYBAT PLMHABYSS: "1. S.A. Bock, BNDD, came to Station offices and requested info on 'intelligence type informant' which BNDD region 15 considering for employment. This person recommended to region 15 from BNDD region 5. Health of region 5 talked with Barber of region 15 concerning Subject. 2. According to S.A. Bock, Subject's name is Bernardo de Torres, about 40-45 years of age, born Havana, Cuba. BNDD number SG 1-2-0035 (this indicates detailed biographic info available Miami or Washington). 3. Subject gave two cards to BNDD rep: One which lists him as 'Supervisor de Ventas Para Centro y Sur America' for Military Armament Corporation, 1953 S.W. 27th Avenue, Miami, Florida. Telefonos: 444-6171: 448 1250. Second card with same title, address and telephone numbers from 'Defense System International.' - Wrote his home address as 2700 S.W. 23rd, Apt 402, telephone: 448-1250, Miami, Florida. 4. Subject told S.A. Bock he member of 'Bay of Pigs' group. Was captured and ransomed back to United States. Intimated he in contact with BKTRUST. 5. Subject said he comes to Mexico on average of once each month to sell arms and audio equipment. S.A. Bock saw brochures which include automatic and semi-automatic weapons, silencers, night vision devices. Subject stated he had just met with governor state of Guerrero regarding arms deal. Also showed S.A. Bock book credential from governor state of Morelia, listing him as 'confidential agent.' Also claims to have contact with certain high GOM officials including MIN/DEF and MIN/Education. Stated he also working on sale of 'Swift' (patrol type) craft to GOM. 6. Reason for approach to BNDD Mexico is that Subject claims to have info on high placed GOM officials involved in narcotics traffic and protection. Has already cited (REDACTION) as one such individual. Subject said he willing to work for BNDD on fixed salary-basis." (CONTINUED BELOW).


05/17/72, Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline RYBAT PLMHABYSS: Page 2: "7. Station has traces: (REDACTION) 2038 (not available) and DIRECTOR 60225. It evident from latter that (REDACTION) requested info on Subject, but reason not known. Latter has Bernardo de Torres identical with Bernardo Gonzalez de Torres (201-294213) DPOB: 26 March 1934, Havana, Cuba. This confirms he member of 'Cuban Task Force,' captured during April 1961 invasion and released December 1962 in prisoner exchange. DIRECTOR 60225 states additional traces to be forwarded on de Torres. No record of having received additional traces. 8. After receiving request from S.A. Bock we stated we would request traces from Headquarters and WH/Miami. We have not given BNDD info from Station traces. Request updated traces from addee's including what can be given to BNDD from para 7 refs and addee trace results, including 'credibility.' 9. It appears to us that if Subject's story re armament sales is true this would be of interest to BKTRUST in addition to intended BNDD utilization on GOM narcotics protection angle. 10. File: 201-294213: 200-11-11/3. GP-1."


06/12/72, Memorandum for the record from Withheld: Page 3: ..."8. Subject travelled again to Mexico in March 1972 with Bernardo de Torres. (Mexico 2038, 4 December 1969, mentions that LITEMPO-12, WH/MIAMI, received a phone call from one Bernardo De Torres regarding a supposed Swiss contraband arms dealer in Mexico City). Nazar had invited Masferrer to return to Mexico to go on a 'hunting party,' that is, to participate in an actual counter-insurgency operation. Masferrer and De Torres arrived in Acapulco and were met by Bravo. They travelled by police vehicle for about an hour east of Acapulco to an area near La Treintas (NFI). Just before they arrived they heard on the police radio that the Army had just 'shot down' a twin-engine Beachcraft. When they arrived, a search of the wreckage yielded a few weapons. A short firefight (about 15 minutes) ensued with insurgents that left two soldiers dead. Masferrer said he did not know the number of insurgent casualties. One insurgent was captured along with his .45 cailber pistol..."


07/03/72, Dispatch from COS, Withheld to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (Info: Chief, WH/Miami): "Action Required: Traces and Indexing. 1. KDACROBAT-1 reported on 30 May 1972 that the following Cuban exiles were allegedly involved in narcotics traffic. a. Bienvenido Branda, aka 'El Bigote que Canta.' Address: Los Angeles, California. Allegedly involved in narcotics traffic to the U.S. b. Adolfo Padron. Address: Los Angeles, California. Ex-member of Brigada 2506, attempting to obtain U.S. citizenship in order to facilitate travel between the U.S. and Mexico. Closely associated with Bienvenido Branda, allegedly involved in narcotics traffic. 2. KDACROBAT-1 received information on other Cubans exiles involved in narcotics traffic from: Bernardo de Torres, CIT: USA (ex-Cuban). OCC: Private Investigator, actual employment with Military Armament Corp., Atlanta, Georgia. Address: 2700 S.W. 23 Terrace, Apt. 402, Miami, Florida, who, KDACROBAT-1 says, will provide more information on Cuban exiles involved in narcotics traffic. According to Torres the following two Cuban refugees are so involved. They arrived in Mexico from Miami on Mexico Aeronaves flight of 1 February 1972. a. Mario Jimenez. DPOB: circa 1935, Cuba: CIT: USA. OCC: Stock brokerage at 7th Street and 20th Avenue, N.W., Miami. Former sheriff with police of Miami where he had problems. He is 5'11", weighs 165 lbs, swarthy. b. Frank Condon Gil. DPOB: circa 1932, Cuba: CIT: USA. He is 5'7", weighs 145 lbs, face marked by acne scars. Torres says that both individuals dressed well and travelled first class. They stayed at the 'Fiesta Palace' hotel in Mexico City. 3. KDACROBAT-1 also provided some details on one Jose Enrique de la Cotera Tascon who, he says, was caught a year and a half ago transporting cocaine across the US-Mexican border at Laredo and is now in prison. KDACROBAT-1 says he knew Cotera personally. (Signed) Moses R. Krownapple."

104-10188-10020: ( )AFGHAN OPERATIONS (VOL I).

07/28/72, Cable from Director to Mexico City: Page 4: ..."7. See little value Ref B suggested job reference from KDACROBAT-1 as he also leaving Mexico and could not backstop..."

Gavin McDonald

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