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Cryptonym: KDACOUSTIC-1

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Rafael Mirabal Fernandez. A memo in February of 1976, on SLANK-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez), stated that Rafael Mirabal Fernandez was KDACOUSTIC-1 (201-812117).
A FBI memo in March of 1967 stated that Rafael Mirabal Fernandez was a Attache at the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City, and he was also alleged to be a Cuban intelligence officer. A CIA cable in October, 1968, stated that Rafael Mirabal Fernandez was the current Cuban Vice Consul in Mexico City, and CUIS officer, who had arrived in Mexico in October 17, 1966.


01/01/63: CIA document: Page 12: ..."278. Mirabal Fernandez, Rafael..."


03/09/67: FBI memo from Legat, Mexico City to Director: Titled: Angel Ronaldo Luis Salazar, IS-CUBA: Pages 8-10: ..."On January 27, 1967, subject arrived in Mexico City and on January 30, 1967, went to the Cuban Embassy where he spoke to Rafael Mirabal concerning a visa to visit Cuba in order to see his grandmother, who is quite aged and in poor health. While he watched, Mirabal typed up a telegram to Havana to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting a visa for the subject. Subject displayed a carbon copy of this telegram, which he said was given to him by Mirabal. The March 1, 1967, edition of 'Diario Oficial,' official organ of the government of Mexico, lists Rafael Mirabal Fernandez as an Attaché of the Cuban Embassy, Mexico, D.F. T-2, another government agency which conducts personnel and intelligence investigations, has advised that Mirabal is an identified Cuban intelligence officer...On March 1, 1967, subject went back to the Cuban Embassy where he was received by Abreu, Mirabal, Mirabal's secretary and a new man named Cicard, who was identified as Abreu's replacement. T-2 has advised that Mirabal's secretary, as described by the subject, appears to be identical with Areceli Mastrapa, and that Abreu's replacement appears identical with Enrique Cicard Labrada..."


10/03/68: Cable from Director to Withheld (Orig: Withheld, Unit: WH/COG/OPS): REF: SAN JOSE 0495 (IN 03639) "Alfredo (Mirabal) Diaz (201-743394) departed Mexico PCS mid-1964. Current Cuban Vice Consul Mexico City is Rafael (Mirabal) Fernandez (201-812117), CUIS officer, arrived Mexico 17 Oct 66."


Undated draft memo for the record from C/CUB: Subject: Visit to the Soviet Embassy, Night of 1 October 1969: Despedida for Valentin Loginov: "1...The only Cuban present that he recognized from mug photos was Rafael Mirabal Fernandez, who quite obviously avoided any contact with (REDACTION) rather furtively staying on the other side of the room at all times..." - - - Page 9: ..."12. (REDACTION) was only sure of one Cuban's being present, Rafael Mirabal. At one time, (REDACTION) thought he saw a gentleman who looked a little like Ambassador Joaquin Hernandez Armas, but at second glance he did not think so. There was no doubt in (REDACTION) mind that Mirabal was avoiding him. On one occasion, Mirabal was quite close, within earshot, and may well have heard (REDACTION) either talking English to a fellow American or his wife, or discussing something American. Thereafter, every time (REDACTION) tried to work his way toward Mirabal, the latter would shortly move further away. Twice (REDACTION) talked to people that vaguely looked like they might be Cubans from the mug book, only to discover in both cases that they were Mexican."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

06/23/71: Cable (Orig: L. Laser, DC/WH/1): Slugline TYPIC AMROSE: "1. Past experience with approaches utilizing Cuban defections does not lead us to be sanguine regarding proposed op against KDACOUSTIC-1, especially using 'accidental encounter' ploy. While risk in such an attempted approach is minimal, we would favor delaying op in hopes of developing more up-to-date info on the target's vulnerabilities and possible susceptibility to recruitment/defection. 2. For Mexico City: Has KDTUCK-4 or other station access agents developed any significant info on KDACOUSTIC-1 recently? 3. File: 201-812117, 201-749651." Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD. Coordinating Officer: John Murray, C/WH/1. Authenticating Officer: Lawrence Sternfield, C/WH/C.

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

06/26/71: Cable: Slugline TYPIC AMROSE: "1. During his recent TDY to Mexico City on the KDTUCK-18 operation, Woodrow G. Hobberlin discussed with Terence D. Sistone our proposal to use AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) to approach KDACOUSTIC-1. AMMUG-1, whose relationship with KDACOUSTIC-1 dated back to 1954, assesses KDACOUSTIC-1 as only feigning loyalty to the PBRUMEN (Cuban) regime as he is basically as opportunist. 2. When provided with gist of info contained ref and asked to categorize KDACOUSTIC-1, AMMUG-1 commented that KDACOUSTIC-1 would have to be grouped with those who had come under fire for being something less than rabid revolutionaries. While AMMUG-1's approach to KDACOUSTIC-1 would probably have to assume the form of an 'accidental encounter' we are willing to entertain any ideas addresses may have to devise a less contrived approach to KDACOUSTIC-1. 3. Request addressee comments on the above proposal. 4. File: 201-812117, 201-749651."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

07/08/71: Cable: Slugline TYPIC AMROSE: "1. While we unwilling go the mat to place AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) in contact with KDACOUSTIC-1, this is a case where we have a good access agent and believe we would be remiss if we let this opportunity to recruit/defect an AMSTAFF officer pass us by. While likelihood of success is probably quite slim, we feel potential reward well worth the minimal effort involved. 2. For Mexico City: Following info geared to questions raised para two Ref B: Supervision, Marriott in flight services. B. Yes. c. No. D. March 1964 Mexico City as co-workers in AMSTAFF section. E. Yes. F. No, but then it is not our objective that AMMUG-1 offer KDACOUSTIC-1 a job. G. Believe we can safely assume that if AMMUG-1 does approach KDACOUSTIC-1 that the latter will assume that AMMUG-1 has been sent by LNFORT/JKLANCE (U.S. Government/CIA). This being so, believe AMMUG-1's primary goal is to establish contact with KDACOUSTIC-1 and assure him that if he ever decided to defect from PBRUMEN (Cuba), that AMMUG-1 can serve as his channel of communication to LNFORT. This of course same rationale being used in the AMBEATNIK-1/AMMEDIA-1 relationship. H. AMMUG-1's primary reason for going to Mexico will be to contact KDACOUSTIC-1. I. No. 3. In view of Mexico City's belief that KDACOUSTIC-1 will return PCS PBRUMEN this summer, recommend we press forward and with the necessary groundwork to effect meeting between AMMUG-1 and KDACOUSTIC-1. 4. File: 201-749651 and 201-812117."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

07/09/71: Cable (Orig: L. Laser, DC/WH/1): Slugline TYPIC AMROSE: REF: (REDACTION)-11878 (IN 374346): "1. Given station WH/Miami and Mexico City enthusiasm for ref op, HQs concurs in proposal to lay necessary groundwork for AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) and KDACOUSTIC-1 meeting. Gardalphe will discuss with station on arrival. 2. File: 201-749651; 201-862117. WH Comment: Ref recommended Gardalphe delayed for AMMUG-1 trip to Mexico to contact KDACOUSTIC-1." Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD. Authenticating Officer: John C. Murray, C/WH/1.

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

07/10/71: Cable: Slugline TYPIC AMROSE: "1. Ref C answers to our questions show AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) trip here cannot be gimmicked. He'll be marked from first moment for what he is. This is of no particular concern to (REDACTION) or AMMUG-1 himself. This being case, do not see what we have to lose by going ahead. There nothing that sensitive otherwise in process, including KDTUCK-18 case, which should be affected by an AMMUG-1 approach to KDACOUSTIC-1 in near future. 2. Let's elaborate just a bit further on our query of para 2G, Ref A, and (REDACTION) comment of para 2G, Ref C. If AMMUG-1 can maneuver to see KDACOUSTIC-1 under private, relaxed circumstances (admittedly difficult), we certainly hope he'll go beyond merely offering himself as channel for defection. (KDACOUSTIC-1 known station officers personally and how to reach them). We'd like AMMUG-1, as an old, knowledgeable colleague, to engage KDACOUSTIC-1 in meaningful ideological-political discussions, compare notes on mutual acquaintances, elicit re personal life, give us a better insight on an uncommunicative target and, thus, a better assessment. This would be worth the trip, even if AMMUG-1 otherwise rejected. 3. Assume AMMUG-1 ready to go within this of next month. Could AMMUG-1 visit be combined with one of Hobberlin's visits re KDTUCK-18 (particularly if AMMUG-1 looks like he might be handling problem)? 4. Files: 201-749651; 201-812117."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

02/03/76: Memo for the record from Wilfred O. Clower (Joseph G. Sancho): Subject: SLANK-1: "In reviewing SLANK-1's (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) file for possible leads to targets of interest the following names were selected: 1. Roberto Rodriguez Llompart (201-865547)...4. Rafael Mirabal Fernandez (KDACOUSTIC-1) (201-812117) (Mexico - February 1967)..."

Gavin McDonald

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