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Cryptonym: JUDAS

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A plan to kill Castro during 1963-1964. CIA officers stated that this was not its operation, and tried to learn more about it.
If not the originator of the story of the Operation Judas, one man who spread the story out was Guillermo Alonso Pujol, whose cryptonym was AMECRU-1. By 1970, Alonso Pujo was negotiating for the release of Reynol Gonzalez from Cuban prison. It turned out that Alonso Pujol was a Cuban agent! https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?mode=searchResult&absPageId=517156

Alonso Pujol was a former Vice President of Cuba. https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?mode=searchResult&absPageId=512476

MM-492-S was a member of Julio Garceran del Valle's PGCC: 124-10380-10001, page 6 of 8. Here's a review of PGCC: 1993.08.05.10:41:34:710005, page 429.

Operation JUDAS may have culminated with the capture of Manuel Ray on 5/20/64 when he was trying to lead a new "invasion of Cuba".

Revilo Oliver testified to the Warren Commission about Operation Judas, the fake invasion of Cuba that betrayed the Cuban people. Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XV, p. 735: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=51&search=goleniewski#relPageId=745&tab=page

Commission Document 1351 - FBI deBrueys Report of 21 Jul 1964 re: Oswald - Russia/Cuba

Carlos Bringuier, "Oswald - A Castro Agent", pamphlet published by Christian Crusade Publications, Tulsa, Oklahoma: Bringuier "thanks Billy James Hargis for his kind invitation to address you today...Kennedy could no longer admit Castro's presence in Cuba. There was coming the electoral campaign...among the Cubans in exile was running the rumor of a so-called 'Operation Judas' which meant that Castro would be overthrown from exile with Moscow's compliance to put in power a neutralist government headed by less notorious members from the Cuban Communist Party. There are a lot of articles and speeches that were written and told before Kennedy's assassination telling about this 'Operation Judas'. Informed by his spies in the United States, Castro thought it would be good to let Kennedy know that he was informed about the plans and that he would not accept the solution of the 'Operation Judas'." Bringuier then quotes the Daniel Harker article of 9/7/63, when Castro said at a Brazilian embassy reception that "we are prepared to fight them and answer in kind. US leaders should think that if they are aiding terrorist plans to eliminate Cuban leaders that they themselves will not be safe." Castro's warning could also be interpreted as a warning to JFK that he was not safe from the machinations of his own agencies. It may also have been related to Cubela's recent visit to Brazil and was a signal that he was aware of Cubela's activities talk of killing Castro.


11/7/63 cable from JMWAVE to Director: "Carlos Prio Socarras made public statement 6 Nov which carried by local radio and press to effect that evidence exists Premier Khrushchev and President Kennedy secretly plan replace Fidel Castro with more acceptable Cuban leader in fake coup after 64 US elections. Replacement would purport be Tito type thus paving way US recognition Communist regime in Cuba." Chief of Station comment: "Miguel (Cuco) Leon said while in Madrid the Spanish Intelligence Service gave him a document for Luis Somoza which was entitled 'Operation Judas'. It allegedly an account how President Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev plan to solve the Cuban problem."


In this post-assassination cable from early December 1963, informant AMPALM-4 passed along information regarding "Plan Judas" which involved "autenticos inside PBRUMEN (Cuba)." The cable adds the claim of Harry Williams that he, Williams, would lead Cuba and had been so named by GPFOCUS (Robert Kennedy). It further reported a meeting between Miguel "Cuco" Leon and the head of ODBEAT (Defense Intelligence Agency head Gen. Carroll), wherein Carroll was said to have "spoke against KUBARK (CIA) because they interfering with Plan Judas."


12/6/63 memo: "AMPALM-4 said...Francisco Chao Hermida attended 10 Nov meeting with Miguel A. 'Cuco' Leon which attended by Noel del Pino Perez, trusted confidant of Felix Lancis of Autenticos. According Chao, Autenticos, including Arturo Hernandez Tellamache, involved Operation Judas. Pino Perez very angry (about) declarations (of) Prio because those Autenticos involved plan not followers Prio. Pino Perez asked Leon how Prio learned of contents (of) document and Leon finally admitted he had shown document to Orlando Puente Perez, Prio's secretary...report Ruiz Williams, Leon claims Ruiz informed him that he, Ruiz, would lead new (Cuban) republic. He had been so named by (RFK) who had gone (to) New York to interview him. (RFK) said Ruiz could work with any sector he wished, but important point was Ruiz was to be boss. Ruiz called AMING-2 to Washington to name him future health minister. AMBANG-1 is also to be in cabinet. Ruiz told Leon that he had arranged exit from (Cuba) of Carlos Franqui with his accumulated wealth. Leon said he had meeting in automobile with chief (of DIA) who spoke against activities (with CIA) because they interfering with Operation Judas."

124-10214-10371: [No Title]

"On 1/6/64 captioned informant (MM-492-S) (64-21981) was in contact with Nicholas T. Noonenmacher, Administrative Assistant to Donald C. Bruce, representative from Indiana. The latter asked if the informant had any knowledge of Operation Judas, to which informant replied negatively. Noonenmacher explained that this was a plan for the assassination of Fidel Castro and the taking over of the Cuban government by new leadership with Hubert Matos as the new head, Manolo Ray as a prominent leader and Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo as the chief of the Army. Noonenmaker indicated that this plan would operate in accord with an internal uprising in Cuba and asked informant's opinion. Informant did not believe plan would succeed and felt that it would probably be impossible because Matos was in prison, Gutierrez had been a traitor too often, Ray was not trusted by many Cubans, and individuals inside Cuba were under strict police supervision. Noonenmacher further asked informant's opinion of Ray, Armando Fleites, Max Lesnick and Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo to which he answered that he was in agreement with Noonenmacher that they were 'pinks' and were untrustworthy."

124-10285-10066: No Title

2/4/64 memo from Vincent H. Nasca at Director, FBI to SAC, Miami: "A discreet inquiry was made to CIA. CIA, on 1-24-64, advised that the cryptonym 'Operation Judas' was unknown to CIA. (See 124-10214-10371, p. 16, which reveals this statement was made by officer Austin Horn) CIA confidentially advised it was not involved in any activity which included plans to assassinate Castro. CIA stated that Cuban exiles in this country could have such plans and have not seen fit to inform CIA...MM-REDACTED-S Administrative Assistant to Congressman (provided information) concerning Operation Judas. This is plan for assassination of Castro and the takeover of the Cuban government which would be headed by Hubert Matos. The new government reportedly would include Manolo Ray and Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo. See 124-90135-10117, p. 17: Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo was reported by the FBI as "scheduled to lead a revolutionary invasion of Cuba in March, 1964". No Title

104-10308-10085: MEMO: AMWORLD

Amconcert-1 learned from Orlando Puente that the originator of the story exposed by Prio to replace Castro with a "Tito type government" was Guillermo Alonso Pujol of the Cuban Intelligence Service. Prio was working with Republicans and Nixon to make Cuba an election issue in 1964. Alonso Pujol was active with the Cuban Committee for Liberation - CCL. More details in this cable: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=53254&relPageId=71


2/28/64 dispatch to Chief of Station, Caracas to Chief, SAS: "On 24 February ()RAKE-3 spoke with Valentin Diaz, a Cuban exile currently residing in Caracas (DOB: approximately 1910) who gave him the following information: An operation called 'Plan Judas' is currently being constructed inside Cuba. This plan involves an internal uprising with the support of certain Cuban military figures who are conspiring against Fidel Castro. Among the key figures in the plot are are Juan Almeida, Efigenio Ameijeiras Delgado, Pepin Naranjo, Regino Botti, and two brothers named Cossio...this report may be nothing more than pure rumor or wishful thinking...on 24 February PBSWING representatives met with Francisco Suarez Quinones, JURE member in Caracas, who stated that JURE was currently sponsoring a plan to assassinate Fidel Castro and other high-ranking Cuban government officials as a part of an operation designed to incite an internal rebellion in Cuba. Possibly the JURE plan may be in some way connected with the so-called 'Plan Judas'."


1/26/77, Jane Zerance, Latin American Division, Memorandum for the Record: After repeating the tip in the previous post, "CDH" offered the following analysis: Almeida and Ameijeiras were penetrators - not defectors - within Plan Judas.

Bill Simpich

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