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Cryptonym: JUBATE

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Unknown identity. A report in December, 1953, by Charles F. Rennell appeared to indicate that JUBATE was a Guatemalan banking official. JUBATE probably had some link or connection with El Salvador.
JUBATE appeared to be a CIA asset or source as far back as January of 1952. A cable in that month stated that JUBATE handled ESCROW's reports. A cable on 9 February, 1954, mentioned that the clearances of JUBILANT and JUBATE were being expedited. On receipt of these clearances JUBILANT and JUBATE were to proceed to implement recruitment for future use on airfields. A dispatch on 23 February, 1954, stated that JUBILIST's penetration effort was being transferred to JUBATE. Another dispatch the same day mentioned that JUBATE had served in the Second World War. A memo on 19 April, 1954, stated that a KUHOOK (CIA Paramilitary Operations Staff) representative was scheduled to depart on 20 April for a meeting with JUBATE, to determine the feasibility of flying gear from a withheld location to a strip at another withheld location, in Honduras. At Tucuton, JUBATE's organization was to load tank cars destined for Guatemala City distribution. It was hoped from the above meeting to develop a method of continuous running of arms inside gasoline tank cars, as SEMANTIC was awaiting instructions and could produce in the target area laborers for hire by JUBATE contacts.

A memo from Philip Roettinger on 3 May, 1954, on his trip to El Salvador, stated that JUBATE's company had very little traffic to and from Guatemala, obtaining the bulk of its gasoline from the southwestern part of El Salvador, at the town of Cutuco. A CIA document on Operation PBSUCCESS, circa November, 1954, mentioned that JUBATE had recruited JUBILIST. It also added that "suitable sites for three possible staging areas in El Salvador have been located. One site is suitable for San Jose staging if deemed necessary and feasible; the owner of the site is in contact with JUBATE. The site is a deserted area approximately two miles from the Guatemalan border and nine miles north of the Pacific coast..." A cable on 8 March, 1961, mentioned that Tichborn (Henry Lopez) had been in contact with JUBATE, among others.


01/19/52: Cable from OSO/OPC to Withheld: "1. Subject ref reported rumors streets Guatemala City Castillo Armas in Mexico or El Salvador after trip to U.S. where he obtained help planning overthrow Guatemala Government. (Not believed to be here). 2. Subject told that Castillo has support 1/3 of army, including Fifth Army District Quezaltenango. 3. (REDACTION) reported helping Castillo from within country. Possibly (REDACTION) and (REDACTION) also helping. 4. Subject considers revolt possible last week Jan and will be in Guatemala 21 to 31 Jan. Directed to submit only urgent info in same manner JUBATE handles ESCROW reports otherwise submit here. Evaluation B3."


12/17/53: Report made by: Charles F. Rennell: "Source, operational data, and comments: 1. Immediate Source of this report is JUBATE. 2. Ultimate Source of report is an alternate director of the Banco Nacional de Guatemala." - - - Page 3: Subject: Guatemalan Financial Difficulties...Source: Guatemalan Banking Official...


02/07/54: Cable from Director to Sr. Rep. LINCOLN (Orig: Jacob Esterline, Unit: WH): Slugline PBSUCCESS/RYBAT: REF: LINC 341 (IN 14227): "1. JUBILIST (IDEN A) in contact (REDACTION) which had 18 navy version spitfire (seafire) for sale. 2. JUBILIST approached by IDEN B through IDEN C in spring 53 re availability of these aircraft for aligned anti-WSBURNT (Guatemala) elements, which IDEN B claimed had PBPRIME (U.S.) col as advisor. JUBILIST became suspicious about alleged backing, thinking may actually be for WSBURNT Govt, and queried Rennel 30 Dec 53 on advice of JUBATE (IDEN D). 3. JUBILIST stated was willing to scratch deal if Rennel stated would not be in best interests ODYOKE (U.S. Government). Dispatch dated 15 Jan says JUBILIST would go ahead by 10 Jan unless otherwise notified by Rennel. 4. Seekford stated to Rennel that IDEN B probably identical with Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) man of same name although he had not known of this aircraft deal, and concluded that Calligeris was true sponsor IDEN B purchase aircraft attempt. 5. Dispatch being pouched."


02/09/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline PBSUCCESS RYBAT: "1. JUBILANT and JUBATE clearances being expedited. 2. PBSUCCESS use of airfield expected via black flight approx 20 March. 3. Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) is attempting arrange with high level local authorities permission to land and offload. 4. Pivall soon to be put in contact with you as tentative Seekford replacement. Will brief you further and keep you fully informed. 5. On receipt clearance JUBILANT and JUBATE proceed implement recruitment for future use airfields."


02/23/54: Air dispatch from Charles F. Rennell to Chief, LINCOLN: Subject: General - Political Action, ERRATIC/CALLIGERIS: Specific - FT/11: REF: HUL-A-62: "1. Due to the extreme sensitivity of JUBILIST it was agreed he would withdraw from all other undertakings except this one, and that every effort would be made to cover his activities and divert attention from his true targets. This was implemented by transferring the penetration effort he was engaged in to JUBATE and to building up a faint situation at Airstrip #1 which would suggest other phases quite different from those actually being engaged upon as well as giving his subsequent protection when those rather elaborate preparations were not actually used..."


02/23/54: Dispatch from Philip L. Purwell to Chief, LINCOLN (Info: Chief, WHD): Subject: Operational Information Associates of President Arbenz: ..."6. (REDACTION) is sincerely anti-Communist and has indicated his willingness to assist the fight against it in any manner within his power. His father has PBPRIME (U.S.) citizenship as a result of service in ODIBEX (U.S. Army) in WW I and (REDACTION) under JUBATE during WW II..."


04/19/54: Memorandum for Chief of Project: Subject: KUHOOK Assessment (REDACTION): Page 8: ..."A KUHOOK (CIA Paramilitary Operations Staff) representative is departing 20 April for meeting with JUBATE to determine feasibility flying gear from (REDACTION) to strip at (REDACTION) Honduras, transporting by truck to Cutuco. At Tucuton, JUBATE's organization loads tank cars destined for Guatemala City distribution. It is hoped from the above meeting to come out with a method of continuous running of arms inside gasoline tank cars, as SEMANTIC is awaiting instructions and can produce in target area laborers for hire by JUBATE contacts, cover for delivery of gasoline, men to unload arms at siding, or nearly any plan deemed feasible by JUBATE. It is contemplated (REDACTION) in Guatemala City and (REDACTION) in Guatemala City will be utilized to hire Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) men or spot their incoming tanks in convenient spot accessible to Calligeris men. Resultant directions will pouched to SEMANTIC on KUHOOK representative's return..."


05/03/54: Memorandum from Philip C. Roettinger to Chief of Project: Subject: Report of Trip to El Salvador, 28-30 April 1954: ..."3. The following morning contact was made with (REDACTION) at which time a meeting was requested with JUBATE. It was reported that JUBATE was not in town and would not return until the following week. Upon a little questioning it was determined that JUBATE would probably be unable to help in this problem as his company has very little traffic to and from Guatemala. It was this suggestion that led to the requested meeting with JUBATE. It was determined, however, that JUBATE's company does little of this sort of traffic, obtaining its bulk gasoline from the southwestern part of El Salvador at the terminal town of Cutuco. It developed that most of the aviation gas is loaded into tank cars at Puerto Barrios and is hauled through Guatemala on down to El Salvador where it is delivered at Ilopango Airport..."


Circa 11/16/54: CIA document: Report on Project PBSUCCESS: Page 70: ..."6. FT/16: JURATOR has been replaced by JUBATE in order to fulfill this task. It was felt that JURATOR's wife is (REDACTION) it would be best not to use him in the manner proposed, but perhaps use him later as a deception channel if the need arises, hold him in reserve for possible political action or as a channel to Arbenz. JUBATE recruited JUBILIST who has excellent contacts in all strata of social life. JUBILIST will conduct any activities for the support of PBSUCCESS under this task, such as air coverage and reporting of air facilities. Estimate cost: No additional funds required." - - - Pages 76-77: ..."V. Specific KUHOOK (CIA Paramilitary Operations Staff) Tasks...2. MT/2: Suitable sites for three possible staging areas in El Salvador have been located. One site is suitable for San Jose staging if deemed necessary and feasible; the owner of the site is in contact with JUBATE. The site is a deserted area approximately two miles from the Guatemalan border and nine miles north of the Pacific coast. The site can be used under the plausible cover story of clearing it for banana planting..."


Circa 11/16/54: CIA document: Report on Project PBSUCCESS: Page 135: "5. FT/15: Because of developments JUBATE was transferred from FT/16 to FT/15. JUBATE has procured information on location of air-strips and the name of the owner of Finca A as reported by dispatch to LINCOLN (note: CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida). He is handling JUBILIST who is unwitting and who owns air-strip No. 2. JUBATE will undertake, through suitable cutouts, the stocking of fuel at said air-strip should the MT requirements be laid on. JUBATE has also taken over JUBILIST-1 and a potential agent, also an employee of JUBILIST; they will henceforth be known as JUBATE-1 and JUBATE-2. Both are attempting the penetration of the local communist party; they will be carried for a few months and then dropped from the payroll unless they have achieved their goal. In this manner it is hoped to spur them to greater activity and at the same time avert a position wherein they became as JUGULAR (Jose Blanco Corpeno - see JURANT cryptonym), a career potential penetration agent. Estimate Cost: $500.00..."

104-10174-10064: FOLDER ON (ASSET)

03/08/61: Cable from Withheld to Director: "1. Due personal business in USA Tichborn (Henry Preston Lopez) had only 7 days (REDACTION) but did outstanding job of learning much in short time. 2. With the help of JUEGGPLANT, JUVAN-1, station, and also on own, Tichborn made many contacts in nearly all social, political and economic sectors and levels of population. Some contacts private, some social, some both. (REDACTION) leaders in various political parties; commercial and financial leaders; university faculties; directorate member (REDACTION) , at least 2 cabinet ministers; military leaders; lower and middle classes; members and associates of so-called (REDACTION). Also other discussions with (REDACTION), JUBATE, JUVAN-1, JUEGGPLANT, JUEBB, JUBILARIAN, (REDACTION), U.S. Ambassador, and others. JUEGGPLANT and JUVAN-1 very helpful many instances. 3. With exceptions JUEGGPLANT, JUVAN-1, ambassador, and JUBATE, Tichborn used cover and elicitation to avoid contacts tailoring their info and opinions to suit a PBPRIME (U.S.) investigator..."

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