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Cryptonym: JMYAK

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What the CIA referred to as "(Philip) Agee's plan to resign (from the CIA in the late sixties) and the kidnapping of his children"


2/23/72 memorandum of conversation with Ann Goodpasture. "Subject - JMYAK - Agee's plan to resign and the kidnapping of his children: One Saturday afternoon (presumably in July of 1968) Ann Goodpasture received a call from Henry Dearborn, counselor of Embassy, who had either heard a local broadcast - or received a call from a reporter to inquire - about a report of a US diplomat in Mexico being sought for kidnapping his two children from their mother. Dearborn was looking for COS (Win) Scott to ask if the diplomat might be one of the station personnel. 2. This was the first notice the Station had of the matter and not until they received a query from Headquarters did they know that Agee was the kidnapper (Ann thinks Mrs. Agee had complained to Headquarters about the kidnapping). Dearborn, incidentally, is retired now and resides in Chevy Chase. 3. Regarding Agee's plans to resign, Ann said she had been told by Charlotte Bustos on the Mexican branch in 1967 that Agee intended to ship some used dry cleaning equipment to Mexico City, resign, and set up a dry cleaning shop there at the end of his tour. She said he hoped that the assignment as Olympic attache would lead to an additional regular tour at the Station, but it didn't work out that way. He was not allowed a full shipment of effects for the short assignment to the Olympics, so his plan to ship the dry cleaning equipment was foiled. 4. When I asked Ann if she was aware of the cause of the Agee divorce she said not but suggested we talk to REDACTED (Branch 7 reports officer) who she thinks is well acquainted with Agee (Sally, Ann and Agee returned to Headquarters together from a 1967 TDY to Punta del Este)..."


8/25/72 memo from C/WH/1 John C. Murray to Chief, WHD. After stating the FBI gets much more from the KDAFGHAN project than the CIA does - the photosurveillance of the Cuban embassy picks up US fugitive and extremist leaders - the CIA states "there are other means of obtaining photographs of PCS (policy coordination staff) and TDY (temporary duty) Cuban personnel. In early 1972 the Station mounted a thorough CI review of all Cuban operations in an attempt to improve their overall security...in view of the aforementioned, as well as security considerations in the JMYAK case, WH/1 requests approval to terminate this project effective 31 August 1972."

Bill Simpich

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