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Fort Gulick in the Panama Canal Zone, used to train the initial volunteer group of anti-Castro Cuban exiles prior to the establishment of the infantry training camp in Guatemala.

Jeffrey Kaye and HP Albarelli Jr., The Real Roots of the CIA’s Rendition and Black Sites Program (Truthout, 2010) https://truthout.org/articles/the-real-roots-of-the-cias-rendition-and-black-sites-program/

In late January 1952, Morse Allen, a CIA Security Office official, was summoned to the office of his superior, security deputy chief Robert L. Bannerman...(for a discussion on) “the Kelly case.” Wrote Allen...(an) official “explained...: “Kelly, (whose real name is Dimitrov), is a 29-year-old Bulgarian and was the head of a small political party based in Greece and ostentively [sic] working for Bulgarian independence.” The official described Dimitrov [whose first name was Dimitre] to Allen as “being young, ambitious, bright … a sort of a ‘man-on-a-horse’ type but a typical Balkan politician.”...CIA field operatives discovered that Dimitrov was seriously considering becoming a double agent for the French Intelligence Service. “Accordingly,...a plot was rigged in which [Dimitrov] was told he was going to be assassinated and as a protective he was placed in custody of the Greek Police.” Successfully duped, Dimitrov was then thrown into prison...the Greek authorities...told the CIA “to take him back.” Because the agency was unable to dispose of Dimitrov in Greece, the memo states, the CIA flew him to a secret interrogation center at Fort Clayton in Panama. In the 1950’s, Fort Clayton, along with nearby sister installations Forts Amador and Gulick, the initial homes of the Army’s notorious School of the Americas, served as a secret prison and interrogation centers for double agents and others kidnapped and spirited out of Europe and other locations. Beginning in 1951, Fort Amador, and reportedly Fort Gulick, were extensively used by the Army and the CIA as a secret experimental site for developing behavior modification techniques and a wide range of drugs, including “truth drugs,” mescaline, LSD and heroin. Former CIA officials have also long claimed that Forts Clayton and Amador in the 1950’s hosted a number of secret Army assassination teams that operated throughout North and South America, Europe and Southeast Asia."

L. Fletcher Prouty, THE BAY OF PIGS - The Pivotal Operation of the JFK Era. http://www.prouty.org/bay_pigs.html

March 1960: With this March 17th Presidential approval in hand...a target for 300 male Cuban exiles was set for the recruitment of guerrillas to be trained covertly outside the United States. As a function of my office within the Headquarters staff of the U.S. Air Force, it was my responsibility to provide "Military support of the clandestine activities of the CIA." Therefore, before the end of March 1960 a few CIA men, whom I knew well after working with them for more than four years, visited my office and, among other things, asked if I knew of a base, perhaps in Panama, that could be used for the housekeeping and training of 300 Cuban exiles. Shortly thereafter we visited Panama and found that Ft. Gulick was on stand-by, and would be available for what the CIA wanted. This is where the training and organizing of the "Brigade" began."

104-10240-10158: MEMORANDUM: AMBIDDY-1

11/2/60 cable "In terms of the broad objectives of JMARC we are mutually agreed that it would be desirable for AMBIDDY-1 to return to Cuba provided: a. Intelligence indicated there were dissidents in a particular area who would respond to AMBIDDY-1's command; b. That AMBIDDY-1 be given intensive training in GW (ground warfare) and survival as well as physical conditioning; c. That the internal leadership of the MRR approved of his return and assist in the identification of an area of operations and in infiltrating AMBIDDY-1 and his team."

The Secret War, Fabian Escalante (Ocean Press, 1995), pp. 61-69: https://archive.org/stream/FabianEscalanteSecretWarCubaCIA/Fabian%20Escalante%20Secret%20War%20Cuba%20CIA#page/n37/mode/2up/search/valeriano

Also see the 2004 version, "The Cuba Project", pp. 61-69: "(The plans for the Bay of Pigs included) a mercenary brigade landing on the beaches near the city of Trinidad in the southern part of Las Villas province, storming the city and then with the support of the guerillas in the Escambray mountains, cutting off communications and installing the provisional government where it could call for the help that was waiting...among the most seasoned of the soldiers were Felix Rodriguez, Segundo Borges, Jose Basulto, Javier Souto, Edgar Sopo and Rafael Garcia Rubio...Colonel Napoleon Valeriano was pleased with his pupils...He didn't know that the CIA had changed its plans; he and the other instructors would soon be unemployed when Army Colonel Jack Hawkins and his colleagues , the Green Berets, took charge of the brigade to turn it into a real military unit. The name of the brigade, '2506', came from the dog tag number of one of the first recruits, who was killed during a training accident. The brains at the CIA thought that this number might confuse the Cuban agents...William 'Rip' Robertson and Grayston Lynch were among the trainers who became de facto adjunct chiefs during the invasion. Both had helped the counterrevolutionary cause from the beginning, when they joined Frank Sturgis in the Anticommunist Brigade, a front organization created for the Cuba invasion...In mid-December a group of 84 men arrived at Fort Gulick in the Panama Canal Zone...from the camps in Guatemala...the most dedicated recruits...they included Miguel A. Orozco Crespo, Felix Rodriguez Mendigutia, Manuel Puig Miyar, Manuel Reyes Reyes, Jorge Garcia Rubio, Emilio Rivero Caro and Pedro Cuellar."


12/17/60 cable from WAVE to Director: "AMBIDDY-1 desires visit to TRAV/MADD or JMRYE near Christmas to get some training and no doubt do some politicking. A-1 does not know of teams moved to JMRYE however visited there in June 57? Suggest if JMRYE concurs AMBIDDY-1 visit JMRYE only to receive two weeks extensive training."


12/18/60 cable from RAND to Director: "No objection AMBIDDY-1 visit AMRYE. ZABOTH (Carl Jenkins) comment: If HQs agrees January propitious time infil A-1 into Cuba, JMRYE will form an escort team to accompany. Believe visit excellent moral boost. Indications are that immediate infil after intensive training might bolster resistance spirits and activities (of) MRR elements inside Cuba. Trainee evidence from mail and late arrivals confirms."


12/21/60 cable from WH/4/PM Calvin Hicks to OARSMAN, JMWAVE, PANAMA CITY and HAVANA: "Concur AMBIDDY-1 visit JMRYE and training. HQs favorably disposed to A-1 infiltration to Cuba at proper time which will be determined by HQs on basis (of) advice (of) AMYUM-1."


12/31/60 cable from WH/4/PM Carl Jenkins at BELL to JMWAVE, RAND, Panama City: "HQs still pressing for completion AMBIDDY-1 passport but plan send him JMRYE black flight from JMFIG 4 Jan. Zaboth/Jenkins to accompany with Mr. REDACTED Ops officer for JMRYE. (Jenkins) remain JMRYE about five days to handle A-1 integration into infil group and select four agent types best qualified legal reentry. Plan maximum effort January legal infil under general cover students returning home at end semester. Infiltrees mission to establish commo and reception subsequent teams."


2/8/61 memo from JMRAND to Director: Total group planned would be an AEDEPOT person, AMBIDDY-1, and his team members 2535, 2821, 2616, 2576, 2768 plus two additional teams consisting of 2516, 2520, 2581, 2705, 2525, 2701, 2586 and two conducting officers..."trainees 2508 and 2517 are w/t operators who departed JMRYE 5 Jan for training hqs area." AMBIDDY-1's team: Two additional teams: 2520 and 2525 (Jose Clark Sanchez and Jose Lopez Castillo - both "hard core agitators") 2705 and 2581 (Raul Villaverdu and Jorge Sonville - "too committed to salvage") The suggestion is "Only workable solution we know is designate nine as special team for direct control REDACTED is leader, group includes three cadre trained members and three commo men, Sgt. Quesada advisor, move them immediately to RAND (note: I've also seen (JMRAND) for own training program and use as HQs and REDACTED may decide."


2/18/63, Statement by Assistant Secretary Edwin M. Martin before the Latin American Subcommittee of the House Foreign Relations Committee: "During the past two years increased emphasis has been placed on training selected Latin American military personnel in riot control, counter-guerilla operations and tactics, intelligence and counter-intelligence, public information, psychological warfare, counter-insurgency and other subjects which will contribute to the maintenance of public order and the support of constitutional governments. These courses are given to United States military schools at Fort Gulick, Canal Zone and at Fort Bragg, North Carolina."

1994.04.21.09:06:29:280005: Reel 21, Folder D - AMMUG-1 DISSEMS WORKING FILE.

8/18/64 CIA information report: "The following is translation of a document which (AMMUG-1) provided this Agency and concerns the General Directorate of Intelligence...policy guidance directive for Cuban intelligence representatives in Panama.": "CUBANS IN YANKEE ARMY. Cuban counterrevolutionaries in Yankee Army bases in Panama, especially Kobbe Base (Fort Kobbe), Fort Gulick, and Rio Hato - Punta Mata and Mamintoes..."

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