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Cryptonym: JMCLOSET

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Program working with potential allies who are using embassies as sanctuary.

124-10281-10081: No Title

4/23/62 memo from W.R. Wannall to William Sullivan, subject Orlando Piedra: New Orleans FBI office submitted 2000 files re "security risks" to Batista to headquarters for processing: Included within this group was the file for Tony Varona, stating "7/23/57: He takes refuge in Chilean embassy after having been arrested by members of the Department of Investigation in a house in the "Rpo Kholy" (sic) inside a closet." This memo may be the origin of the JMCLOSET program, as Varona (AMDIP-1) sought refuge first in a literal closet and then in a figurative closet - the Chilean embassy.


9/18/59 memo: "No problems have been encountered within the scope of AMOURETTE-B and AMCALL operations since JMCLIPPER cover was granted to FREAPANE..(prior he could not) name clients of JMCLOSET nor talk of non-existent work." He had previously sought cover with an international advertising agency that had made him an offer..."after Guatemalan experiences FREAPANE was considered 'too hot' for legitimate cover." Action has been taken to limit the number of people who know of his relations with AMOURETTE-B and AMCALL.

Bill Simpich

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