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Cryptonym: JBECHO

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Unknown identity. The cryptonym JBECHO was used in a number of CIA documents in the 1960's.
A dispatch in February of 1960 mentioned that "The MV number assigned by JBECHO is MV 2320. The usual Delegation of Procurement authority is being forwarded by JBECHO channels." In addition, a dispatch in May, 1965, stated that IDEN A, described as a wealthy and prominent New Orleans businessman, was used by CIA headquarters for several JBECHO activities.


02/19/60: Dispatch from Chief, WHD to COS, Mexico City: Subject: LIEMPTY Project Renewal: ..."3. The TVA approval for the additional vehicle was forwarded under Dispatch No. HMMS-1211. The MV number assigned by JBECHO is MV 2320. The usual Delegation of Procurement authority is being forwarded by JBECHO channels."

104-10188-10002: ( )MANGO SUPPORT

03/18/65: Cable from Logistics: Slugline JBECHO: REF MEXI 2798: "Disposal of MV 2455 authorized per FR 45 1 M. Report details of sale by dispatch using JBECHO indicator."


05/19/65: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: "1. IDEN A, a wealthy and prominent New Orleans businessman, was recommended to JMWAVE and made available by Headquarters. He had been cleared by Headquarters for JMWAVE use under date of 15 December 1962 in DIR-05291. 2. IDEN A was initially contacted for JMWAVE by Eli A. Sachtschale, who was introduced to him by the New Orleans KUJUMP (the Domestic Contact Division) office on 27 December 1962. The JMWAVE cover situation was discussed with IDEN A by Sachtschale and IDEN A's assistance was requested. IDEN A was first enlisted as the President of YOCOUGH, a JMWAVE cover company...IDEN A also permits use of his own company as a funding mechanism for YOCOUGH. He has acted as a spotter for JMWAVE and has recommended several other businessmen who are being used by JMWAVE. He has also made available several oil companies in which he owns interests for use in backstopping cover of JMWAVE operational vessels. It is known that he is used by Headquarters for several JBECHO activities. IDEN A is contacted several times each month by JMWAVE. 3. IDEN A has met Rufus E. Mangroll and Colin R. Howgrind as well as Eli A. Sachtschale. He knows YOCOUGH, YOAPT and the JMWAVE operational vessel IDEN B. He knows that Miami Attorney IDEN C participates in JMWAVE activities. So far as is known, he knows no other JMWAVE personnel or assets..."

104-10175-10025: LIRING-3

01/20/67: Cable: Slugline JBECHO* CHAPPIE* SGOUTSHOT IURADIAL: "The following priority cargo shipped 20 January BGOUTSHOT aircraft 3838 to (REDACTION) for transhipment 23 January on IURADIAL to Mexico City...*See H690-400-1 re double action indicators..."

104-10175-10025: LIRING-3

01/23/67: Cable: Slugline JBECHO: "Please amend Reference A to include 67 32910 FVI 69 LB case 4 Cuba brandy radio tubes and medicine (no refrigeration required)."

Gavin McDonald

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