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Cryptonym: HUFABRIC

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HUFABRIC was the cryptonym for a Costa Rican intelligence agency, uncertain which one.
HUFABRIC was mentioned in CIA cables in the 1970's in relation to Orlando Bosch, and the alleged plot to kill the Chilean Andres Pascal Allende.

104-10178-10001: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

02/00/76: Cable from San Jose to Director (Info: Caracas): Slugline RYBAT VWLOFTY: REF: DIRECTOR 014328 (handwritten notes on right hand side mention Bob and Bill): ..."2. Station unaware origin Excelsior connection of Bosch with plot against Pascal (note: Allende). Speculate that source was probably someone in local security structure. Can explore with HUFABRIC if this desired. 3. Based station knowledge that HUFABRIC aware Bosch background of bombings and possible threat to Secretary Kissinger during visit, plus HUFABRIC knowledge that Pascal life might be threatened, HUFABRIC or others could have put two and two together. HUFABRIC concerned from arrival Pascal here on 2 February that someone might wish to eliminate him."

104-10178-10001: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

02/00/76: Cable from San Jose to Caracas, Director (Info: Withheld): Slugline RYBAT VWLOFTY: "1. Orlando Bosch Avila was subject of interest to FBI in early 1975. Itinerant FBI rep from Mexico City (Camarota) mentioned name to station and it is believed he did same to local service (HUFABRIC), and may have left something in writing with them. Bosch name also mentioned to station by local DEA rep but it now determined this was basically on FBI behalf. 2. On occasion of Costa Rican President Daniel Oduber's meeting at his ranch with Central American presidents on 10 July 1975, itinerant FBI rep Mexico City called station to warn Costa Ricans of an alleged clandestine infiltration of Bosch on Pacific coast to disrupt that meeting. HUGLIB-3, who had security for that meeting, checked out info to no avail. This info was subsequently passed to station by HQs and embassy (which received it via Costa Rican embassy, Washington). 3. At meeting with chief, WUFABRIC-14 on 12 February he reported that his service had definitely spotted Bosch on two occasions on or about 10 February, had located the area where he was believed to be located and hoped to grab him soon. 4. On 17 February station informed HUFABRIC-14 of the following info...HUFABRIC-14 however stated that Bosch travelling under name Hector B. D'Avanzo Cintolesi, using Chilean passport number 26583...5. We checking with HUFABRIC-14 on details of events leading to arrest and will advise soonest..."

104-10178-10001: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

03/01/76: Cable from Director to San Jose (Info: Caracas): RYBAT: "1. Prefer that station not repeat not explore ref matter with HUFABRIC. Headquarters and Caracas remain interested, however, in any information on this matter which otherwise comes to your attention. File: 201-300985. LA/Comment: Ref A: Is station aware origin GOCR (note: Government of Costa Rica)/'Excelsior' knowledge or presumption that Bosch involved in plot against Chilean Andres Pascal Allende? Ref B: Unaware origin. Speculate source probably a Costa Rican security official. Can explore with HUFABRIC if desired."

104-10178-10001: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

04/30/76: Cable from San Jose to Santo Domingo (Info: Director, Caracas, Santiago, Withheld): RYBAT: "1. On 28 April HUGALLY-1 informed COS that Costa Rican ambassador in Dominican Republic (Callejas who HUGALLY-1 labeled as Figueres man) arranged for entry of Dr. Orlando Bosch into Dominican Republic. No dates mentioned and no other details. 2. FYI we know from local HUFABRIC liaison that Bosch was escorted/deported to Nicaragua by overland route on 26 March 1976. Local press 27 March speculated that Bosch deported to other countries, including Dominican Republic. 3. File: 201-300985."

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