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Cryptonym: HUBUMP-1

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Unknown identity. A memo in December of 1964 from CIA COS, Costa Rica, stated that Raimundo Quidiello Castillo, a local JURE representative, had informed HUBUMP-1 that he was being blackmailed by Manuel Antonio Strasburger, a former business partner.
In addition, Strasburger allegedly threatened Raimundo Quidiello with a disclosure of his personal letters which would embarrass Quidiello, the U.S. Government and the CIA. Quidiello apparently ignored the threat. The CIA Costa Rican Station was then "investigating Strasburger in view of the above activities and his reported close connections with Communists Marcial Aguiluz and Alvaro Menendez Franco." Furthermore, a cable more than three years earlier, in April of 1961 mentioned that two FRD leaders had recently been expelled from Costa Rica and that "Placement on long wave now being done daily broadcasts through HUBUMP/Aguirre and HUBONITO/HUYAW ops.." Moreover, a FBI report in April, 1964, stated that Raimundo Quidiello was a brother-in-law of Juan Bosch.


04/01/61: Cable from San Jose to BELL: REF DIR 32002 (OUT 89053): "1. In view GOCR recent expulsion 2 FRD leaders, difficulty possible if materials obviously propaganda. 2. Placement on long wave now being done daily broadcasts through HUBUMP/Aguirre and HUBONITO/HUYAW ops but these broadcasts based on materials passed to agents twice monthly. More frequent guidance difficult for complex reasons. 3. Although some development needed, possibility exists through Nicaraguan agent HUMAIM-2 on Voz de Victor, 31 meter band, 9615 KCS, broadcast hours 0500 through 0100 (20 hours broadcasting daily). This private station. Feasible to pass materials to HUMAIM-2 almost daily. 4. Advise if further interest. *C/S Comment: HQs queried re capability stations place items radio."


06/10/61: Cable from San Jose to BELL: (Note: handwritten word scored out between "Info" and "Routine"): REF BELL 0917 (OUT 9836)* "1. Conte Aguero (AMCORE-2) visit receiving excellent press coverage. Clips airmailed. 2. Through HUBUMP-1, station arranged contact between Aguero and Cuban priest (DIR 11848)** who involved local JMZIP (Latin American Division routing indicator) matters. CS Comment: *If contact desired, call as 'friend of Mr. Barton' (David Phillips). **Cable pre-dates CS files. Copy may be seen in signal center archives. ***Dissemination applicable to JMZIP cables."


04/29/64: FBI report from Mexico, D. F. Office by Matthew D. Crawford, Jr.: Titled: Junta Revolucionaria Junta Cubana (Cuban Revolutionary Junta) (JURE): Pages C - D: "On March 3, 1964, (REDACTION) Head of the CIA Station, United States Embassy, San Jose, advised SA Wade E. Knapp that Raimundo Quidiello is the local coordinator for JURE. He identified this man as a brother-in-law of Juan Bosch. He said among other individuals who have been active in the organization in Costa Rica were Enrique de la Vega, Dr. Manuel Fernando Turroz, and Aureliano Sanchez Arango. He was unable to state which of these individuals, if any, was then in Costa Rica..."


04/29/64: FBI report: Titled: Junta Revolucionaria Junta Cubana (Cuban Revolutionary Junta - JURE): "On March 2, 1964, Captain Carlos Luis Chaves, Assistant Director General, Criminal Investigations, San Jose, Costa Rica, advised that Raimundo Quidiello was known to him as the head of the Junta Revolucionaria Cubana (Cuban Revolutionary Junta - JURE) in Costa Rica. Chaves said that Quidiello is a wealthy individual who is engaged in the molasses business, the purchase and sale of automobiles, and also has trailers which he uses in a hauling concern. Chaves was unable to state whether JURE is active in Costa Rica and could furnish no information concerning the activities of this organization. Russell Olson, Political Officer, United States Embassy San Jose, Costa Rica, advised on March 2, 1964, that anti-Castro Cubans are training in Costa Rica. Olson stated that they using land owned by Teodoro Quiros, Vice President of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica....Olson advised that he had never heard of Quidiello and that although he had heard of the JURE, he did not know whether this organization is active in Costa Rica..."

1994.03.17.10:48:41:780005: Reel 15, Folder P - MANUAL RAY.

Possibly circa June 1964: "Costa Rica: Heriberto del Porto - Coordinator, Ramon Barquin - Military Chief of Camp, Raimundo Quidiello..."


12/16/64: Memo from COS, San Jose to COS, JMWAVE and Chief, WH Division: "1. Attached is a letter received by Ambassador Telles on 15 December from an unknown source who left name at the Embassy reception desk. While there is apparently little of substantive intelligence interest therein, it is felt that the tone of same and the visionary scheme presented may be of interest to Headquarters and JMWAVE, particularly in view of the personalities involved. 2. While the source of this letter is not known, the Station suspects it is Manuel Antonio Strasburger since HUBUMP-1 recently told the Station that Raimundo Quidiello Castillo (local JURE representative) had informed HUBUMP-1 that he was being blackmailed by Strasburger, a former business partner. Strasburger threatened Quidiello with a disclosure of his personal letters which would embarrass Quidiello, ODYOKE (U.S. Government) and KUBARK (CIA). Apparently Quidiello did not yield to the threat hence the letter to the Ambassador and at least one other copy which HUGROG-1 showed to HUGIRD-1 on 15 December. 3. Station now investigating Strasburger in view of above activities and his reported close connections with Comumnista Marcial Aguiluz and Alvaro Menendez Franco. 4. Headquarters: request traces on Strasburger. Philip K. Maylott."


05/30/66: FBI teletype from San Juan to Director and Legat, Santo Domingo: "On May thirty instant, Maria Quidiello Castillo, sister of Carmen Bosch who is the wife of Juan Bosch, former President of the Dominican Republic, advised a source who has provided reliable information in the past that she had been contacted this date by Fred Goff, one of the election observers in the Dominican Republic. Quidiello stated that Goff had recently heard a public statement that Manolo Ray Rivero, noted Cuban exile leader, and one Carlos Diago Diago, another Cuban exile, both residents of Puerto Rico, had been renounced by the Fourteenth of June Movement (Mr. one J. Four, the pro-Castro Revolutionary Party in the Dominican Republic) as election observers since they were 'controlled agents of the CIA...'" Unredacted second page is here: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=170115&search=124-10214-10379#relPageId=2&tab=page

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