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Cryptonym: HBILKA

Possibly a CIA project linked to JBGREED in the Far East involving air support in the mid-1960's.
JBGREED was an CIA air support proprietary. Robert West Pugh and Leslie Norman Bradley were associated with HBILKA in the mid-1960's. However, on October 31, 1966, HBILKA advised CIA's Office of Security that they had withdrawn interest in Bradley.

104-10059-10099: WITHHELD

05/27/66: Memo from Victor R. White, Deputy Director of Security to DD/S-HB: Subject: Pugh, Robert West #789 656: "1. Reference is made to your request dated 4 January 1966 wherein your requested a Covert Security Approval to permit Subject's use as First Officer in the Far East under Project HBILKA/JBGREED. 2. In accordance with the provisions set forth in Clandestine Services Instruction No. 10-5 and Clandestine Services Instruction - Field No. 10-5, a Covert Security Approval is granted for the use of the Subject as described in your request as set forth in paragraph 1, above..."

104-10059-10099: WITHHELD

05/27/66: Memo from Howard J. Osborn, Director of Security to Chief, Executive Officer Project HBILKA/JBGREED: Subject: Pugh, Robert West #789 656:

104-10059-10099: WITHHELD

07/13/66: Dispatch from Chief, Far East to COS, Withheld (ATTN: Chief, HBILKA): Subject: IDEN - HBILKA/KUSODA:


12/29/67: Memo from John K. Greaney, Assistant General Counsel to Special Assistant to the DDS: Subject: Leslie Norman Bradley - 201-727878: "1. I would appreciate your help on a former ZRCLIFF (Southern Air Transport Inc, a CIA "proprietary" aviation company in Miami) employee. There appears to be some discrepancy as to the past employment records in Leslie Norman Bradley. The pertinent information is as follows: a. 26 May 1966 - HBILKA requested a clearance to use Bradley as a copilot on ZRCLIFF. b. October 1966 - The Office of Security advised HBILKA that Bradley had a questionable background. c. 31 October 1966 - HBILKA advised the Office of Security they had withdrawn interest on Bradley. d. 18 September 1967 - The Office of Security was advised by HBILKA that ZRCLIFF terminated Bradley 12 September 1967 because he was an unsatisfactory employee. 2. Would you please obtain the complete history of Breadley's employment, including the information of when he was hired and by whom he was recruited. It would be appreciated if this could be obtained soonest as his name may be surfaced in connection with New Orleans Attorney Jim Garrison's current legal battle with another Bradley in Los Angeles."


1976: SSCIA Document: "ENTITIES DISSOLVED: AIR SUPPORT: JBGREED/JBCRYING (in liquidation). JBGREED/QKHEAVENLY (in liquidation). JBGREED/QKHEEDFUL (in liquidation). JBGREED/JBCHOKE (in liquidation)..."

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