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Cryptonym: HBGROPING

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West German Federal Government. The CIA's file on the Unidad Revolucionaria (UR) mentioned that Gabriel Andres Albuerne Fernandez defected in HBGROPING and was a "CIA developmental asset."
It was reported in May, 1962, that Dr. Elvira Zayas, former Panamanian Charge d'Affaires, Havana, was used by Garcia Oller, of the UR from Miami, as a channel to the HBGROPING Embassy. Both of these mentions of HBGROPING appear to be referring to West Germany in a generic sense, rather than the more precise term used by the CIA in their declassified Nazi and Japanese War Crimes cryptonym document, which stated that it was the West German Federal Government.

In addition, DTLINEN was defined: (formerly EARTHENWARE, GRAVEYARD) (1951-60) was a CIA covert propaganda, harassment, and sabotage activity subsidizing both the overt and covert the activities of the Kampgruppe gegen Unmenschlichkeit (Fighting Group against Inhumanity - KgU) against East Germany.

The KgU (CAJERSEY), an overt organization, sought to expose conditions in the USSR and Soviet Zone of Germany which were considered crimes against humanity. Heinrich Otto Krause associated with Project. Erich Von Sivers considered for possible use on Project. Page 25: https://www.archives.gov/files/iwg/declassified-records/rg-263-cia-records/second-release-lexicon.pdf


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 31: ..."Term: HBGROPING. Definition: West German Federal Government..." - - - Page 22: ..."Term: CAWASH. Definition: West German Government Ministry of German Affairs..." - - - Page 47: ..."Term: QKELUSION. Definition: West German Social Democratic Party (SPD)..." - - - Page 57: ..."Term: UPTHRUST. Definition: Cryptonym for Conrad Adenauer."


12/24/57: Cable from Berlin to Director: Slugline CAFAIRYLAND DTLINEN: Page 3: ..."4. BOB (Berlin Operating Base) Comment: All three problems - BRLN printing, BRLN ballooning, DTLINEN future - difficult resolve quickly in view general climate insecurity/indecisiveness in official circles. Believe first two back on track locally but have no guarantee that new statements/movements by Vockel or other Fed rep figures will not create new obstacles. In case DTLINEN it our opinion that QKELUSION (West German Social Democratic Party - SPD) elements attempting have (REDACTION) HBGROPING assume greater responsibility. Official Senate opposition to Newham also due in part to our instructions years ago reject German attempts monitor/direct DTLINEN. Interaction party politics and Senate/HBGROPING negotiations on numerous problems not directly concerned with KUCAGE (CIA Psychological and Paramilitary Operations Staff) type activities play significant role. For example (REDACTION) feels that Bruce position re no voting rights for BRLN Bundestag members will be utilized by Brandt in upcoming meeting to take issue with KUCAGE activities BRLN, i.e. Brandt will imply that ODYOKE (U.S. Government) unwilling antagonize SOVS by granting voting rights but willing continue KUCAGE activities which potentially much more explosive and dangerous for BRLN position behind Iron Curtain. In view complexity and interrelationship all these problems can only play by ear during foreseeable future."


01/06/58: Cable from Berlin to Director: Slugline (REDACTION) DTLINEN: "1. Endorse Ref A view that German officials are concerned with various problems raised refs and related traffic. Concur Ref B...2. Re para 4, Ref A/para 6 Ref D, Newham/DTLINEN/friends will continue attempt obtain influence/publicity favoring their cause since they refuse believe org which has so consistently promoted ODYOKE/UPTHRUST (U.S. Government/Conrad Adenauer) policy will be curtailed or censured heavily provided that fair hearing given. New/REDACTION particularly have clear conscience since they have carefully followed instructions for over two years and consider DTLINEN performance this period as indisputable testimonial their desire cooperate with ODYOKE/HBGROPING. Can therefore expect that additional press articles defending Newham/DTLINEN will appear. 3. Lest there be misunderstanding, Newham fully expects CAWASH (West German Government Ministry of German Affairs) to maintain plausible denial position vis a vis as regards finances and official functions. He does expect statements that Enquete uncovered no undesirable activities during past three or four years and that activities as private org are compatible with HBGROPING laws/policies (both of which are true). This less than (REDACTION) promised Newham and not in conflict internal KUBARK/HBGROPING agreements. 4. Bonn: Newham will confer with (REDACTION) re current problems during coming weeks. C/S Comment: Desired to hold further exchange of views in abeyance pending (REDACTION) return."


12/15/61: Memorandum for the record from Withheld: Subject: Remarks made by CARAVEL on 8 December 1961: "The writer attended a dinner given by (REDACTION) for CARAVEL (Paul Dickopf, former Abwehr and SS officer) and his wife on 8 December 1961. Following dinner and a relaxed conversation covering personal topics, the following topics were covered: 1. German Nationalism...2. Views Regarding the Hitler Regime: CARAVEL commented that 75 years lapsed before a good history of the French Revolution could be written. He feels it is too soon to write a well-balanced history of the Third Reich. He noted that Germans generally supported Hitler in his nationalistic drive, at least through the middle thirties. Opposition to Hitler in 1933-1936 period was restricted primarily to Socialists, including Socialist trade unionists, Communists and certain of the Catholic organizations. Socialist and Communist opposition was immediate and sharp. CARAVEL's opposition to Hitler stemmed from his ties with Catholic groups. (C/O Comment: It was not politic at this meeting to ask whether these views are widely shared within HBGROPING, and where)."


09/4/62: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "AMBLEAK-2 told AMBLEAK-1 (Fernando Fernandez Cavada y Paris) that REDACTED had arrived Cuba recently to make personal study of situation. She added French ambassador had indicated to her Chief of Mission that REDACTED high ranking military expert and intel officer stationed (Washington DC). She also stated that her embassy full aware Unidad Revolucionaria involvement planned uprising and knew that REDACTED had been sending radio messages to French embassy for passage to UR leader during period 27-31 August. She claims further that all information known to Western diplomatic community in Havana concerning planned uprising comes to UR via French embassy. AMBLEAK-2 stated Western diplomats were expecting uprising when she left and her embassy had painted signs to be posted on homes of embassy staff and of AMBLEAK-1 mother stating that buildings were under protection HBGROPING embassy..."


04/16/63: CIA document: Page 89: ATTACHMENT D: MEMBERS/CONTACTS IN PBPRIME: UNIDAD REVOLUCIONARIA (UR): ..."4. ALBUERNE Fernandez, Gabriel Andres I. AKA: 'Andres'. (Handwritten: 201-341824). DPOB: 4 Feb 33, Cienfuegos, Cuba, member UR resistance group navy/merchant marine: served PBRUMEN (Cuban) Navy '51-'59, merchant marine '59-'62; electrician/machinist: traveled Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, East Germany, West Germany, Belgium, England; defected HBGROPING; PBRUMEN passport #13009; HBGROPING passport #F 249044; employed Miami in repair small vessels; relatives in PBRUMEN; KUBARK developmental asset; contact of Pino Couto of UR. (186)..." - - - 2022 release, page 89: https://documents3.theblackvault.com/documents/jfkfiles/jfk2022/104-10166-10226.pdf


04/16/63: CIA document: Page 121: ATTACHMENT D: ..."291. DR. ZAYAS, Elvira (handwritten: 201-311951): Former Panamanian Charge d'Affaires, Habana; reported 31 May 62 as channel used by Garcia Oller of UR to HBGROPING Embassy from Miami; subject said to be contact point for other exile groups in Miami for courier service into PBRUMEN (Cuba) via various diplomatic pouches. (174)..."


06/12/63: Dispatch from COS, Germany to Chief, EE (Info: Chief of Base, Bonn; COB Frankfurt; Chief, ULS): Subject: ZRENVOY/Martin Schunack/The Deputy Chief of the Uniformed Police, Wiesbaden: Page 2: ..."5. Bonn - Please pass the substance of Attachments A. and B. to the ODFOAM (U.S. Secret Service) advance party in Bonn, ODIBEX (U.S. Army) and ODACID (U.S. State Department) officials, omitting the true identification of OSI's source. This material is NOFORN and may not be discussed with HBGROPING officials."

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