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Cryptonym: GUIDE-325

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SR/6 Betty Stacey may have been the recipient from this guideline - contacts received information from sources on US defectors Joseph Dutkanicz, Bernon Mitchell and William Martin during the summer of 1960 - the reports were issued in late 1960. It is doubtful that Stacey is
What points to Stacey as the recipient of what was probably "guideline 325", and that Stacey was probably the contact herself, is that she provided this information directly to "OO" - the Office of Origin at the Domestic Contact Service. A description of Clay Shaw that was written in 1949 leads to this rather complicated conclusion. See 104-10181-10405: This memo states that "Mr. Shaw has been interviewed concerning subject case requirements for Peru, and reports thereon are in process of preparation. Mr. Shaw has also been partially interviewed along the general lines of the revised OO/C Guide No. 10, and will be further interviewed along these lines."

1993.07.26.14:54:49:400410: INFORMATION REPORT: US DEFECTORS IN LVOV

7/10/60 report by CD/OO Guide 325 on Joseph Dutkanicz: "Source is a "US National, a pastor by profession. A university graduate (music major), he also received private tutoring for the priesthood and was ordained in the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of North America. This is his first report." "On the morning of Monday, July 10, 1960, at about 0930-1000 hours I chanced to meet one Joseph Dutkanych, allegedly a defected US citizen, in the lobby of the Intourist Hotel in the city of Lvov, Russia...since I had arranged that morning for a private conducted tour of Lvov our conversation dealt primarily with the points of interest I was scheduled to see..." The previous page is a record sheet with a 11/23/60 note from SR/6 Betty Stacey to Ann Egerter: "Received your study today. Thank you. Didn't have some of the names. Attached is something I received two days ago with note that it would receive no further dissem. Showed OO (Office of Origin - Contacts Division) this morning & they will send copy to Hugh C. Jr. (note: Hugh Cumming, Director of Intelligence and Research, State Department). Fascinating - the timing." p. 28 has a memo written by Army Attache, Colonel, OS Thomas Crawford - it is a bio of Joseph "Dutkanic". He was a Polish citizen who became an American citizen after WW II, then voluntarily re-enlisted and then defected to the USSR. He had the bio number 201-289236, just twelve numbers away from Lee H. Oswald. p. 24 - He defected in August 1960.


Aug. 3-6, 1960: Described as a source to "CD/OO Guide 325" and "a widow, she has carried on some of her husband's business ventures and holds a position of prominence in her home town. "As a member of a US group touring the USSR this summer, I spent four days, Aug 3-6, 1960, in Yalta at that city's major hotel...we noticed two men, obviously US citizens, sitting at another table with a number of Soviets...(they) were telling the Soviets in so many words that living conditions in the USSR were much better than the US; that the Soviets had much greater freedom than US citizens, and so forth...I, and a few others in our group, made an effort to get a good look at these two men...a few weeks later...we saw our first Western paper and read of the defection of the two US government employees, Bernon F. Mitchell and William H. Martin. We were amazed upon seeing their photographs in the paper that they were the same two men we had seen earlier in Yalta."

Bill Simpich

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