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Cryptonym: GRENGULF

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The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that GRENGULF was a cryptonym for the Austrian State Police.
According to the document above another cryptonym for the Austrian State Police was GREENGROCER.


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 30: ..."Term: GRENGULF. Definition: Austrian State Police..."


06/10/54: Cable from Vienna to Director: Slugline ZIPPER/INTEL: RE: PULL 8134 (IN 15988): "1. GRENGULF-1 and ODOPAL (U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps) police source report Kainz arrested 8 June by Kripo after mail containing intelligence material accidentally intercepted. Kainz receiving EEIS or op instructions thru mail under name Schade at post office 49 Box 205. House search uncovered large quantity material incl EEI on satellite targets, Austrian police and FONOFF, reports on approaches by Kainz to Stapo personnel. Stapo investigators think Kainz run by U.S. Embassy. 2. Above material will have following implications to Austrians not favorable to either KUBARK (CIA) or ZIPPER (Gehlen Organization): A. Proves ZIPPER operating against Austrian Government in contradiction our assurances to GRENGULF-1 prior first UTILITY (Reinhard Gehlen) meeting. B. Negates UTILITY's similar assurances to GRENGULF-1 (Handwritten above: Kainz, Walter). C. A and B above imply either KUBARK dishonesty in GRENGULF-1 dealings or lack control over ZIPPER Austrian ops. 3. This type ZIPPER activity runs head on into basic KUBARK mission Austria and will make this work more difficult in future. View background and dealings GRENGULF-1 this subject we cannot attempt condone or protect this activity with GRENGULF-1. 4. Informing GRENGULF-1 this ZIPPER OPN. Will request copies confiscated material."


10/09/56: Dispatch from COS, Vienna to Chief, EE: Subject: General - Operational/GROOVY. Specific - Johann Sanitzer Interrogation: "1. Attached are translations of an interrogation done by Austrian police authorities on Johann Sanitzer, former Gestapo official and expert handler of Soviet double agents in World War II. This interrogation was based on a list of Sanitzer's colleagues and former agents submitted by KUBARK (CIA) on 28 November 1955 and replied (REDACTION) on 9 February 1956. We regret that it took so long to translate this report, but from its contents, it did not seem to be operationally pressing. It negates past suspicious that Sanitzer served as a Soviet agent during his internment in the USSR. 2. For Pullach: Since this is an official Austrian government report, we do not see how we can authorize its passing to UPSWING (West German Foreign Intelligence Service - BND), but we will suggest to GRENGULF-1 that he pass it to UPSWING himself. 3. There are no developments in the case of Sanitzer, who has not been further prosecuted by the Austrian government. (REDACTION)." - - - Page 8 of PDF (Page 7 of report): Probable mention of Ernst Kaltenbrunner, infamous SS Austrian official.


05/13/58: Withheld Progress Report Mar-Apr 58: In the numbered 5 paragraph beginning "Czech Consulate, Salzburg" the final sentence read: "Our files contain a trace on her from GRENGULF which in itself indicates more than passing interest on the part of GRENGULF." - - - The cryptonym GREENSOAP that was mentioned in this report was the Austrian Military Intelligence Service - AMIS. See page 30 of this document: https://www.archives.gov/files/iwg/declassified-records/rg-263-cia-records/second-release-lexicon.pdf

104-10172-10111: HALPERIN, MAURICE HYMAN.

11/22/58: Cable from REDACTED to Director: Slugline GROOVY GRENGULF: "1. GRENGULF reports that a Morice (sic) Halpin (note: Maurice Halperin) DPB 3 March 1906 and his wife Edith, nee Frisch, DOB 6 July 1907, both carrying US passports, entered Austria from Suisse on 10 Nov 1958. Passports had Czech visas. According GRENGULF, this couple reportedly belong to circle of acquaintances of atom spy Klaus Fuchs and during their stay in Suisse were under close surveillance." Handwritten: 201-128561. Slugline GROOVY GRENGULF also on a 11/24/58 memo at p. 129: "Chief of Station comment: Action responsibility for this cable has been transferred from EE to WH by Mr. REDACTED EE ext 8473, in coordination with Mr. REDACTED WH ext 2555." At p. 33, 1/19/61: "Maurice Halperin, former OSS officer Latin American affairs specialist, and Martha Dodd Stern, former resident Mexico, both previously implicated Soviet espionage in (USA). Both now in Bloc...Pass above to TIEBAR-8." At p. 7, Halperin's 1961 book "Dessarollo Economica y Crisis en la America Latina."


09/13/63: Dispatch from COS, Austria to Chief, EE: Subject: DIZTAG/GRENGULF/GRCAMERA/REDACTION/GRENGULF-7 REDACTION: "1. For the record, we wish to note that the GRENGULF/7 case has leaked to at least one Vienna newspaper. This was inevitable, considering the ever-increasing number of people who have gained knowledge of the case. 2. The circumstances in which we became aware of press knowledge of the case have been recorded in the attached contact report. 3. While we think that we have blocked publication in GRCAMERA's (Otto Schulmeister) newspaper, it cannot be assumed that the source of the leak has restricted his indiscretion to GRCAMERA's correspondent or that there is or will be only one source of leak. On the contrary, judging by previous precedents and the generally insufficient regard for security in Austrian Government circles, we can anticipate that in due course the GRENGULF/7 incident will become a matter of general knowledge and that, sooner or later, possibly depending on internal political considerations, some newspaper will print the story for its embarrassment potential. 4. Enough people now know about the GRENGULF/7 case in the Austrian Government to make any guessing about the source(s) of the information given to GRCAMERA and possible future leaks a fruitless enterprise. (REDACTION)."

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