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Cryptonym: GICITRON-4

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Manuel Machado Llosas. Formerly LITAMIL-1.

104-10219-10066: LITAMIL/1 201-267298

11/11/70: Dispatch from Acting COS, Bogota (signed by Orrin K. Banasiak) to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: GICITRON-4 (201-267298): PRQ Part II - Operational Information: "1. Cryptonym: GICITRON-4 (Originally LITAMIL-1). Section I: Contact and Development: First contacted by Mexico Station CO Clyde Shryock (ps) (Thomas Hazlett) on 21 Oct 59 (MEXI-4554). Shryock visited Subject's business office and presented self as a 'friend' of Gustavo Arcos Bergnes, who was at that time was Cuban Ambassador in Brussels, Belgium and a former contact of Shryock while Arcos was in Mexico prior to 1959. Purpose of meeting was to assess Subject's attitude towards the Castro regime. Subject was subsequently utilized by Mexico City Station to assist in coordinating anti-Castro activities. Bogota Station contact with Subject established in 1970 (REDACTION) Errol R. Lythgoe. GICITRON-4 and Lythgoe are long-time friends and preformed operational tasks for JKLANCE (CIA) when both were Mexico City assets...Section II: Motivation and Control: Subject became disillusioned with the Castro regime early in 1959 because of the communist infiltration in the Cuban revolution. Subject is strongly anti-communist and anti-Castro and thus willing to lend his services to combat these regimes..."

Bill Simpich • MFF

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