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Cryptonym: FUSEE

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A Chilean CIA media company, referred to within the CIA as "a proprietary".
A cable on April 15, 1959, stated that HQs advised that Furler was to be in Havana on 16 April for possibly recruiting a Caracas FUSEE SGRANGER (probably Latin America) representative. A dispatch in March of 1966 mentioned that AMMOP-1 had stated that his letter was replayed by FUSEE, and was the basis for an article in a Santiago newspaper by Identity C (Jorge Roman). The letter was based on Fidel Castro's speech on March 13, 1966, which contained an verbal attack by Castro on Eduardo Frei, the Chilean President. The letter requested support for Frei's position, and asked the recipients to join the struggle to overthrow the Cuban regime of Fidel Castro. It was sent to Christian Democratic Party individuals and organizations. A 1976 Church Committee document on CIA proprietary companies mentioned that FUSEE had been a media proprietary company/entity of the CIA, and had been dissolved.


04/15/59: Cable from Havana to Director: "Identity Ref B on stateside TDY but expected back shortly. Advise Furler identity and hotel so substitute can contact him in event IDEN has not returned. C/S Comment: *HQs advised that Furler to be in HAVA 16 April for possibly recruiting CARA FUSEE SGRANGER (probably Latin America) rep. Identity is David Phillips."

104-10192-10110: CIA FILE ON MDC FEB 66-MAR 67.

03/31/66: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH (Info: COS, Withheld): Subject: AMMOP/Operational/AMMOP Circular Letter to Identity A Leaders and Organizations: REF: WAVE 9754: "1. As indicated in reference, the AMMOP organization on 15 March 1966 sent a circular letter based on Fidel Castro's 13 March speech to Identity A individuals and organizations. The letter, which was signed and composed by AMMOP-1 and which was accompanied by transcripts of the speech, condemned Castro's attack on Chilean President Eduardo Frei; requested support for Frei's position; and asked the recipients to join the struggle maintained by the Cuban people to overthrow Fidel Castro and prepare for the freedom of Cuba from Communism. 2. The youth wing of the AMMOP group, headed by AMCRIB/1 (Jesus Angulo Clemente), mailed a letter to its Identity A youth contacts based on the 13 and 20 March speeches by Fidel Castro along the lines cited above. Included in this letter were the strong anti-Castro statements made by Identity B. Copies of both letters are forwarded under separate cover. 3. According to AMMOP/1, his letter was replayed by FUSEE and was the basis for an article in a Santiago newspaper by Identity C." - - - Page 48: "Identities: A. Christian Democratic Party. B. Alfredo Lorca. C. Jorge Roman."

157-10014-10144: [No Title]

00/00/76: SSCIA document: Proprietaries: Page 65: "TAB A: Page 3 (ENTITIES DISSOLVED): ...MEDIA...FUSEE..."

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