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Cryptonym: FJDEFLECT

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Unknown location. FJDEFLECT was often mentioned along with FJHOPEFUL (Fort Clayton, Panama) in Operation PBSUCCESS documents. FJDEFLECT was possibly an air base.


06/22/54: Cable from Director to Lincoln (Orig: Richard M. Bissell, Jr., Unit: SA/DCI/PC, Office of Director): FROM LYNADE: "Following are arrangements for delivery three F-47s: 1. Orders given to proceed soonest possible. ETD (REDACTION) dawn tomorrow 23 June. Refueling stop (REDACTION) ETA FJHOPEFUL not yet known, may be after dark 23 June or about noon 24 June. Will advise when firm. 2. C-47 navigator plane carrying ODUNIT (U.S. Air Force) Marks will land (REDACTION) three F-47s with (REDACTION) will land FJHOPEFUL. 3. Pilots will inquire of receiving officer whether name is IDENTITY A and if so whether he works for IDENTITY B and will make delivery if answer affirmative. Since we unable arrange any special means identification, important IDENTITY A be on hand and IDENTITY B be alerted. Transportation will be required for pilots from FJHOPEFUL to (REDACTION) to return in C-47. F-47s will require fuel FJHOPEFUL. 4. FJHOPEFUL should alert (REDACTION) and be aware that delivery is being treated by ODUNIT as classified operation, unlike previous delivery which was in consequence of an overt transaction with another government. 5. Both FJDEFLECT pilots located. ETD for FJHOPEFUL evening 23 June. Expected ready for work early 24 June."


06/23/54: Cable from Lincoln to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS PBCABOOSE: "1. Three F-47 proceeding FJHOPEFUL ETD (REDACTION) dawn 23 June. ETA FJHOPEFUL unknown, may be after dark 23 June or AM 24 June. Will advise if possible but be prepared. 2. ODUNIT (U.S. Air Force) C-47 navigator plane accompanying FTRS will land (REDACTION). FTRS with (REDACTION) will land FJHOPEFUL. Pilots will ask for IDENTITY A, who must be on hand, and inquire if he works for IDENTITY B, who should be alerted. Piltos will then require transportation to (REDACTION) to return in ODUNIT C-47. F-47's will require fuel and doublecheck (REDACTION). 3. FJDEFLECT pilots, IDENS C and D, being returned FJHOPEFUL to ferry aircraft to Somerset. Pilots ETD to FJHOPEFUL evening 23 June. ETA FJHOPEFUL AM June 24. Will advise. 4. Alert (REDACTION) to above soonest and emphasize this delivery being treated by ODUNIT as classified operation unlike previous delivery FTR aircraft. Every effort should be made to keep FTRS under cover FJHOPEFUL and minimize number of personnel having direct or indirect knowledge their existence..."


06/23/54: Cable from Lincoln to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS PBCABOOSE: FOR BRODFROST: "1. Three F-47's ref being delivered FJHOPEFUL PM 23 June or AM 24 June by ODUNIT (U.S. Air Force). FJDEFLECT pilots previously returned PBPRIME (U.S.) being recalled to ferry A/C to Somerset June 24 if all goes well. After delivery Somerset, return FJDEFLECT pilots to FJHOPEFUL soonest. 2. (REDACTION)..."


06/23/54: Cable from Director to Lincoln (Orig: R. M. Bissell, Jr, Unit: SA/DCI/PC): REF: SHERWOOD 346 (IN 21150): FROM LYNADE: "1. In light emphasis in recent messages from WSBURNT (Guatemala) and from LINC on importance airpower and to forestall future crises we endeavoring have three more F-47's ready for immediate delivery if and when needed. Delivery would presumable be by ODUNIT (U.S. Air Force) pilots to FJHOPEFUL (Fort Clayton, Panama), thence by FJDEFLECT pilots to Somerset, exactly as with second lot. 2. Availability these additional aircraft from here together with those listed reference seems to us to support recommendation contained in reference that additional pilots be recruited if they can be secured quickly. 3. We unaware extent to which ODUNIT personnel now helping with maintenance but you of course aware serious breach of security inherent this practice. Since OAS or UN peace observers will probably be in area sometime believe we must rely soonest on maintenance personnel employed by (REDACTION) for Calligeris and either recall ODUNIT personnel or at least make sure they do not work on Calligeris aircraft. This presumably requires recruitment additional maintenance men as well as pilots. 4. Note suggestion in reference para 2 additional personnel be obtained via (REDACTION). You familiar objections this source. Can this be obtained through IDEN A as arranged by Mulvaney? If your channel to IDEN A no longer open in absence Brodfrost, Mulvaney believes he can reopen security by telephone from here. Would require pseudonym of individual who will approach IDEN A. 5. Assume FJDEFLECT pilots will remain at FJHOPEFUL to ferry additional aircraft to Somerset if necessary..."


06/24/54: Cable from Director to Lincoln: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS PBCABOOSE: "1. ETA FJHOPEFUL second C 124 0330Z June 25. 2. FYI: HQs procuring additional aircraft (probably C 54) to increase FJHOPEFUL capabilities. Newly returned FJDEFLECT pilots will remain FJHOPEFUL and be at your disposal until further notice..."


06/24/54: Cable from Sherwood to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: "1. Request LINC immediate consideration using FJDEFLECT fighter pilots for tactical support flights until other pilots arrive. 2. Ground units need all support they can get next three days. If you concur notify Roba."


06/24/54: Cable from Director to Lincoln (Orig: R.M. Bissell, Jr., Unit: SA/DCI/PC): REF: SHERWOOD 376 (IN 21748): "1. Authorized use FJDEFLECT fighter pilots for tactical support missions if necessary. 2. Brodfrost should remind FJDEFLECT pilots their cover story and instruct them that it absolutely essential preserve this cover in contacts with other pilots or in event capture. Please emphasize. 3. We give this approval reluctantly in view grave security risks inevitably involved and attach greatest importance to phasing out these pilots just as soon as others can be recruited..."

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