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Cryptonym: EVLUSH-1

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Appears to be General Leon Cantave. Cantave and his wife were involved, along with Rolando Masferrer Rojas and others, in a proposed invasion of Haiti in August-September 1963.

124-10217-10065: No Title

"...NY T-4 advised that on August 14, 1963, RENE CANTAVE withdrew $5200 from their joint account, taking $3200 and having a check made payable to Roger Rigaud, Hotel Jamaica, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in the amount of $1000 and another check made payable to Paul Verna, same address as Rigaud, in the amount of $1000."

124-10332-10032: No Title

"...on August 17, 1963, Masferrer said he was in Miami with a group of 100 men preparatory to invading Haiti in support of General Leon Cantave. Masferrer's forces were to occupy a Haiitan seaport which was to be taken by Cantave, after which Masferrer's and Cantave's forces would join. On August 18, 1963, according to (CIA's) source, Masferrer met with former Cuban admiral Jose Rodriguez Calderon and Santiago Alvarez, chief of Comandos L, a Cuban exile action group, at which time Masferrer said that he had an understanding with Cantave for many months, having promised to aid him with Cuban forces. In return, if Cantave were successful, the new Haitian government would grant Masferrer the use of Haiti from which to launch operations against the communist regime of Fidel Castro Ruz...(Dominican Republic President Juan Bosch) had originally promised aid to Cantave, but later withdrew this aid on the grounds that the United States Government had used pressure and forced him to cancel his support...(at p. 33): Masferrer was not permitted to be in the Miami, Florida area by the US government..." He was restricted to the area of New York City. (FBI File 2-1622 on Rolando Masferrer, Vol. 84, Section 173-225, p. 170)

104-10176-10056: WITHHELD

08/27/63, Cable from SNTO to Director: RYBAT EVLUNA KUCURL: "1. Following supplements Ref A. 2. Rigaud claims Paul Verna received 26 Aug telecom from Mrs. EVLUSH-1 who stated Masferrer with ship and fifty armed Cubans would arrive vicinity Manzanillo Bay 27 or 28 Aug for op against Ft. Liberte. According Rigaud Vinas Roman aware this and has directed Col. Garrido launch fishing boat recom to detect arrival Masferrer. If latter appears he to be delayed two or three days to permit EVLUSH-1 to support attack. (Comment: Although Rigaud stated Cuban force would remain at sea during delay the implication is Garrido would invite it land DR and link with E-1 force. Rigaud not optimistic re Cuban support view Masferrer past performance)...5. EVLUSH-1 will attack where enemy weakest in two or three days. 6. EVLUSH-1 need maps. Please advise per Ref B...C/S Comment:... **Rigaud claims EVLUSH-1 needs map support." - - - 2022 release: https://documents3.theblackvault.com/documents/jfkfiles/jfk2022/104-10176-10056.pdf


08/29/63, Cable from SNTO to Director: Slugline EVLUNA KUCURL: "1. FOLL from 28 Aug meeting with Rigaud. 2. During 28 Aug telecon Mrs. EVLUSH-1 told Rigaud that Masferrer should be Haitian waters since he departed unidentified base on 22 or 23 Aug. 3. Rigaud plans hire air recon to search Siete Hermanos Islands if Garrido fishing boat recon fails make contact 28 Aug. Pilot is undisclosed American who has unarmed B-25 in San Juan. (Comment: Gen Vinas Roman has refused to provide DR base from which this aircraft can operate). Pilot will make search 29 Aug in light comm registered SNTO aircraft. Rigaud emphasized fact Cubans would not be permitted land DR. 4. Current tentative plans call for infiltration EVLUSH-1 force from at seas South Quanaminthe on or about 30 Aug or in time assault Ft. Liberte 31 Aug. With success Cubans would land from Manzanillo Bay, and then support EVLUSH-1 attack on Quanaminthe unless enemy proves formidable during Ft. Liberte fight. In latter case EVLUSH-1 would skirt Quanaminthe and occupy high ground vicinity Cerca la source. B-25 pilot could then support EVLUSH-1 ops. 5. This juncture CO called Rigaud on past and present claims re Carice pocket stating these never existed and branding most claims as gross exaggerations...(Comment: While CO questioned present Carice pocket the point was dropped when Rigaud threatened to prove it. He was told wait until EVLUSH-1 ready. 6. Rigaud continued stating EMGRILL-1 now anxious assist exiles and only awaiting departure of OAS. This from Gen Vinas Roman who spoke EMGRILL-1 this subject 28 Aug. 7. Still no static re drop. EVLUSH-1 force continuing training..."


08/29/63, Cable from SNTO to Director: Slugline EVLUNA KUCURL: "FOLL from 29 Aug meeting with Rigaud: 1. Attempt elicit scoop on Ref A subject produced nothing. He aware vessels potential and will implant idea. 2. Masferrer has failed appear off Siete Hermanos and Gen Vinas Roman plans launch air search lieu that intended by Rigaud. Rigaud telephoned unidentified person NY 29 Aug to learn IDEN Cuban vessel. This produced nothing but codeword 'POSO' which Masferrer will IDEN himself to Haitians/Dominicans via radio or other means. 3. Verma Vice Rigaud departed SNTO for Dajabon early 29 Aug bearing Vinas Roman message to (REDACTION)LUSH-1 to get into Haiti and stay there. While Vinas Roman apparently interested resumption hostilities to lend credence story that rebels are Haiti based the urgency factor lacking. Rigaud claims (REDACTION)LUSH-1 move by 1 Sep. (Comment above appears insufficient reason to take Verna from SNTO. Does HQS know if he or Rigaud acquainted with Masferrer?). 4. IDEN of pilot is Alexander Rorke, probably Rourke. 5. Rigaud claims (REDACTION)GRILL-1's current interest assisting exiles stems from visit UNIDEN emissary of Nunoz Marin who recommended good support to exiles. Emissary described as president of national assembly. 6. Six sheets covering northwest Haiti passed Rigaud accordance Ref B. C/S Comment: *Requested confirm capture Haiti coast guard LT by DR."


09/01/63, Cable from SNTO to Director: Slugline EVLUNA KUCURL: "Following from 31 Aug meeting with Rigaud: 1. Still no traces Masferrer. Michele Assad arriving SNTO evening 1 Sept and may bear news. Is scheduled visit EVLUSH-1. 2. Vinas Roman decision on black base/fuel support Sullivan Airport an unequivocal no. Is willing cooperate if aircraft crew comply regs pertaining international flights. (Comment: Does this leave Rigaud any loopholes?) 3. Rigaud/Garrido having problems with EVLUSH-1 and all officers exception Philogeme (sp), Alexander and one unidentified. Only latter three willing undertake offensive without air support. Situation has not reached crisis as nothing scheduled occur before 5/6 Sept due Vinas Roman decision provided EVLUSH-1 force with one week intensive training which commenced 30 Aug. During interim Verma will continue seek Roman approval black support for aircraft. If this fails Philogeme will move without air and attack Quanaminthe with approx 100 followers. Objective: Rout Haitian garrison and seizure airstrip from which B-25 will operate. Without air Quanaminthe becomes primary target as Ft. Liberte attack would be frontal thru open terrain against prepared defenses..." - - - 2022 release: https://documents3.theblackvault.com/documents/jfkfiles/jfk2022/104-10176-10059.pdf


09/04/63, Cable from SNTO to Director: Slugline RYBAT EVLUNA KUCURL: "1. FOLL from Rigaud who accompanied EVLUSH-1 to Santiago for second Kensett meeting: A. Rigaud's spirits somewhat higher than during previous meeting as he announced Garrido prepared to provide black airstrip for combat air. Site is DR which Garrido willing put in share with minimum labor...That no assistance be provided until EVLUSH-1 moves. Rigaud disappointed at this stating future bleak in that EVLUSH-1 not optimistic re (unintelligible) groupe. CO agreed stating groupe set rumored to be as black as Masferrer...He had U.S. tourism interests that would advance funds in excess 3 thousand EVLUSH-1 has for purpose...B..He maintains Philogeme, Leroy and perhaps Villminey, Alexander and Desyaneles will go it alone if EVLUSH-1 refuses move without aid...D. Rigaud plans depart SNTO for NY 6 Sept to attempt procure air. He intends travel back and forth as necessary claiming mistrust of EVLUSH-1 and Verna who impulsive...C/S Comment: *Re meeting sect 3 meeting with EVLUSH-1 and Roger Rigaud were met by Kensett/Pantleone at outskirts Santiago."

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