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Digraph for operations and assets in Haiti.
The dispatch in August of 1964 probably mentioned EVLEMON-1 and EVMINOR-1 (both cryptonyms are partially redacted). EVLEMON-1 was mentioned on page 190 of Joan Mellen's Our Man in Haiti: George de Mohrenschildt and the CIA in the Nightmare Republic. EVMINOR-1 was mentioned on page 195 of the same book.


08/25/64: Dispatch from Withheld to Chief, WHD: "1. Reference is the previous report submitted concerning the activities of Vlodminiera Galicki, Polish Commercial Attache resides in Haiti. 2. On 4 August 1964, (REDACTION)MINOR-1 submitted to (REDACTION)LEMON-1 the following report concerning the activities of Vlodminiera Galick...3. On 13 August (REDACTION)LEMON/1 submitted the following report which he had received from (REDACTION)MINOR/1...E...(Comment: (REDACTION)LEMON/1 believes that Lavelanet is probably identical to the person who is section chief of the Department of Commerce). 4. On 14 August (REDACTION)MINOR-1 submitted the following report to (REDACTION)LEMON-1..."


08/19/65: Cable from Santo Domingo to Director (Info: JMWAVE, Port au Prince, Santiago de Los Caballeros): "1. EVLANE-4 informed station that he was approached on 16 August by Cuban exile Ignacio Castro (no station traces) in lobby of Hotel Embajador and asked to aid his group in Haitian invasion attempt. 2. Castro description: HT 5'6"; WT 185 lbs; nationality Cuban; dark Indian complexion; round face; black hair, flashy dresser; speaks little English but seems intelligent. 3. Castro supposedly represents Puerto Rican agriculture and office supply firm, Gonzalez and Frias, and plans to open up office in Santo Domingo soon. 4. Castro currently resides Hotel Comercial. 5. Castro stated that he was connected with Cuban group living in Puerto Rico that had exile camp here in Dominican Republic during term of Reid Cabral. (E-4 believes that there were about 55 men in that group). Group plans to immigrate to Dominican Republic to attempt recruit Haitians for their invasion force. No date stated. 6. During conversation, Castro asked E-4 if he knew Pierre Rigaud and if E-4 thought Gerard La Fontant was Communist. 7. According to E-4 Castro seems to be in elementary planning stage. 8. Castro told E-4 that 'they were working to have Balaguer close his eyes to their activities.' Castro also mentioned that he knew other groups were working toward same ends as his group, i.e., to depose Duvalier so base of operations against Castro can be set up in Haiti. 9. E-4 told to call Castro soonest and attempt elicit more information from him. 10. Traces requested from Director and addees. 11. Index Castro. *HQs requested EVLANE-4 provide source of his info." - - - 2022 release, page 115:

104-10164-10112: CHARLES, CLEMARD JOSEPH.

06/23/67: Cable from Port au Prince to Director (Info: Panama City, REP/LANI, Santo Domingo, JMWAVE): INTEL: "SUPDATA: Para 1: EVLEMON-2 from EVLEMON-6 (REDACTION). Para 2: EVLEMON-6 (REDACTION) talk Francis D. Rachfield had with Charles." - - - Pages 150-152: "Intelligence Information Cable: Country: Haiti. Subject: Clemard Joseph Charles, president of the Commercial Bank: (Note: Large redaction). 1. Clemard Joseph Charles, president of the Commercial Bank, has caused President Duvalier to be angry with him. He is publicly campaigning for the presidency to succeed Duvalier. While in the general hospital for a throat operation during the week of 12 June 1967 Charles maintained a register in which all those who came to see him could sign their names...2. While Charles was in the hospital his business ventures were seized by the tax office and placed under the control of two tax inspectors, Serge Salomon and Maurice Lafontant. 3. (REDACTION) Charles returned to his home on 19 June 1967 and will remain there for at least fifteen days under doctors orders to recuperate. His house is not under guard nor under visible surveillance. Charles claims to be continuing to plot the overthrow of Duvalier whom he considers insane and will not seek asylum despite fact he has lost most of his business ventures. Charles is still director of the Commercial Bank which is now controlled by an unnamed investment corporation in New York City to prevent its seizure by the Haitian Government..." - - - 2022 release, pages 149-152:

104-10164-10112: CHARLES, CLEMARD JOSEPH.

06/28/67: Cable from Port au Prince to Director (Info: Santo Domingo, JMWAVE): "1. Station agrees Charles life in imminent danger due his plotting and ambitions. Believe Charles placing hopes on American financial associates and U.S. Government to save him in case he is arrested. American flag now flying daily over central office of Commercial Bank. 2. Unfortunately Rachfield confined to home for one week due circulatory disturbance and Chubb has no access. Will arrange EVLEMON-2 who lives fairly close to make periodic neighborhood check. Daily drive-by past Charles house revealed nothing abnormal mornings 26 and 27 June. Also will ask embassy junior officer tenants of another Charles house to look in on him. 3. Legislative session afternoon 26 June promulgated stiff omnibus law on 'desertion' which could easily be used by Duvalier make arrest and execution Charles 'legal.'" - - - 2022 release, page 131:

104-10164-10112: CHARLES, CLEMARD JOSEPH.

06/30/67: Cable from Santo Domingo to Director (Info: Port-au-Prince, JMWAVE): EVMUSCLE: "1. During regular meeting afternoon 27 June EVMUSCLE said in response to query that: A. Clemard Joseph Charles is a slippery, less than ordinary intelligent, and generally weak man who is a toady of Duvalier's. Charles made all his money through various manipulations in conjunction with or known to Duvalier. B. Colonel Jacques Laroche is a strong, intelligent man and a good leader. He is unacceptable as a possible leader or head of state to thinking exiles and persons in Haiti due to his known leftist sympathies and beliefs over a long period of years. Despite a government ban on officers belonging to political parties, he was known amongst friends to have been a secret member of the old PSP (Parti Socialiste Populaire). It is not known if he is a similar type member of the PSP's successor (PEP). He has been a staunch supporter of Duvalier and appears to all as a true Duvalierist. 2. Believe above may provide additional insight into these persons who are of current interest. 3. Index: Charles, Laroche." - - - 2022 release, page 119:

104-10164-10112: CHARLES, CLEMARD JOSEPH.

10/03/67: Cable from Port au Prince to Director (Rachfield Acting) (Info: Panama City, REP/LANI, Santo Domingo, JMWAVE): INTEL: "SUPDATA: Para 1: EVLEMON-1 from EVLEMON-14. Para 2: EVLEMON-2 from EVLEMON-5." - - - Pages 96-97: "Intelligence Information Cable: Country: Haiti. Subject: 1. Attempts by Haitian Government to get money from the Swiss bank account of Clemard Joseph Charles. 2. Possible release of Clemard Joseph Charles from prison: (Note: Over a page redacted). 1. On his recent trip to Europe Herve Boyer, ex-minister of commerce and finance (portion missing) (REDACTION) Francois Duvalier. Boyer had with him two blank checks on a Swiss bank which had been signed upon instructions from Duvalier by Clemard Joseph Charles, ex-director of the Commercial Bank of Haiti. Boyer was shocked when the Swiss bank refused to honor the checks. 2. It is strongly rumored within the Duvalier government that Clemard Joseph Charles will soon be released from prison...4. Headquarters Comment: Missing portion will be disseminated only if it materially affects the sense of this report." - - - 2022 release, pages 95-97:

104-10164-10112: CHARLES, CLEMARD JOSEPH.

01/09/68: Cable from Port au Prince to Director (Info: Panama City, REP/LANI, Santo Domingo, JMWAVE): INTEL: "SUPDATA: EVLEMON-2 from EVLEMON-14." - - - Page 90: "Intelligence Information Cable: Country: Haiti. Subject: Amnesty of Prisoners: (Note: Large redaction). 1. President Francois Duvalier released 107 prisoners in a new years amnesty. With the exception of Lucien Belizaire, minister of justice in the fourth and fifth Duvalier cabinets from a November 1958 to 21 December 1959, Werner Apollon, former official in the Tabac regime." - - - 2022 release, pages 89-90:

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