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General Gustavo Montiel. Approved sending ERYTHROID-3/Captain Franklin Anthony Wheelock Garcia, to investigate Alvarado's claim that Oswald threatened to kill JFK while in Mexico City. Sought clearance for Rafael Garcia Bongo, Sr. to install FM radio equipment for the ERYTHROID program.
Rafael Garcia Bongo, Jr. - the son of Sr., who was the head of the Cuban Anti-Communist League - he also worked on ERYTHROID - worked with Trafficante. Note that Garcia Bongo Sr. was head of the Anti-Communist league in Cuba, and Wheelock/ERYTHROID-3 was the chief of the anti-communist section of Nicaraguan intelligence. Trafficante and Rafael Garcia Jr. were close to a man known as Manuel Gonzalez, who ran a hotel - could he have been the same man, or a model, for Manuel Garcia Gonzalez, the pock-marked Cuban that was allegedly seen with Oswald in New Orleans? Major Roger Jerez, military attache in Mexico City, was with Nicaraguan intelligence. Gilbert Alvarado Ugarte reported to him.

Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics III, V. THE KENNEDY-CIA DIVERGENCE OVER CUBA: https://www.history-matters.com/pds/DP3_Chapter5.htm

Circa 1959-1961: "(Rolando Cubela) knew Santo Trafficante, who had put the CIA in touch with Orta; and had worked with Trafficante’s atttorney, Rafael Garcia-Bango Dirube, to secure Trafficante’s release from prison in Cuba."

1993.11.10.08:41:11:250005: Reel 1, Folder O - ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL.

6/11/63 trip to Nicaragua - I was accompanied on this trip by Cuco Leon/AMWORM-1, our delegate in Nicaragua who maintains extraordinary relations with the rulers of this country...The president (Schick) suggested that I call on the Chief of Security of Nicaragua, Colonel Montiel, and...at least thank him for having been in charge of the security of the Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs) invasion operation at Puerto Cabeza. He also suggested that if I thought it convenient to call on General Somoza as both he (Somoza) and Montiel would have something to say with the security of the base that I requested...(Luis Somoza) suggested that I choose a port on the Atlantic (note: for AMWORLD). He recommended two ports: Bluefields and Puerto Cabezas..." Artime decided on Puerto Cabezas. At p. 113: Artime visited Venezuela, after the contacts were set up by Rafael Quintero/AMJAVA-4.

Joan Mellen, p. 92; p.p. 196-197 (Potomac Books, 2005)

1963-1967: p. 92: Manuel Garcia Gonzalez was believed to have been the pock-marked Cuban seen with Oswald. He hung around Cuban bars, carried a red toolbox and fixes boats. Jim Garrison referred to him as "Bugs Bunny". See -1993.07.01.09:29:16:460410 - page 4 of this 6/14/67 memo by Angleton's aide James Hunt states that Manuel Garcia Gonzalez was alleged by Garrison to have been one of the JFK assassins - although Dean Andrews said on Sheridan's 1967 TV show attacking Garrison that Manuel Garcia Gonzalez was a made-up name and no such man ever existed, he would turn to Walter Sheridan when the TV camera was off and admit that he did exist. Also see 124-10369-10029, p. 227: 2/21/67 - Elise Cerniglia, head of the Catholic Cuban Center in New Orleans, identified Manuel Garcia Gonzalez as a white male, born in Havana, Cuba, birthdate 3/27/28, 5 foot 10, 130 pounds, single, truck driver, Alien registration number appears to be A13 398 314.   INS had similar info, had him born in Camaguey.


11/27/63 cable to White House, State Dept., FBI, Secret Service: "Following elicited from Gilberto Nolasco Alvardo Ugarte 26 November. Subject born 31 January 1940 presently lives 173 Pino Colonia Santa Maria de la Ribera telephone 41-07-31. Entered Mexico by bus 29 August 1963 on way to Cuba to study guerrilla warfare tactics. Was to receive false documentation as Mexican through Cuban consulate Mexico. Admitted he really on penetration mission for Nicaraguan secret service, reports to Major Roger Jerez, Nicaraguan military attache, Pasaje Latino, Interior 513, telephone 46-33-87, Mexico City...Subj saw pretty girl, believed Cuban employee of Consulate, gave Oswald embrace and tell him she living at Calle Juarez Number 407 where he could find her. (Note: Address of Luisa Calderon). Girl appeared about 20 years old, manners reminded (Alvarado) of prostitute..." See 104-10015-10382, DIR 85199, another copy of this cable shows it was sent by B. Reichhardt/Ken Crosby, WH/3/Mexico. Compare to 104-10121-10207, p. 14, 11/25/63 memo from RSO (regional security officer) A.C. Plambeck: (Gilberto Alvarado) states on 9/18 "he was in the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City and he saw Oswald receive $6500. Oswald was speaking with a Negro, about 29 years of age, who had a scar on his jaw, reddish hair which is probably tinted...when Oswald entered he was affectionately greeted by a female employee of the Cuban embassy who has blue eyes and lives at Calle Juarez 407." See p. 17: "MEXI 7069...Station officer, (probably Barker/Robert Shaw) with Emb Security Officer interviewed (Alvarado) with the following results):...Alvarado admitted he really on penetration mission for Nicaragua Secret Service...See p. 28: "MANA 4613...Station requested ERYTHROID cooperation Mexi through Major Jerez and if possible sending ERYTHROID-3 Mexi. ERYTHROID-1 said Alvarado in Mexi without ERYTHROID authority and passed off suggestion use Jerez but agreed immediately send ERYTHROID-3."


11/28/63 cable MANA 4613 from Managua to Director, ref DIR 85616 and MEXI 7107: "Station requested ERYTHROID-1 cooperation Mexi through Major Jerez and if possible by sending ERYTHROID-3 Mexi. ERYTHROID-1 said Alvarado in Mexi without ERYTHROID authority and passed off use Jerez but agreed immediately (to) send ERYTHROID-3...will probably be in Mexi today unless HQS and Mexi desire cancel. Even though his story re (Oswald) may be false it possible he has been working other angle penetrate Cubans and ERYTHROID-3 will be able to assist in setting facts straight..." Chief of Station comments: "In view of evidence that Alvarado is fabricating his story, HQs urged Station to avail itself of the help of the Nicaraguan Service..." Also see 104-10408-10347, 12/3/63, by Birch O'Neal: "(Sam) Papich advised that the Bureau had received a cable last night from the Legal Attache in Mexico City which is in contact with our representative there. He stated that our representative had been informed by REDACTED of the Nicaraguan Intelligence Service that Alvarado told him, REDACTED: that he recanted his original story because of fear of physical harm; that Alvarado was being deported from Mexico to Nicaragua on 4 December 1963 and would be accompanied by REDACTED; that REDACTED assured our representative that Alvarado would be available for further interview in Nicaragua if the United States desired..."

Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics III, by Peter Dale Scott, OVERVIEW: THE CIA, THE DRUG TRAFFIC, AND OSWALD IN MEXICO, December 2000 https://www.history-matters.com/pds/DP3_Overview.htm

Alvarado, the "CIA source," reported "directly to General Gustavo Montiel, Chief of the Intelligence Service of the Nicaraguan Army."[73] ...Montiel was later denounced as a principal in a "massive car theft ring" run by Norwin Meneses, described in other CIA cables as "the kingpin of narcotics traffickers in Nicaragua."[74]...(a) striking similarity between these CIA assets -- Montiel in Nicaragua, Nazar Haro/LITEMPO-12 in Mexico -- that both were said to be involved in networks dealing simultaneously in massive car smuggling and in narcotics. Given the known ambiguities about Alvarado's double identity as an intelligence agent, one can easily fault the leaders of the US Embassy in Mexico (Ambassador Mann, Station Chief Scott, and FBI Legat Anderson), for claiming that "there appears to be a strong possibility that a down payment was made to Oswald in the Cuban Embassy here."[75] But it is not clear that the management of the Alvarado story was integral to the Kennedy assassination plot. It is clear that the CIA was and is hiding something about Oswald and the Cuban Embassy. The Alvarado story might have been no more than a convenient diversion: a chance to focus attention on a different (and false) narrative..Miguel Nazar Haro, a key DFS official who was also a CIA asset, was indicted in California as part of a a $30 million car theft ring.[167] ...the man to whom (Alvarado) reported, Gustavo Montiel of Nicaraguan Military Intelligence, was accused years later of being behind a "massive car theft ring" in the 1970s, which was run by another undercover informant against subversives, Norwin Meneses Canterero.[168] Norwin Meneses became the key figure in a Contra-drug connection exposed by Gary Webb; CIA cables released in connection with Webb's charges confirm that already in the Somoza era Meneses "was called the kingpin of narcotics traffickers in Nicaragua."[169] Yet Meneses was able to move in and out of the United States with impunity in the Contra period."


12/6/63: MANA 4627, cable from Managua to Director, ref DIR 86563: ERYTHROID-1 concurs further interrogation Alvarado in Mexi. Also ERYTHROID-3 remaining in Mexi as long as can be of service to US there. Interposes absolutely no problems, offering complete cooperation and agreement any way he wish handle Alvarado interrogations." See https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=109763&search=%22gustavo_montiel%22#relPageId=19&tab=page - in the early December interrogation, Alvarado states that he sends his information to Major Roger Jerez who he has collaborated with for three years, or directly to General Gustavo Montiel, Chief of the Intelligence Service of the Nicaraguan Army, with residence in Managua."


"Station files show ERYTHROID-1 (C-72970) requested traces 16 December 64 on Rafael Garcia born 4 February 1932, Habana, Cuba. Was engineer employed by Motorola, being cleared for installation FM radio equipment for ERYTHROID. No other traces Garcia. 2/10/69 cable to Director, slugline IUSTEER.

124-10204-10216: [No Title]

"On November 26, 1966, TP T-3 advised that Trafficante was apparently acquainted with one Rafael Garcia Bango, Mexico No. 9, Apartamentos Mexico, Madrid, Espana...Rafael Garcia Bango was known as Rafael Bonifacio Celestino Anatolio Garcia y Valdez Bango...This individual was born July 9, 1894 in Havana, Cuba, a civilian engineer and architect in Cuba, and was active in Cuban exile professional organizations in Miami, Florida."

124-10205-10233: No Title

"On January 8, 1968, MM T-13 advised that the father of Rafael Garcia Bango was a well-known engineer, and head of the Cuban Anti-Communist League in Cuba prior to the Castro revolution."

124-10213-10184: No Title

Mid-1968: "Rafael Garcia Bango is a Cuban exile, former attorney in Cuba for Trafficante...in the US he was a close associate of Santo Trafficante, Frank Ragano (attorney) and Manuel Gonzalez, owner of the Hamilton Gift Shop, Lincoln Road Mall, Miami Beach." See 124-10213-10143: Manuel Gonzalez Martoran, also known as Manni...is the owner of the Hamilton Gift Shop, 825 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach...


"The Managua station in Nicaragua stated that it had 1...requested General Gustavo Montiel cooperation Mexico through Major Jerez and if possible sending Major Wheelock to Mexico. Montiel said Alvarado in Mexico without ERYTHROID's authority and passed off suggestion Jerez but agreed immediately send WHEELOCK ... He (WHEELOCK) now in process getting visa and plane reservations and probably will be in Mexico today unless Headquarters and Mexico wish to cancel. Even though his story regarding Oswald may be false it possible he has been working other angle to penetrate Cubans and WHEELOCK will be able to assist in getting facts straight...MANA 4613...* General Gustavo MONTIEL...REDACTED...Nicaraguan army. Name encrypted in text..Major Roger Jerez Alfaro, Nicaraguan attache, Nicaraguan Embassy, Mexico City. Captain Franklin Anthony WHEELOCK Garcia, Chief of Anti-Communist Section of the...REDACTED. Name encrypted in text."

Bill Simpich

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