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Cryptonym: ERRATIC-3

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Unknown identity. A dispatch on October 24, 1960, from Chief of Station (COS), Managua, stated that ERRATIC-3's brother-in-law was "a Catholic priest self-exiled from Cuba."
The dispatched added that ERRATIC-3 met Antonio Soto y Vasquez and Juan S. Castellano Martinez in Nicaragua, two Cuban exiles who told him they were willing to engage in military action against the Cuban regime of Fidel Castro. ERRATIC was General Jose Miguel Ydigoras Fuentes, and future President of Guatemala (2 March 1958 – 31 March 1963). Therefore, it is possible ERRATIC-3 was a close associate of Ydigoras.


10/24/60: Dispatch from COS, Managua to Chief, WH: JMNET: "1. (REDACTION)RATIC-3's brother-in-law, a Catholic priest self-exiled from Cuba, has met two Cuban exiles in Nicaragua who told him that they were willing to engage in military activity to help the anti-Castro rebels. These men are: Antonio Soto y Vasquez, DOB: 20 August 1934 in Habana. Married, Cuban citizen, pilot in the Fuerza Aerea Cubans, graduate of Vance Air Force Base, Enid, Oklahoma 31 August 1955; presently flying light crop dusting plane. Will serve but only as a flyer. Juan S. Castellano Martinez: DOB: 2 December 1924 in Habana. Former Captain of Police in Habana. Married, one child. Left Cuba 1 January 1959 for Dominican Republic then Nicaragua. 2. Soto y Vasquez has been trying to obtain a U.S. visa but thus far has not succeeded. Both men can be reached through the Lido Palace Hotel, Managua, Nicaragua. (Signature) Philip W. Stapiol."

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