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Cryptonym: ERACORN-1

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Probably General Anastasio Somoza.

Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume II: Participation in the Conduct of Foreign Policy Current Section: C. Rip Robertson's Excursion into Diplomacy

Circa 1960: "In his transmittal of Robertson's first reports, REDACTED reported as follows: 'CADICK (Robertson) is now operating completely outside of REDACTED, because REDACTED wants to know nothing more than what is absolutely required that he know regarding these activities, he has given CADICK the essential cryptonyms, REDACTED (President Luis Somoza), REDACTED (General Anastasio Somoza), and REDACTED (Noel Pallais Debayle), which he has memorized..." Note that the REDACTED entry for Anastasio Somoza is nine letters, which is a perfect fit for ERACORN-1.


08/16/62, Cable from Managua to Director: "1). Werbell has offered ERGOO-1 large retainer to obtain NIC secret but formal written recognition de facto Cuban govt in exile called 'United Organization for the Liberation of Cuba' with Mario Garcia Kohly as provisional president. This groups' HQs at 1025 Conn Ave NW, Suite 405, WASH DC. Claims support of 90 separate organizations and 166,000 Cuban exiles. Batista types are barred. Garcia going Europe this month obtain finance, arms, planes, and recruit 20,000 volunteer soldiers. Groups rep in GUAT, Mr. A. L. Smith, instructed return WASH to direct ops during Garcia absence. Werbell instructed obtain GUAT and NIC recognition on basis of 4 day lead time with target date invasion mid-Oct earliest. Groups organization inside Cuba called 'Junta Civica Militiar Cristiano' (JCMC), strength Habana 12,000 provinces 45,000, led by Col Jose Padisrne (sp) Bencomo. JCMC exile chief is Jose Pineiro Paez. Antonio Varona and others equal stature not named lending full support. Mr. Frank M. Austin is disbursing trustee for group and authorized by Mr. Marshall R. Diggs at groups Conn Ave HQs to make retainer to ERGOO-1. 2). COS feels ERGOO-1 sent by ERACORN-1 or ERACERB-1 to obtain informal guidance and avoid formal U.S. Government policy entanglement. ERGOO-1 stressed secrecy and security against compromise at CIA HQs level. He said NIC actually wants sign protocol and predicts GUAT will follow suit. ERGOO-1 requests guidance prior 18 August. C/S Comment: *HQs forward info on Werbell and Firestone."


08/23/63, Dispatch from Chief, Special Affairs Staff to COS, JMWAVE (Info: COS, Mexico City; COS, Managua): "1. AMBIDDY-1 was debriefed on his relations with Prio. As soon as our notes have been processed, the text of his remarks on the subject will be forwarded. Suffice it to say that A-1 has no understanding with and no respect for Prio. He would, however, accept Prio's money, with no strings attached, on the theory that it is Cuban property returned to its rightful custodian, i.e., AMBIDDY-1. 2. As HQs sees it, Prio's main role is one of creating a nuisance and of rendering A-1's political problems in Nicaragua slightly more complicated. If WAVE can see a secure means of putting a spoke in Prio's wheels, its efforts along those lines would be appreciated. It would probably suffice to drop some hints to the effect that responsible and competent observers view Prio as a has-been and refuse to take his leadership aspirations seriously. 3. For Mexico Station: May we request that you air the above theme in a widely read column, making the following points: a. Allude to reports that Prio and ERACERB-1 and ERACORN-1 have reached an understanding whereby Prio will be recognized as leader of the resistance against Cuba. b. Pay ERACERB-1 and ERACORN-1 the left-handed compliment that they are unlikely to hitch their wagon to the vanishing star of Prio. c. Suggest that Prio could render one vital contribution, via, cough up some of the millions he stole from the Cuban people while president. As for the rest, he should lapse into silence and let respectable people do the job. 4. State that some of Prio's henchmen have been dropping hints to the effect that he has ODEARL (U.S. Department of Defense) backing...e. Please forward clippings to Managua, WAVE and HQs for replay."

104-10163-10176: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL, (VOL XIV).

06/27/66, Cable from Withheld: Slugline TYPIC AMTABBY-27 AMLITAINT-1 AMWORLD: "1. Station has no info re attempt to obtain ERACORN-1 permission to reopen Monkey Point camp. However AMBIDDY-1 arrived MANA 17 Jan via Lanica from Miami. 2. ERACORN-1 left MANA 24 Jan for U.S. via Lanica. According local press personal business is purpose of visit. ERFACT-1 says reason is medical recheck."


12/31/67, Cable: "1. No ERYTHROIDS were in (REDACTION) area 21 December. 2. AMBIDDY-1 in (REDACTION) for Christmas season, may still be in town. COS will attempt find him to see if he can shed any light on three men in ref. About 20 December AMBIDDY came to COS home borrow baby crib, had with him tall negro who apparently bodyguard. As (REDACTION) aware, both ERACORN-1 and AMBIDDY-1 were on guard against possible assassination. AMBIDDY may have brought bodyguards with him from Miami this trip and some of these may have spilled over into (REDACTION)..."

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