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Cryptonym: EMDEED

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Delivery of pistols, carbines, submachine guns and ammo from the CIA to the Dominican Republic for the purpose of assassinating Rafael Trujillo in 1961.
Note that the formal Church Report omitted the name of contact Lorenzo "Wimpy" Berry, so the draft version that included his name was used in one instance instead of the final report.


"In a March 15, 1961 cable, Chief of Station Owen reported that Dearborn had asked for three .38 caliber pistols for issue to several dissidents...Two days later Headquarters cabled that the pistols and the ammunition were being pouched. However, the Station Chief was instructed not to advise Dearborn." Footnote: "The Inspector General's Report, issued in connection with a review of these events, concludes that: 'There is no indication in the EMDEED operational files that the pistols were actually pouched. The request for pistols appears to have been overtaken by a subsequent request for submachine guns.' (I.G. Report, p. 60). This conclusion is difficult to understand in light of the March 24, 1961 Headquarters to Station cable, which provides: 'Pouching revolvers and ammo requested TRUJ 0462 (IN 20040 on 28 March. Do not advise (name Dearborn deleted) this material being pouched. Explanation follows.'"


(continued) "The carbines were passed to the action group contact, (Lorenzo) 'Wimpy' Berry, on April 7, 1961. (Station to HQs cable, 4//8/61) Eventually, they found their way into the hands of one of the assassins, Antonio de la Maza. (Station to HQs cable, 4/26/61; I.G. Report pages 46, 49.)"

Philip Agee, Inside the Company: CIA Diary (Stonehill, 1975) p. 425

Re early April 1961: "I still can't believe the reasons for the Dominican invasion that we're trying to promote through AVBUZZ-1 (principal Montevideo station agent for propaganda operations). (Ned P. Holman, Chief of Station in Montevideo) says it all goes back to the assassination of Trujillo. He was chief of the Caribbean branch in headquarters at the time and was deeply involved in planning the assassination, which was done by Cuban exiles from Miami using weapons we sent through a diplomatic pouch. The weapons were passed to the assassins through a US citizen who was an agent of the Santo Domingo station and owner of a supermarket. He had to be evacuated though, after the assassination, because the investigation brought him under suspicion."


Re early April 1961: "Although there is no direct evidence linking any of these pistols to the assassination of Trujillo, a June 7, 1961, CIA memorandum, unsigned and with no attribution as to source, states that two of the three pistols were passed by REDACTED to Lorenzo 'Wimpy' Berry, a United States citizen who was in direct contact with the action element of the dissident group. It should also be noted that the assassination was apparently conducted with almost complete reliance upon hand weapons. Whether one or more of these .38 caliber Smith & Wesson pistols eventually came into the hands of the assassins and, if so, they were used in connection with the assassination, are open questions."

157-10014-10113: [No Title]

7/17/75 response by Scott Breckenridge to Senate Select Committee for files and materials related to the 1967 IG Report on Assassinations: "...Other materials, reviewed by the Inspectors in 1967 were limited in nature, some of which have been made available to SSC Staff members in envelopes in which they have been held since 1967. The SSC Staff members have had access to the project files of QJWIN, WIROGUE, ZRRIFLE and EMDEED. (The next sentence is redacted.) Should they wish access to the files related to the anti-Diem coup, they can be made available on request."

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