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Cryptonym: EMBARB-1

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Unknown identity. A dispatch in August 1965 reported that EMBARB-1, along with Teofilo Babun and Luis Humberto Vidana Guasch, were acting as the go-betweens for General Imbert's Junta in the Dominican Republic and the recruiting of Cuban exiles in Miami.

104-10230-10002: CRC/EXPENSES FOR MARCH AND APRIL 1962/

04/01/62, CRC Expenses for March and April 1962: Page 84: "DATE: Apr. 4. Expenses of March 1962. CHECK NO.: 9303...Felix Angel Yergo - Assistance. AMOUNT: $200.00..."


10/10/63, Memo for the record from Raul J. Hernandez: ..."3. A-1 had spoken to Baro and the latter stated he had talked to Rafael Garcia, leader of the MRR youth movement, who in turn had spoken to a Cuban named Yergo. (A-1 could not recall the complete name, only the alias Zenea). The information which Baro had received from Garcia was the Crimmins, a State Department representative, had asked Yergo to be an informer for the State Department. Crimmins also spoke to Yergo concerning A-1 and said A-1's plans were in danger because Luis Somoza had wanted to 'run the show.' The State Department had tried end A-1's plan and had studied the possibility of dividing A-1's movement into an A-1 faction and Baro faction, but the Attorney General rejected the idea. The State Dept. was not letting the plan run its course since it felt the plan would collapse of its own weight. Yergo was to submit any reports he had to the State Dept. The State Dept. believes A-1 is in contact with Batista elements. A-1 was unable to give any further information on the identity of Yergo except to say he had been a gangster in Cuba during Prio's administration and was between 45-50 years old..."


03/09/64, 112th Intelligence Corps Group, Fort Sam Houston, Texas (Army) document: Page 4: ...."ZZ0000284: Yergo, Angel: Subject reporedly resides at 3075 West Hager Street, Miami, Florida. Subject accompanied FNU Herrera-Refer ZZ000216- during Herreras conversation with source in Miami in Apr 63, at which time Herrera stated that he had 2000 men at his disposal for an invasion of Cuba. Subject claims he is political enemy of Manuel Artime. Subject reportedly accompanied Colonel FNU Herrera at a meeting in Miami, Fla. at which source was present and ...SOI4A261163...ARAB515675..."

124-10183-10251: FBI REPORT

12/09/64, FBI report from Miami by William Mayo Drew, JR. Title of Case: Second National Front of Escambray (SNFE) (Operation Alpha 66): Page 8: INFORMANTS:...Identity: "MM T-6 is Tomas Cortinas Criado, Chief of Dominican Government Department of Security Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Location: 105-6243-1106...MM T-9 is PNI Angel Yergo. Location: 134-987-Sub A-8..."

124-10225-10205: FBI DOCUMENT

03/05/65, FBI document from James J. O'Connor to Director: Page 3: INFORMANTS: ..."Identity: MM T-2 - PSI Angel Yergo. Location: 134-987-Sub A-12."

104-10163-10173: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL (VOL XIII).

08/09/65, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Subject: Operational/TYPIC/AMWORLD/AMOT/Possible Arms Purchases from AMWORLD by Bay of Pigs Veterans Association. Page 2: "3. ESIRE-1's comment, about a possibility that the Babun brothers may be the persons interested in purchasing the AMWORLD arms, ties in with the AMCRAG-1 information reported in Reference B that Teofilo Babun, Luis Humberto Vidana Guasch, and EMBARB-1 were acting as go-betweens for General Imbert's Junta in the Dominican Republic and the recruiting of Cuban exiles in Miami..."


08/26/65, Cable from JMWAVE: "IDENS A. Dominican Consul in Miami Antonio Arvelo. B. Dominicana de Aviacion President Rafael del Toro. C. Imbert emissary Angel Felix Yergo."

124-10287-10053: FBI DOCUMENT:

06/01/72, FBI document from Director: Page 12: INFORMATION DATE AND SOURCE:..."This reference pertains to Aguero's trip from Miami on 8/28/65, to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and his return to Miami on 8/31/65. Included were his associations, contacts, and participation at a demonstration in connection with Dominican political crisis. (PSI Angel Yergo). REFERENCE & SEARCH SLIP PAGE NUMBER: 109-12-211-7227 p.2; ep. 1, 2, 5, 16, 48)..."

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