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Cryptonym: EMANTHEM-1

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I. Irving Davidson, public relations officer.

104-10218-10009: [RESTRICTED]

5/30/66 cable from Santo Domingo to CIA Director: "Tichborn/Lopez departed Santo Domingo for Washington on late 29 May flight...station would like to express appreciation for HQS and REDACTED support in making Tichborn available for EMARGOSY activities. For the record, Tichborn has done brilliant job with EMANTHEM-1 in establishing quick rapport, credibility, and handling difficult assignments with difficult personality and situation...he assisted station great deal with suggestions on political moves, getting up organizers, and other aspects of our EMARGOSY operations. Role was vital aspect of EMARGOSY at critical point in operation." See page 19: "In February (1967) Tichborn was sent to Puerto Rico to conduct a political action briefing of a Station Santo Domingo asset, EMANTHEM-4, which task he performed effectively. In order to maximize the benefits of his availability, he was assigned the continuing task of monitoring the Dominican Republic press and analyzing media reactions towards Balaguer and opposition elements. Several detailed summaries were submitted to the Dominican desk."


12/8/66, Cable from Director to Santo Domingo (Orig: Wiley Gilstrap, AC/WH/7): REF: SANTO DOMINGO 2349 (IN 54965): Slugline RYBAT EMANTHEM: I. Irving Davidson's name is circled in this short message about Davidson's meeting with President Belaguer, with Davidson's 201-41581 written in marginalia. A sentence about a search for Davidson's traces is crossed out. Releasing Officer: Jacob D. Esterline, AC/WHD. Coordinating Officer: (Signature), WH/CA. Authenticating Officer: C. Wiley Gilstrap, AC/WH/7.

104-10218-10009: [RESTRICTED]

06/14/67: Dispatch from COS, Withheld to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: Operational/MHSPAWN/TICHBORN Press Analysis: "The Station appreciates the press analysis contained in the Reference, which was prepared by Edward G. Tichborn. We feel that Tichborn's comments on the press image of EMANTHEM/1 are particularly useful. As Headquarters is aware, however, EMANTHEM/1 has not shown himself particularly willing to take strides to improve his press image and continues to manifest a rather callous disregard for principles of public relations in general. While thus of no real immediate use, a continuing Tichborn analysis would prove valuable should the opportunity present itself to render EMANTHEM/1 public relations advice and aid. We also believe such an analysis would be worthwhile in that it would keep Tichborn himself up to date on the Dominican situation. Should it be decided to offer EMANTHEM/1 direct public relations or political advice, Tichborn, in view of his established rapport with this individual, would be a natural candidate for the job. We would therefore appreciate further Tichborn analysis, if practicable and convenient. Michael C. Choaden."

104-10517-10070: CABLE: ISADORE IRVING DAVIDSON (201-041581)

1972 memo: "Isador Irving Davidson (201-041581), born 19 Jan 21, Pittsburgh, registered Dec 63 as agent for Duvalier government. Has also at various times represented Nicaragua, Ecuador, Israel and Indonesia and reportedly was close friend President Balager of (the Dominican Republic."

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