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Cryptonym: DMPETAL

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Esperanza Semadeni Vernis, Yugoslav informant to the Mexico City Station.
Anne Goodpasture, in her Mexico City Station History, stated that "from 1964, DMPETAL, the Mexican secretary of the Yugoslav Ambassador, was used as an informant by the station."

A cable from Mexico City on November 13, 1963, requested "traces Esperanza Semadeni Vernis, born 26 Oct 29 Mexico, D. F. present address Cerrada Valllarta 7/2. Secretary to ambassador Vlahov of Yugoslav embassy." In addition, a cable the following day requested a POA for her.

A cable on December 20, 1963, stated that a POA had been granted Esperanza Semadeni Vernis. and requested that a cryptonym be assigned to her. This cryptonym was clearly DMPETAL.


October 1963: Gustav Vlahov was the Yugoslav Ambassador to Mexico in 1963.

104-10097-10203: TRACE REQUEST

11/13/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline NYXIS DMLET: REF: MEXI 6880 (IN 60165): "1. Request traces Esperanza Semadeni Vernis, born 26 Oct 29 Mexico, D. F. present address Cerrada Valllarta 7/2. Secretary to ambassador Vlahov of Yugoslav embassy. 2. Only trace is U.S. visa request 1939, granted, latest revalidation good until 13 July 61. Application stated purpose was pleasure trips. Physical description: Brown hair, grey eyes, height 5 feet 6 inches, weight 173 pounds. Address as of 59 was Retorno 49 Lote 24 Manzana K. Colonia Abante, Mexico D. F. As of 59 was secretary at Banco Nacional del Credito Ecidal, Mexico. 3. No index." - - - June 2023 release: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2023/104-10097-10203.pdf

104-10097-10204: TRACE REQUEST

11/14/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline NYXIS DMLET: REF MEXI 6879 (IN 60157): "1. Request priority POA for recruiting SUBJ ref. 2. LIFEAT coverage indicates SUBJ heavily in debt, unable make payments. No indication she has Communist sympathies, apparently job at DMLET installation not based political reliability. 3. Plan approach as PBPRIME (U.S.) businessman interested in interviewing her for part time bilingual secretarial job. If some positive assessment made, plan recruiting attempt offering up to 100 dollars per month for reports on embassy and personnel. 4. Timing this attempt important due current financial status SUBJ. CS Comment: Requested traces on Esperanza Semadeni Vernis." - - - June 2023 release: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2023/104-10097-10204.pdf

104-10101-10047: CABLE: HQS INFO SUBJ REFS.

11/19/63, Cable from Director to Mexico City: Slugline NYXIS DMLET: REFS: MEXI 6879 (IN 60157)* MEXI 6880 (IN 60165) "No HQs info Subj refs who assigned 201-738456. Priority POA requested. Will advise when granted. C/S Comment: *Requested traces on Esperanza Semadeni Vernis."


11/22/63: At 1445 hours on 22 November, the Yugoslav ambassador to Mexico, Gustav Vlahov telephoned and insisted on speaking to Soviet Ambassador to Mexico Bazarov. In a conversation concerning news of President Kennedy's assassination, "Vlahov says, 'I knew that he was wounded even before the Americans.' Both then laughed. Merely by accident."

104-10098-10388: OPS CABLE - DEBRIEFING

12/20/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline NYXIS DMLET: "1. Based telecon 18 Dec to SUBJ ref she met by CO on 19 Dec. During short conversation during which CO stuck to commercial cover, SUBJ claimed she not commie, had spent several years in United States, feared her employ at Yug emb might make getting visa difficult. Also explained how got job at Yug emb, story appears plausible and does not indicate any commie ties. 2. After this info obtained and based added positive feature of SUBJ's concern for PBPRIME (U.S.) visa, CO admitted he actually ODYOKE (U.S. Government) official, wanted her cooperate with him providing info on Yug emb activities and personnel. 3. Before CO had chance mention finances SUBJ indicated complete willingness cooperate. When money offered, SUBJ stated she would work for nothing, but when CO reiterated offer, she accepted. At end of meet she took 1000 pesos and signed receipt in true name. 4. During hour debriefing. SUBJ generally described her duties which include all Spanish correspondence for amb, help in preparing bulletin and setting up appointments for amb and others in amb...9. Next meet set for 23 Dec during which time will obtain full PRQ Part I and commence full debriefing re topics interest. Plan weekly meets and possible turn over to Obold in January if SUBJ appears fully recruited and if op appears viable. 10. PLS assign crypt. Pouching full report. C/S Comment: POA granted Esperanza Semadeni Vernis." - - - June 2023 release: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2023/104-10098-10388.pdf

104-10218-10076: CIA FILE ON LICOOKY-1.

06/03/65, Cable from Mexico City to Beirut (Info: Director): Slugline NYXIS DMLET: "1. LIENVOY 28 reports Miric and family plan depart PCS for Belgrade 10 July. Will fly from Mexico Air France to New York, spend several days there, one day in Washington. Purpose stay United States not clear, but claims have friends New York. 2. According DMPETAL Miric looking forward to return home, particularly because of shooting reported MEXI 3466...(IN 71106). 3. Have instructed LICOOKY try obtain up to date assessment Miric, will advise results. 4. Do addees have any pertinent ops info re Eingeland? *PETAME/1 suggests Miric may be approachable."


11/16/78, Anne Goodpasture Mexico City Station History: Page 147: ...."From 1964, DMPETAL, the Mexican secretary of the Yugoslav Ambassador, was used as an informant by the station..." - - - Page 532: ..."121. Source DMPETAL, File No. 201-738456..."

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