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Cryptonym: DICIRCUIT

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A communications circuit between the CIA's Berlin Operation Base and Czechoslovakia.
Admittedly speculative, but DICIRCUIT may be related to a teletype circuit set up back in 1948 between CIA and the military intelligence agencies. https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP78-04718A000100040010-7.pdf Included is the story of the relationship between Marina and her business manager James Herbert Martin, and how their affair in DC at the time of her Warren Commission testimony led to a wiretap being placed on her phone by the FBI.


11/24/63-Feb. 1964: "In the early morning hours of Nov. 24, 1963, Sheriff Lon Evans of Tarrant County worked with SA James M. Howard (note: aka Mike Howard), getting a tape recorder to record Marina while James Martin provided a room at Six Flags." On 11/29/63, Martin told Marina that her family was welcome to live in his home with his wife and the Secret Service protective detail. The Secret Service stayed with them until Marina traveled to testify to the Warren Commission and stayed at the Willard Hotel in Washington on 2/7/63. On 2/3/63, SA Gopadze reported that Marina told him that she thought Martin was falling in love with her. "She said that Jim Martin had told her that she should buy a small house in Dallas and that perhaps some day they could be married...I have discussed him a number of times with the special agents on the detail and have always received a very favorable impression of him, his wife, and his family, who are said to be a happy and normal American family. In the opinion of the special agents assigned to the detail, it was the type of American family with which Mrs. Marina Oswald should have been favorably impressed." Memo of Secret Service supervisor Thomas Kelley, 2/21/64.


Jan.-Feb. 1964: Katya Ford advised "during January (1964), while Marina residing Martin house, Marina called her on phone several times. On one occasion, Marina said while talking on phone, Martin was throwing kisses to her and Mrs. Ford got the idea Martin was making passes at Marina. When Marina returned from Washington, Martin called Mrs. Ford on phone, Feb. 8 or 9...stating Robert Oswald had taken Marina to his home and Martin was afraid Robert would take Marina's money as he (Robert Oswald) was more interested in money than Marina. Martin also told her that Marina had told Robert about love affair between Robert and Marina. A day or so later, Martin called requesting Mrs. Ford to accompany (Marina's attorney John) Thorne to see Marina at Robert Oswald's house, which she agreed to do. Enroute, Thorne told Mrs. Ford (that) Martin was a heel to have done what he did to Marina. Thorne said Martin wanted ten thousand dollars to allow Marina to cancel contract with him but he, Thorne, had talked Martin down to five thousand dollars. Thorne said this had been hard to do because Martin said he would use what was between him and Marina to ruin her if she did not pay him. Thorne at this time told Mrs. Ford that Martin and Marina had quote gone all the way in Washington unquote which she took to mean that they had sexual intercourse...On about Feb. 12...when she was in Denton, Texas with Thorne, Mrs. Ford was requested by Marina if she, Marina, could stay at the Ford house. Mrs. Ford agreed and Marina (has) stayed at the Ford house since that date." Teletype (urgent) from Dallas to Director, FBI, 2/21/64.


2/21/64 Rankin called the FBI on this date and stated that he had been informed by Marina's new attorney William Mackenzie that "James Martin, the person who had previously represented Marina as her business manager, had a vasectomy operation sometime in the last two or three years. Mr. Rankin indicated that the Commission would be very much interested in knowing if this was true inasmuch as such an operation on the part of Martin could influence the relationship between Martin and Marina Oswald."

FBI 62-109060 JFK HQ File, Section 182

2/24/67: At p. 32 of 187, Hoover writes a memo at 11:53 am stating that in view of "these matters in regard to Mrs. Marina Oswald and James Herbert Martin are developing very rapidly...Mr. Rankin stated he would hate to have her just run out on us, which is always a possibility, down in Dallas, and he was wondering about a stake out on her which would watch her and see who is visiting her for a while... (Rankin) would like me to keep an eye on this thing to see whether it looks at all like this going to bed was possibly with any idea of trying to get rid of Martin and (Marina's lawyer) Thorne. I said this was within the realm of possibility..." "...you have down there in Dallas these 'bleeding hearts' and 'subsisters' like (Dorothy) Kilgallen, who will blow everything up as much as they can." "...Mr. Rankin stated he thought it well to check from a stake out what kind of people are visiting her when she does not know she is under surveillance. I stated we can also consider getting a telephone tap in there because there can't be any trial..." Page 48: Tap installed 2/29/64, microphone installed 3/2/64, coverage removed 3/12/64, partially because they picked up attorney-client communications between McKenzie and Marina. On 2/24/64, pursuant to a request by the Warren Commission, the FBI asked Attorney General RFK to obtain a warrant for technical surveillance - a wiretap on the phone of Marina Oswald while living with Katya Ford and all sites thereafter. It was signed by RFK on 2/25/64.

104-10224-10013: OP FILE ON MRES JAMES H. MARTIN TERM 1967.

June 1964-1967: Mrs. James H. Martin, the subject of this file, was hired in Berlin for a contract position starting in 1964, related to a CIA project with the cryptonym DICIRCUIT, which probably had a connection with Czechoslovakia based on the DI prefix. She was apparently the wife of someone stationed at BOB, was hired in June 1964, the position to last until her husband's tour of duty in Berlin ended, and received her 1099 tax form from BOB under some cover name. The handwritten note (pg. 2 of the file) says "not a typical k wife". Since the hiring is taking place in Berlin, K wife probably mean "contract wife". "Neither spouse can agree to marriage that is simply to provide a benefit to which he/she is not legally entitled, such as to get a green card by paying someone to go through a wedding, when they do not plan to live together, have intimate relations, or acquire property together." That is the probable meaning of a contract wife. Tentative reading of the rest of the note: "Frank explained that the situation and the use of the [woman?] had been previous reviewed and agreed to in the division. She is completely [divorced?] from the station by herself. As a wire intercept, I think you could build a case either way. Removing the case from the everyday contract wife would lead me to lean toward the [??? status] in this instance. R." This document accompanied a handwritten note in the file describing this woman as "not your typical wife" and could "handle herself as a SIGINT intercept." The 1 page extract from the BOB dispatch (pg. 3 of the file) says that she will receive her 1099 tax form from ODIBEX, which is the U.S. Army. The file is labeled TERM 1967, This may mean her employment was ended (terminated) in 1967. Memo entitled: "Engagement of spouse of James Martin as contract agent." Last page created around June 15, 1964 - the title indicates one of the preceding pages was created in 1967.

FBI 62-109060 JFK HQ File, Section 140

6/21/67, confidential FBI source in Tampa reported that Martin and his family were living in Pompano Beach, Florida. Martin told the source that "after meetings with the press, when she was alone with Martin's family, Marina would chastise the stupid Americans. Marina Oswald consumed large amounts of vodka and spoke very fluent English. She constantly claimed she had knowledge of the most important officials of the Soviet Union and when living in Russia she had complete access to all government facilities. She made statements she knew about the assassination before it occurred, that she was part of the Communist Party and could have prevented the assassination if she desired. Mrs. Martin maintained a diary and took down exhaustive notes concerning all such statements and comments concerning Marina Oswald and intended to write a book in the future.


2/27/78: HSCA sent out a request to the Office of Legislative Counsel for CIA to find documents on James H. Martin of the Six Flags Hotel and his wife Mrs. James H. Martin.


7/12/78: The CIA's Office of Personnel told Jacqueline Hess of the HSCA that it found documents on Mrs. James H. Martin, adding that it needed more identifying information on her in order to conduct "a meaningful file search".

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