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Cryptonym: COCHISE

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According to a cable in March of 1966, COCHISE II and III were operations undertaken by AMOTs in November 1961, and January 1962, respectively. They involved the emplacement of cache material in Cuba.
A report by Rocky Farnsworth in November of 1961 mentioned that COCHISE was one of four FI (Foreign Intelligence) operations submitted by the AMOTS; the others were GERONIMO, APACHE and an unnamed one. Operation COCHISE involved teams going to the north coast of Cuba and establishing dispatch and reception points. COCHISE II and III were possibly early operations, or preparatory operations, for Operation MONGOOSE.

Cochise was a famous Chihuicahui Apache, and Native American leader, along with Geronimo and Mangas Coloradas. Cochise died in June of 1874, and was buried in the Cochise Stronghold, Dragoon Mountains, Arizona.

104-10310-10020: FILE: DDCI DOCUMENTS

06/02/61: Memorandum for the record from R. D. Shea: Subject: Interview with Dave Morales, GS-14, Chief of CI Section, Miami Base, 25 May 1961: "1. Morales, who was born in Arizona of Indian and Spanish parents and is bilingual in Spanish and English, former football player, arrived in Miami in October 1960 after spending two years in organizing the Frente, the future intelligence service for the new government of Cuba that the invasion force expected to install. He also organized two other groups. He did this with the help of a Chilean instructor that was supplied by headquarters, and with training materials that WH/4/CI Section, (REDACTION), sent down to him. 2. The principal group were 39 selected, highly educated Cubans, who were trained as case officers to form the future intelligence service. They are known as the 'AMOTS.' After being trained they were employed by Morales in doing a series of highly important tasks for the good of the station...5. After the invasion the Frente leaders endeavored to change the AMOTS into a political organization and remove the chief leaders of the AMOT group. Such a development had been anticipated by the base and prior to that action all files, the most valuable part of the AMOT organization had been microfilmed (see my interviews with Simmons for more details on this protective maneuver). The chief AMOTS who were thus removed by the Cuban leaders are still organized under Morales as a shadow intelligence organization..."


11/04/61: CIA report from Rocky Farnsworth: Page 10: "FI Operations: Four operations were submitted by the AMOTS - COCHISE, APACHE, GERONIMO and one additional without name. First these are all in progress and will be implemented within six weeks. Fourth plan is being studied and can also be implemented within six weeks. COCHISE is operations where teams going in North coast and they are to set up the dispatch and reception points. Hqs. has details for COCHISE, APACHE, and GERONIMO. The pending operation which can go in six weeks is a team of about three people and they will go in 45 miles east of the COCHISE point..."


03/09/66: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline TYPIC AMTRUNK AMLASH MHAPRON: Pages 2-3: ..."4. IDEN D, father IDEN A, arrived U.S. Dec 65 thru Camarioca exodus and subsequently debriefed by Reuben A. Hannula and AMTRUNK team members re his part in 'transfer' of AMLASH cache materials to phantom boat 'from outside.' IDEN D claimed never met 'Bobby', that all dealings with 'Bobby' handled directly by A-16 and that, in addition AMLASH cache, he participated in five similar recovery ops with IDEN A and A-18 during period late 64 thru mid-65. These claims borne out be LCFLUTTER (No. 72678) and further investigation showed that other cache material taken from area include) that emplaced by AMOTs on Operation COCHISE II and III, Nov 61 and Jan 62. IDEN D debriefing indicated all these recovery ops carried out in well-coordinated, professional manner using visual, verbal and danger signals supplied by 'Bobby'..." - - - Page 6: "IDENS: A. Antonio (Diaz) Torres, fisherman, Marti, Matanzas...D. Oscar (Diaz) Jabiela-Garcia, fisherman, Marti, Matanzas."


..."Cochise (/koʊˈtʃiːs/; in Apache: Shi-ka-She or A-da-tli-chi – 'having the quality or strength of an oak'; after the whites called him 'Cochise', the Apache adopted it as K'uu-ch'ish or Cheis 'oak'; c. 1805 – June 8, 1874) was leader of the Chihuicahui local group of the Chokonen ('central' or 'real' Chiricahua) and principal chief (or nantan) of the Chokonen band of the Chiricahua Apache. A key war leader during the Apache Wars, he led an uprising against the U.S. government which began in 1861, and persisted until a peace treaty in 1872. Cochise County, Arizona is named after him. (1)..."

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