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Cryptonym: CIRATAL-1

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Unknown identity. A cable in September of 1962 stated that CIRASH-6 (Orlando Garcia Vasquez) was CIRATAL-1's advisor on Cuban matters.
In addition, CIARK-1 was asked by CIRATAL-1 on October 7, 1965, to look into the activities of Fernandez in Miami, as the latter was said to be "neglecting his job and devoting himself to the life of pleasure."


09/15/62: Cable from Caracas to Director (Castelon Acting): Slugline GYROSE AMSPELL: "1. Following from ODACID officer from conversation with Manuel Brana, member of Consejo Revolucionario recently arrived VENE: A. AMHINT-2 (note: Juan Manuel Salvat Roque) in VENE as result request VENE Govt. Had conversations with Rear Admiral Armando Lopez Conde. AMHINT-2 attempting negotiate use of Orchila Island for training and operations site for AMSPELLS. Lopez assisted similar operations during Larrazabal regime for Fidel in 1958 and personally favors AMHINT-2 proposal, but Lopez needs Betancourt approval. AMHINT-2 asked use other VENE base if Orchila not available. 2. According to CIRAKE-2, AMHINT-2 and three other members (portion GBLD being SVCD) his parent organization spoke at private meeting of 20 to 30 Venezuelans, Cubans and two Americans 13 Sept. Purpose meeting urge Venezuelans form local organization to purchase boats for AMSPELLS. One pledge of ten thousand Bolivares received. 3. CIRASH-6 (note: Orlando Garcia Vasquez) tacitly admitted responsibility AMHINT/2 visit Venezuela (portion GBLD) said AMHINT-2 planned depart VENE 14 Sept on Latin American tour. CS Comment: *No evidence support AMSPELL by Betancourt; however, CIARK-1 believes that AMSPELL visit VENE coordinated by CIRASH-6 who CIRATAL-1 advisor on Cuban matters."


09/27/67: Cable from Director to Caracas, JMWAVE (Orig: E. Tsikerdanos, Unit: WH/3/V): "1. It not necessary for JMWAVE contact AMCLEVE-15 per para 4 ref as there sufficient info our files to aptly illustrate type individual (REDACTION) is and his attitude towards WOFACT. Still wish avoid any possible misunderstanding on part terminated AMCLEVE-15 that WOFACT would subsidize his employment with (REDACTION). 2. Fernandez bad reputation based on following: A. According CIRASH-12 he totally irresponsible as (REDACTION) consul Miami, where he drunk most of the time, will acquire further details from CIRASH-12. B. CIRASH-7 reported 2 Dec 65 (CARACAS 3159) that Fernandez in trouble with (REDACTION) because of conduct Miami area and that he six months in arrears of financial accounting. C. On 7 Oct 65 CIARK-1 asked by CIRATAL-1 to look into activities of Fernandez in Miami: That he neglecting his job and devoting himself to life of pleasure (HVCA-12834. 15 Oct 65)."

Gavin McDonald

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