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Cryptonym: CIRAKE-6

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Hermenegildo Restiouto Moriyon Triano. According to a cable in late September of 1960, Moriyon was a former Cuban senator from Organizacion Authentica, and was then currently living in Venezuela.
The cable also mentioned that Moriyon planned to visit Miami with CIRAKE-3 (probably Salvador Romani) within ten days to visit AMHAWK (Manuel Antonio -Tony- de Varona) and Tomas Perez Yanez, military commander of FRD, to discuss opening front in Pinar del Rio area soonest. In addition, the cable stated that Moriyon was a "token supporter" of CIRAKE-3 and AMHAWK.

A cable on October 8, 1960 stated that (REDACTION)RAKE-3 and (REDACTION)RAKE-6 intended to travel to Miami and New York in seven to ten days. They planned to discuss Venezuela operations. The redactions were probably CIRAKE-3 and 6. Therefore, CIRAKE-6 was probably Moriyon.

A cable on December 15, 1960, stated that CIRAKES-3, 5, 6, and approximately twenty other Cubans had broken away from Tony Varona and formed a new organization called Accion Revolucionaria Constitucional (ARC) which was not affiliated to the FRD.


09/30/60, Cable from Caracas to Director: Slugline RYBAT JMNET: "1. Through mutual unwitting friend Station contacted 29 September by Daniel Martinez Abreu, Cuban resident Venezuela 22 years, and Hermenegildo Restiouto Moriyon Triano, former Cuban senator from Organizacion Authentica and now living Venezuela. Moriyon said he going Miami with CIRAKE-3 (probably Salvador Romani) within 10 days to see AMHAWK (Tony Varona) and Tomas Perez Yanez, military commander of FRD to discuss opening front in Pinar del Rio area soonest. Moriyon says has 80 Cubans, ship and crew in Venezuela ready take him to Pinar del Rio. Apparently still lacks sufficient arms. Anxious begin operations support Escambray group. Moriyon token supporter CIRAKE-3 and AMHAWK but claims he prepared go it alone if finds lack unity and willingness to act among Cuban exiles Miami as he now suspects. He said AMHAWK may return to Venezuela to try persuade Betancourt allow Cuban exiles here greater freedom action preparing for overthrow Castro. 2. Moriyon may need visa assistance if HQs approves travel. 3. Request HQs comments and guidance."

104-10167-10345: WITHHELD

10/08/60: Cable from Withheld to Director: "1. (REDACTION)RAKE-3 (probably Salvador Romani) and (REDACTION)RAKE-6 desire travel Miami New York 7 to 10 days. 2. Plan discuss VEN ops with AMHAWK (Tony Varona) and AMCIGAR (Frente Revolucionario Democratico - FRD - Executive Committee). 3. (REDACTION)RAKE-3 attempting coordinate activities local Cubans and wants guidance AMCIGAR. 4. Station believes trip justified, local Cubans would be more effective if actions coordinated. 5. Advise soonest if funds available for trip. C/S Comment: *Dissemination applicable to JMNET (probably routing indicator for the Latin American Division. It may refer to Miami) cables."


12/15/60 cable from Caracas to Director: "Due to appointment of Estevez as FRD coordinator Caracas, CIRAKE-3 (probably Salvador Romani) quit supporting AMDIP (Tony Varona) and launched campaign against him. CIRAKE-3 did not attack Estevez nor FRD and when told desist he complied. Situation was difficult but station control over CIRAKE-3 increased due Estevez appointment and his activities since have been productive. However, CIRAKES-3, 5, 6 and approx 20 other Cubans formed new organization Accion Revolucionaria Constitucional (ARC) which not affiliated FRD. Group effective mainly because of excess important newspapers La Esfera and Ultimas Noticias. CIRAKE-4 and CIRAKE-7 joined Estevez and broke with CIRAKE-3. CIRAKE-3 and CIRAKE-5 have published station sponsored JMZIP (Latin American Division routing indicator) themes and their cooperation provides station with influential media outlets. Their activities believed not duplicated by Estevez. AMDIP apparently concerned (of) activities (of) CIRAKE-3 and wrote letter (to) his employer, Capriles, urging dismissal. Capriles showed letter (to) CIRAKE-3 but does not desire dismiss or become involved (in) this problem..."


Page 72: ..."ARC: Accion Revolucionaria Constitucional (Constitutional Revolutionary Action): Exile organization in Venezuela which was selling bonds in early 1962 to procure funds to support 'Operation Truth,' a plan for maritime raids on Cuban coast. Personalities: Salvador Romani, Pive Aguilera..."

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