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Cryptonym: CIMOTIF-1

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A member of the JURE Cuban exile group that fled Panama and traveled with Manolo (Manuel) Ray.
A cable in March of 1968 stated that CIMOTIF-1 was formerly AMGIRAFFE.

104-10179-10146a: Memo to Director from Caracas 2/20/64

The document states CIMOTIF-1 fled Panama due to "...threats by Castro-Communists in Panama and also for JURE business purposes. Subject and Manolo Ray flying to Puerto Rico...and then onto Miami and Costa Rica" and the document refers to concerns that "Roberto" is a possible Cuban penetration agent. This may refer to Roberto Lopez Morrero who formerly served the Cuban Rebel Army and was considered a dubious character by some Cuban Exile leaders. https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/104-10179-10146a.pdf

104-10216-10201: DEBRIEFING OF CIMOFIF-6

09/22/64: Dispatch from COS, Caracas to Chief, WHD: "1. "Forwarded under separate cover is the debriefing of CIMOTIF-6 conducted by CIMOTIF-1 on the points suggested by Headquarters in the Reference. CIMOTIF-6 was extremely reluctant to give any information on his relatives still remaining in PBRUMEN (Cuba) on the grounds that he did not know the purposes for which this information would be used. 2. CIMOTIF-6 was terminated on 31 August 1964. An Agent Service Record for CIMOTIF-6 will be forwarded in the near future. (Signature: Nelson E. Unintelligible) William O. Phyfe."

104-10229-10000: CRC FINANCE.

03/20/67: CIA document: Subject: Review of Certain Hero and Martyr Case Files: Page 3: "20) Teresa Suarez (Case #111) $100.00. Widow of Jesus Carreras. No memorandum - only letters."


10/02/67: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: TYPIC/AMBUD/Operational/Hero & Martyr Documentation: "1. Teresa Suarez Tous, widow of Jesus Carreras (AMBUD Dependency Case #111), has advised that she does not have a copy of her marriage certificate and is reluctant to request it from Cuba because she fears reprisals against anyone attempting to obtain documents pertaining to her late husband who was executed by the Cuban Government in 1961 for having plotted against the Castro regime. 2. In lieu of the marriage certificate, the widow has provided a notarized affidavit (copy attached herewith) attesting to her marriage to Jesus Carreras on 30 January 1960 in Havana, Cuba. In addition, the daughter's birth certificate which was forwarded under Reference B lists Teresa Suarez Tous and Jesus Carreras as parents."


03/01/68: Cable: Slugline CIMOTIF TYPIC: "1. In recent 15 to 20 Feb personal trip to JMWAVE area, CIMOTIF-1 met Teresa Suarez who old friend and widow of IDEN A (Note: Jesus Carreras). According Suarez IDEN A executed in PBRUMEN (Cuba) around Aug 61 while on op for WOFIRM. As a result she and seven-year-old daughter now receiving 100-dollar-monthly pension from IDEN B which she states not according to terms of agreement worked out by IDEN A and WOFIRM representative in early 1960. Suarez states amount be 300 dollars monthly. 2. Although CIMOTIF-1 does not know whether IDEN A ever worked for WOFIRM or what terms of agreement were if IDEN A did, he still genuinely concerned about subsistence of Suarez and daughter on 100-dollar-monthly pension. CIMOTIF-1 feels responsibility to them because he states he recommended IDEN A to WOFIRM officer in early 1960. 3. CIMOTIF-1 in process of writing detailed report on what he remembers about case. He does remember IDEN A joined forces with IDEN C in order to accomplish op. Station will pouch when received. Meanwhile would appreciate HQs and JMWAVE check into case. Station would like alleviate CIMOTIF-1 concern this case ASAP since he one of station key assets. 4. JMWAVE: CIMOTIF-1 was formerly AMGIRAFFE." On page 42, IDEN A, B, and C are all redacted.


03/27/68: Cable: Slugline TYPIC AMBUD: REF: HVCA-15247: "Pls advise status of ref case. Station query based on fact CIMOTIF-1 not willing accept March salary since he prefers it go to subject of ref. Should HQs foresee investigation of ref case will take long time, station would appreciate HQs comments re implementation of suggestion posed by CIMOTIF-1 in para 3 ref."


This cable offers that CIMOTIF-1's case officer was currently absent on emergency leave and that questions about CIMOTIF-1 and his wife and both having the same female ancestral name should be withheld until the case officer's return.

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