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Cryptonym: CIFENCE-5

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Unknown identity. A dispatch in November of 1969 stated that CIFENCE-5 was formerly CIVISTA-8, and that CIFENCE-5's 201 number was 201-287019.
CIFENCE-5's 201 number appeared in at least two other documents. The undated June Cobb Biographic Data document contained 201-287019. As did a cable in January, 1969, which mentioned AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) and Henry Pachankis (possibly Jack Stewart). AMMUG-1's 201 number of 201-749651 was also mentioned in this cable. Therefore, the 201 number of CIFENCE-5's, 201-287019, may have been linked to Henry Pachankis or Vladimir Lahera.

104-10174-10132: BIOGRAPHIC DATA: COBB, JUNE

Undated: CIA document: Page 2: ..."3. JMWAVE traces: a. COBB, June: Soviet officials informed the Cubans that Subject who acted as an interpreter for Fidel Castro was an FBI agent (201-287019, HVCA-08569; 01 Sept 61)..."

104-10183-10355: CIA FILE ON AMMUG-1

01/31/69: Cable from WH/Miami to Director: REF DIRECTOR 69780: "1. Contact with AMMUG-1 was reestablished 31 January by Pachankis for WH/Miami which had never picked up contact from JMWAVE. Pachankis has meeting with AMMUG-1 scheduled for night 3 February to service ref request. 2. File 201-287019 X ref 201-749651."

104-10178-10000: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

11/26/69: Dispatch from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to COS, Caracas: Subject: CIFLUTE: "1. CIVISTA-5's organization (IDENTITY) has been encrypted CIFENCE, and cryptonyms of the following personnel have been changed to reflect their membership in the CIFENCE organization. 2. 201-740849 (formerly CIVISTA-5) - CIFENCE-1. 201-857163 (formerly CIVISTA-9) - CIFENCE-2. 201-733827 (formerly CIVISTA-7) - CIFENCE-3. 201-300985 (formerly AMCLEVE-15) - CIFENCE-4. 201-287019 (formerly CIVISTA-8) - CIFENCE-5. 201-801643 (formerly CIVISTA-10) - CIFENCE-6."

Gavin McDonald

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