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Cryptonym: CART

The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that CART was the cable indicator for counterespionage investigation reports.


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 20: ..."Term: CART. Definition: Cable Indicator for counterespionage investigation reports..."


12/11/58: Cable from Frankfurt to Director: Slugline KAPOK CART CADAISY CAVATA ZRPERUSAL: "1. CADAISY: Reported 6 Dec that CAVATA (LfV, which were the Field Offices of the BfV - Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Internal Security Service) officer Watschoumen intends leave CAVATA for MAD source Hamburg LFV officer (Unintelligible). This confirmed in conversation 29 Nov with CAVATA officer Eschweiler 2 Dec with CAVATA officer Kraube who both only knew Watschoumen intended leaving. 2. Also reported Wenger Michel friction has led to (unintelligible) break relations. Also Wenger leaving CAVATA for unknown job confirming rumor cited para 4, EGNA-16142. Wenger replacement probably Pietsch. Source Stabenow. 3. Further reported Koch intention join MAD confirming comment para 4 EGNA-16142. Koch has close contact with MAD Lt. Col. Roepke. Source Eschweiler."


8/7/60 memo, slugline - two newspapers cover Vladimir Sloboda's defection. According Lt. Col. McCord, Chief 513 Berlin, subject employed as interrogator overt collection division West Germany..." After suggestion Sloboda's access was "limited", some wag wrote "sure, sure!"


09/03/60: Cable from Frankfurt to Director: Slugline CART PBRAMPART CABEZONE: REF DIR 48082 (OUT 64181)*: "1. Unable thus far find any evidence (Vladimir) Sloboda had any contact KUBARKers (CIA). 2. Capt Jack Manning ODIBEX (U.S. Army) rep SES informed Lyack 2 September he knew Sloboda well as member his section 525 MI Group Fort Meade in 1958. Says S. had access then to considerable personality info ODIBEX intel. S. visited Manning SES offices late last winter to borrow fifty dollars which later repaid. Visit lasted 20 minutes during which safes locked and no classified material exposed. Manning says S. knows generally purpose of CABEZONE (note: Camp King, a Defector Reception Center - DRC - in Frankfurt, Germany) and SES out not Manning's functions. According CABEZONE records this only visit S. to CABEZONE. 3. No KUBARKers in CABEZONE had dealings any nature with S. One KUBARKer thought he had heard member ODIBEX detachment CABEZONE say just after defection that S. had occasionally assisted them in some way but unable now identify speaker or otherwise verify this statement. Assume such impression could have been gained from S. visit to Manning para 2 above. 4. Alias Loring says he known to S. in capacity of UPHILL (West German Foreign Intelligence Service - BND) liaison Camp King but not as UPHILL liaison CABEZONE. 5. MKTOPAZ (CIA Technical Services Division) liaison to Camp King had no dealings with S. 6. Will report any additional items but tentatively conclude S. had no intimate knowledge KUBARK. 7. Request identity army type and full report all his statements to assist investigation here. C/S Comment: *HQs requested estimate SUBJ's knowledge KUBARK activities and personnel."


08/17/64: Dispatch from Chief, EE to Certain Chiefs of Stations and Bases: Subject: CART/CARAVEL Itinerary for South America Trip: "1. Bonn Element, Frankfurt: The area desks concerned have no requirements for CARAVEL (former Abwehr and SS officer, Paul Dickopf). 2. CARAVEL (Identity) is completing his travel arrangements for his trip through South America during which he will confer with senior police officials. The following itinerary is tentative and for information only. Frankfurt, Germany - Depart: 16 September. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 1 day. Brazilia, Brazil: 1 day. Sao Paulo, Brazil: 1 day. Buenos Aires, Argentina: 2 days. Santiago, Chile: 3 days. Asuncion, Paraguay: 1/2 day (To confer with the German Ambassador regarding the case of Dr. Josef Mengele). Lima, Peru: 2 days. Ecuador: 1 day. Bogota, Columbia: 1 day. Caracas, Venezuela: 12 days (Annual INTERPOL meeting). Panama: Unknown. Mexico City, Mexico: 3 or 4 days . Return to Germany via San Francisco and Montreal. 3. Will attempt levy any addressee requirements cabled Frankfurt prior to 16 September. (REDACTION)." - - - Page 4: "IDENTITY: Identity is Herr Paul Dickopf, Deputy Chief of the West German Criminal Police (Bundeskriminalant)."

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