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Cryptonym: CARAVEL

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CARAVEL was a cryptonym for the former Abwehr and SS officer, Paul Dickopf.
A CIA Contact Report in November of 1961 stated that CARAVEL was interested in Africa and the Congo. In addition, a cable in March, 1963, mentioned CARAVEL in relation to obtaining information on whether WIROGUE (David Tzitzichvili) was listed on INTERPOL. Moreover, a dispatch on CARAVEL's South American trip in 1964 mentioned that CARAVEL (Identity) was planning to confer with the German Ambassador in Asuncion, Paraguay, over the case of the notorious Nazi, Dr. Joseph Mengele. This dispatch later confirmed that identity of CARAVEL was Paul Dickopf. Furthermore, a memo in August of 1968 stated that Paul Dickopf was president of the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), and "a unilateral agent of this Agency (CIA)." A memo in 1971 mentioned that Dickopf spoke with pride on his meeting(s) with President Kennedy, and his alleged good relationships with Secret Service Director, James Rowley, and Gene Rossides. Dickopf also mentioned his alleged anti-Nazi record. According to Wikipedia, Dickopf was president of INTERPOL from 1968 to 1972. His ties with INTERPOL appear to have been extensive. Dickopf died on September 19, 1973.


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 19: ..."Term: CARAVEL. Definition: Cryptonym for Paul Dickopf..." - - - Page 20: ..."Term: CART. Definition: Cable Indicator for counterespionage investigation reports..."


"Paul (Paulinus) Dickopf (June 9, 1910 – September 19, 1973) was a member of the NSDAP and SS in the Security Service (SD) and a secret agent in Switzerland, who became a member of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). Between 1965 and 1971, he was the 4th president of the BKA and a paid 'unilateral agent' of the CIA. Career Under the National Socialist government of Adolf Hitler, he was a member of the Sturmabteilung and the Schutzstaffel. Dickopf, before and during World War II had been an active officer in the Schutzstaffel (SS) with SS number 337259. Dickopf's SS personnel file reveals that he became a member in 1935 of the National Socialist German Students' League (Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund; abbreviated NSDStB) having the same status and membership requirements of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP). After voluntary army service (1934-1935) he began his police career in 1937 at the Kriminal-Polizei ('Kripo'- Criminal Police) as a criminal commissar candidate serving the last three months in the Sicherheitsdienst des Reichsführers-SS. In 1938 he volunteered for the Führerschule (leadership school) of 'Sipo' (Sicherheits-Polizei - Security Police). Fifteen SS officers of the rank of lieutenant upwards sponsored him. Dickopf was recommended for officer rank by the commandant of the SD school and graduated as an SS Untersturmführer (Lieutenant) became a criminal commissar and member of the SD. Dickopf later enrolled in the general SS in 1939, however, any record of his war activities are obscure since his SS file for that period is incomplete." (CONTINUED BELOW)


"Dickopf was elected as the president of Interpol in 1968. While his former National Socialist connections were known, he maintained his post until 1972. [1] Throughout his tenure as president of Interpol he was regarded as a conscientious and diligent professional, always stressing the organization's political neutrality. He was praised for his work by Hans-Dietrich Genscher as a 'role model for the German police'. Dickopf died from a brief but fatal illness on September 19, 1973 in Bonn, Germany. On June 25, 2012, the 'Paul-Dickopf-Straße', a street in Meckenheim, seat of the BKA, bearing Dickopf's name as a remembrance for his presidency of the BKA, was renamed 'Gerhard-Boeden-Straße' as a symbolic act following the revelations about Dickopf's masterminding the recruiting of former NSDAP officials into the BKA. [2] Infiltration of the BKA by former NSDAP officials: After his death it was revealed that Dickopf had made the Federal Criminal Police a safe haven for former National Socialist and SS officials, a large number of them war criminals. Under his leadership some concepts of National Socialism were still upheld and practised, for example in the way members of Sinti and Roma were treated. [3][4]. Secret Cooperation with the CIA: According to documents in the National Archives in Washington, which were released in 2007, the CIA made payments to Dickopf from 1965 to 1971, while he was president of the BKA. He is categorized in the files as a 'unilateral agent'. [5] One note about Dickopf by the then head of the CIA says: 'Our relationship with Mr Dickopf is mainly of a secret nature, the official contacts being used as a cover up for meetings'. [6] Dickopf passed on to the CIA information on leading officials as well as on internal affairs of the BKA and other authorities."


03/16/50: CIA document: "CARAVEL - 39-year-old Federal criminal police official, has been an agent of our organization since the middle of World War II, when he fled Germany and went to Switzerland. In all aspects of his present work in the police, he reports to us fully and completely, and his motivation is apparently one of complete identification with the U.S. cause and far-reaching loyalty to our agency and its personnel...He has reported to us on high-level developments leading to the formation of a Federal Criminal Police and Verfassungsschultz, and he is about to be appointed to a high criminal police position, which will put him in charge of liaison with foreign service and Lander offices, of press maters, and most important, of personnel and organizational planning...He himself is a thoroughgoing democrat of capitalistic persuasion...CARAVEL knows he works for the successor to OSS, knows (REDACTION) and (REDACTION) by their real names and knows their houses: he also knows most of Allen Dulles' old staff...CARAVEL has revealed that he has highly-placed American contacts without going into details on the subject...(REDACTION) is the case officer."


07/27/59: Document Transfer and Cross Reference: Subject of document: Status of CARAVEL Operation: ..."4. Before discussing improvements, let the outgoing case officer state his views of CARAVEL's worth: a. CARAVEL is a loyal agent of KUBARK (CIA), utterly witting of the responsibilities and commitments such a status involves. b. CARAVEL has the potential, albeit technically difficult to exploit, of providing valuable intelligence on many matters of concern to KUBARK. He is an international figure with excellent connections in the secret services of Europe, Africa, the Near East and the Far East. c. CARAVEL is a man of unusual native intelligence, vast general information, and extraordinary insight into human nature, highly respected by his associates for these qualities as well as for his unsurpassed mastery of practical and theoretical criminology...f. In the event of war CARAVEL would be invaluable in the planning and mounting of operations within Europe or into Europe from an internal base. g. The CARAVEL operation is worth the investment of more time, not less, than it has been given by KUBARK in the past..."


11/23/61: CARAVEL Contact Report: "I saw CARAVEL in his office for one hour and discussed the following...e. CARAVEL appears genuinely interested in Africa and the Congo, and this gave us the chance to bring up indirectly the subject of candidates for training and building up African police and intelligence organizations. CARAVEL, somewhat surprisingly said he had given much thought to the matter and saw no useful pool of candidates. (a draft dispatch in connection with DIR 27419 of 1 December 1961 has been prepared)..."

104-10182-10069: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

03/19/63: Cable: Slugline HARVARD LCIMPROVE WIROGUE: "Suggest most discreet way obtain info required is query to CARAVEL. C/S Comment: *Stated for resettlement purposes it important HARVARD know whether WIROGUE listed INTERPOL."

104-10182-10069: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

04/23/63: Dispatch from COS, Germany to COS, Geneva; Chief, WE; Chief, AD; Chief, WH: Subject: WIROGUE/Resettlement: Page 2: ..."7. HARVARD has been able to establish that subject is not on record with INTERPOL except possibly in France and hopes to have this checked out through CARAVEL within the next month..."


08/17/64: Dispatch from Chief, EE to Certain Chiefs of Stations and Bases: Subject: CART/CARAVEL Itinerary for South America Trip: "1. Bonn Element, Frankfurt: The area desks concerned have no requirements for CARAVEL. 2. CARAVEL (Identity) is completing his travel arrangements for his trip through South America during which he will confer with senior police officials. The following itinerary is tentative and for information only. Frankfurt, Germany - Depart: 16 September. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 1 day. Brazilia, Brazil: 1 day. Sao Paulo, Brazil: 1 day. Buenos Aires, Argentina: 2 days. Santiago, Chile: 3 days. Asuncion, Paraguay: 1/2 day (To confer with the German Ambassador regarding the case of Dr. Josef Mengele). Lima, Peru: 2 days. Ecuador: 1 day. Bogota, Columbia: 1 day. Caracas, Venezuela: 12 days (Annual INTERPOL meeting). Panama: Unknown. Mexico City, Mexico: 3 or 4 days . Return to Germany via San Francisco and Montreal. 3. Will attempt levy any addressee requirements cabled Frankfurt prior to 16 September. (REDACTION)." - - - Page 4: "IDENTITY: Identity is Herr Paul Dickopf, Deputy Chief of the West German Criminal Police (Bundeskriminalant)."


08/15/67: Request for Green List Name Check: "1. Subject: Paul Dickopf. 3. Date and Place of Birth: 9 June 1910 Muschenbach, Germany...5. Present Activity and Location: Chief, West German Criminal Office, Wiesbaden. W. German rep to INTERPOL. 6. Occupational Specialities, Education: law, police work. 7. Past Activities including Military Service: Obtained law degree: Frankfurt/Main. 1928-36. Enlisted in German army: 1933-34. Attended Police Institute: Berlin: 1937-39. Criminal Kommissar: Frankfurt and Karlsruhe: 1939-42. With the Abwehr: Stuttgart: 1942. Left Germany for work abroad: 1942-45. Returned to police work, denazified in 1948: Wiesbaden: 1945..."


08/31/68: Memorandum from Withheld, Chief, European Division to Deputy Director for Plans (Via: Chief, CI Staff, Chief, FI Staff): Subject: Visit of the President of the West German Federal Criminal Police (BKA): "1. This memorandum contains a recommendation in paragraph 5 requiring approval by the Deputy Director for Plans. 2. Mr. Paul Dickopf, President of the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), a unilateral agent of this Agency, will travel to the United States in September 1968 enroute to regional INTERPOL conferences to be held in Santiago and Lima. Mr. Dickopf will be in Washington from 10 to 12 September for meetings with representatives of the FBI. He will be available for meetings with representatives of this Agency on 11 September to discuss matters of mutual interest. He has indicated a particular interest in records management and automation and BKA support for underdeveloped countries. 3. Our basic relationship with Mr. Dickopf is clandestine, but official liaison is used as cover for meetings with him. We propose to meet with him in the European Division safehouse on 11 September. Representatives of RID/TR, the DDP/Systems Group, and the German Branch staff officers who are known to Mr. Dickopf will participate in these briefings. 4. Expenses connected with this visit will not exceed $75, including luncheon and dinner either at a downtown restaurant or at a staff officer's home. 5. It is requested that the DDP approve the visit of Mr. Dickopf. 6. Attached is a biographic sketch of Mr. Dickopf."


10/20/71: Memorandum of Conversation from Withheld: Participants: Paul Dickopf (President, INTERPOL), (REDACTION): Pages 3-4: ..."6. PERSONAL: a. Dickopf indicates that he is very much at home in the US where he has visited many times and where he has family (Chicago, and Arkansas). He spoke with pride of having talked with President Kennedy, of having a good relationship with James Rowley and Gene Rossides...d. He mentions his anti-Nazi record and indicates that it is well known. He boasted of having walked from Holland to Switzerland after he had fled Germany. As a part of his responsibilities as head of the BKA he had kept an eye on all the remaining famous Nazis and their families after the war. For him, at least professionally, Borman is dead. He thinks that the Speer book is an accurate reflection of what happened under Hitler and that there are relatively few inaccuracies in the book..."

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