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Cryptonym: CAINFER

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The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that CAINFER-1 was the cryptonym for Werner Goettsch.
An undated CIA document described CAINFER-1 as "a former high-ranking SS officer who offered his services as a penetration agent of the National Democratic Party (NPD)." Page 3 of this document stated that CAINFER was an officer in the SS intelligence service from 1933 to 1945, and "worked on political subversion and later on black propaganda": https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/GOETTSCH%2C%20WERNER_0058.pdf


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 18: ..."Term: CAINFER-1. Definition: Cryptonym for Werner Goettsch..."


09/21/67: Dispatch from Chief of Base, Hamburg to Chief, EUR (Info: COS, Germany): Subject: Operational/CALL CAINFER-1: Page 2 discussed the Venlo affair. Page 4 discussed contact with Identity 6 (Otto Skorzeny) in 1966. Pages 5-6 discussed the plot against Hitler in 1944. CAINFER stated he became completely disillusioned with the Nazi regime, but apparently considered the coup attempt against Hitler as an act of treason against Germany. Page 16 has the identities of those mentioned in this dispatch. Curiously, there is a redaction after Identity 6/Otto Skorzeny's name.


11/09/67: Memorandum from Withheld, E/G/INT to CI/OA: Subject: CAINFER-1: "As you requested I have briefly summarized below some of the events and personalities in connection with the background of CAINFER-1. 1. The Gleiwitz affair of 1939: This was the German planned attack by 'Polish' troops on the Gleiwitz Radio Station which was to be used as the excuse for the German attack on Poland 1 September 1939. 2. The Free Austria Movement: This movement was founded in Vienna, Austria in the winter of 1941 to wage a 'people's' resistance war for a free, independent and democratic Austria. (Anti-Hitler, anti-Prussian). 3. The Schellenberg Group: Walter Schellenberg was the man who became the head of Hitler's Foreign Intelligence Service. He formed a faction within the SS which played an active role in formulating Nazi policy toward the Western allies. 4. Alfred Naujocks: SS Sturmbannfuehrer who was involved in the Venlo affair and was connected with the Austrian underground movement. He died in early 1966. (No post WII traces). 5. Wilhelm Wanneck: SS Lt. Col. who was head of AMT. VI, RSHA (Foreign Intelligence), and was chief assistant to Kaltenbrunner (Chief, RSHA). One trace, MAVA-4460, dated 5 January 1950, indicates that Wanneck was a contact of Willie Hoettle, (REDACTION). Hoettle is branded a notorious intelligence swindler and possible RIS agent)."


05/06/68: Dispatch from Chief, EUR to Chief of Base, Hamburg (Info: COS, Germany): Subject: CALL/CAINFER POA Granted for CAINFER-1: "1. After a considerable time lapse we have finally obtained a POA for CAINFER-1 from WOMUSE (CIA Counterintelligence Center). The authorization is restricted to approval for further contact, assessment and SGSWIRL only. No operational use is authorized. 2. WOMUSE requests that the SGSWIRL cover the major areas concerning CAINFER-1 such as his background, his relationship with Otto Skorzeny, his involvement in the Venlo affair, his intelligence background and associates, his involvement with the NPD, and his present status of court actions. 3. We would appreciate receiving a status report on your contact with CAINFER-1. (REDACTION)."


11/14/68: Dispatch from Chief, Regional WOBONE Staff, Frankfurt to Chief, WOBONE (Info: Chief, European Division; COS, Germany; Chief of Base, Hamburg): Subject: FJDUST SGSWIRL Interrogation - CAINFER (IDEN A): Page 2 discussed the Venlo affair. Page 4: "IDENTITY SHEET: IDEN A: Werner Theodor Goettsch. DPOB: 23 October 1912, Kiel, Germany. IDEN B: Captain Klop. IDEN C: Mr. Skorzeny."


Undated: FI OPERATIONS STATUS REPORT: Station/Base: Hamburg. Agent's Crypt: CAINFER-1. Period Covered: 1 January 1969 to 31 March 1969. Date of POA/OA: 6 May 1968..."BACKGROUND AND ACCESS OF AGENT: Subject is a former high-ranking SS officer who offered his services as a penetration agent of the National Democratic Party (NPD). His background during the Nazi period makes him attractive to the NPD. He has good connections in the local NPD organization of his city, and it is hoped that, eventually, he will have access to the party's national leadership. TYPE OF AGENT COMMUNICATIONS: The agent has a Hamburg Base operational telephone number through which he can reach the case officer. The case officer can call Subject at his office. No other means of communications exist or are necessary. TARGETING...Subject will be targets against the national leadership of the NPD. OPERATIONAL DEVELOPMENTS: (include security aspects and training) Subject was met in January, February and March 1969. He has become an active member of the NPD, regularly attends meetings and reports on these meetings to us. His daughter also has joined the party and belongs to the party's youth group. Subject has been instructed to develop his contact with two of the party's local district leaders, and to concentrate on collecting information on the national leadership, on NPD campaign plans for the 1969 parliamentary elections, on NPD contacts abroad, and on sources of NPD finances..."


09/22/69: Intelligence Information Report from West Germany: Subject: Miscellaneous Information on the National Democratic Party: "1. According to a ranking official of the Kiel district of the National Democratic Party (NPD), Karl-Heinz Knipphals, the chairman of the Kiel district of the NPD, and Adolf von Thadden, the national chairman of the NPD, are personal enemies. (Source Comment: In January 1969 Knipphals was elected to be his party's district's candidate for the West German parliament. Knipphals, a Kiel lawyer, is in his early 50's. He was severely wounded during World War II and has only one arm)..." CAINFER is mentioned in the grid at the bottom of the page.


11/03/69: Dispatch from Chief, European Division to Chief of Base, Withheld: Subject: CALL Daughter of CAINFER: "Headquarters is interested in the development of a good long-range penetration asset in the NPD. Our files reflect little information concerning CAINFER's daughter and it would appear unlikely that this young woman could become a worthwhile penetration of the NPD. If, however, your assessment of her potential leads you to think otherwise, please inform Headquarters. (REDACTION)."

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