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Cryptonym: CABBAGE-1

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Unknown identity. A memo in May, 1961, stated that CABBAGE-1 was arrested on March 18, 1961 in Cuba, and was a contact of Bobby Geddes.
CABBAGE-1 was a CIA contact inside Cuba, and was a member of the Unidad Revolucionaria (UR). The memo also mentioned that CABBAGE-4, who was a Cuban in Miami, put Geddes in contact with a Miami CIA case officer on March 12, 1961.

A memo in June, 1961, stated that Ralph Diaz Hanscom (AMGLAD/1) was arrested on March 18, 1961, along with Humberto Sori Marin, Rogelio Gonzalez Corozo (AMRUNG-1), (FNU) Fernandez of MRR, and Manuel Puig.

Joan Mellen, The Great Game in Cuba: How the CIA Sabotaged its Own Plot to Unseat Fidel Castro (Skyhorse, )

"CIA brought Geddes out of Cuba to Florida where he conferred with Alberto. Geddes collected the money. Then he returned to Cuba. For safekeeping, he deposited the $300,000 in the safe of the Hotel Capri. The treasonous radio operator (Pedro Sergio) Cuellar Alonso (note: aka Sergio Alonso, who turned in members of Unidad) was not yet done. He remained close enough to Unidad to learn about the plan to spring Sorí from the hospital. Then he slipped away, headed for a telephone, and turned Geddes in. Two days after he returned from Florida, Geddes was arrested and tossed into La Cabaña prison. The semi-gangster owner of the Hotel Capri immediately helped himself to the $300,000. "Executed on 4/20/60 after their 3/19/61 capture was Humberto Sorí Marín, as well as Rafael Díaz Hanscomb/AMGLAD-1, Manuel Puig Miyar, and Rogelio González Corso/AMRUNG-1, also known as 'Francisco,' chief of the MRR. (Alberto Fernandez/AMDENIM-1 told author Joan Mellen) that the execution of Sorí represented 'the collapse of everything,' all real hope of regaining Cuba." The self-defeating invasion at Cochinos had not been about overthrowing Castro. That had not been CIA’s agenda. Rather, the elaborate, expensive charade had been an exercise in CIA’s flexing its muscles, justifying its bloated budget and embarrassing an unreliable president with whom the Agency was at war. Alternatively, the Agency had sought to blackmail Kennedy into authorizing a full invasion of Cuba, absolving CIA of responsibility. That a successful invasion at the right time and place might have inspired a popular uprising, one that the Agency would not be able to control, was itself motive enough for CIA to sabotage the effort. (Mellen's book is based on interviews with AMDENIM-1 and others, as well as CIA documents, see her book and documents such as 104-10166-10226, pp. 7-8. (on Robert Geddes, Sori, and more.)


03/22/61: Cable from WAVE to BELL: REF WAVE 4690 (IN 4323)*: "1. Robert Geddes returned WAVE area 21 March reports meeting held night 18 March to finalize working agreement between MRR and Unidad Revolucionaria surprised by G-2 agents. AMGLAD/1 (Ralph Diaz Hanscom) and AMRUNG/1 (Rogelio Gonzalez y Corso) taken prisoner together with one Fernandez and several other persons unknown to Geddes. Sori Marin ran but was shot in hip about two blocks away. Prisoners being held DIFAR Headquarters with (unintelligible) publicity. Doctor operating on Sori Marin was family friend who informed one Ramon in whose household Sori Marin's wife staying. Ramon informed Geddes and other members underground groups. 2. Geddes says many members MRR arrested but no other key members Unidad Revolucionaria arrested so far. AMGLAD/1 had trained substitute known as Jorge. Geddes (unintelligible) divulge Jorge's true name but said he completely non-political and unknown to G-2. Said might be possible Jorge came to WAVE area legally to pick up thread. (Unintelligible) Unidad Revolucionaria military affairs not in as good shape since Sori Marin and had no trained substitute. 3. Geddes feels only chance to free prisoners is buy their way out. Says already ascertained through intermediaries price for Sori Marin forty thousand pesos. Price for Ramon's wife who taken prisoner at same time is five thousand. 4. AMGLAD/1 has received money and additive packed in crisco cans. Geddes says AMGLAD/1 had already trained somebody to use additive. 5. In view foregoing, possible that approach to AMOTs mentioned ref cable was provocation. C/S Comment: *Requested POA for Braulio Alvarez Pardo."

104-10226-10045: BRIEFING OF ===== BY WH/4.

05/04/61: Memo for the record from Withheld, DC/WH/6: Subject: Briefing of (REDACTION) by WH/4, Clark Simmons: Page 2: ..."11 March: Geddes came to Miami on the night of 11 March and made contact with CABBAGE/4, a Cuban in Miami who was in contact with the CIA office. Geddes had a message from CABBAGE/1, a CIA contact inside Cuba. C-4 put Geddes in contact with a CIA case officer in Miami on 12 March. Geddes claimed to be an active member of the Unidad Revolucionaria, a resistance group inside Cuba of which C-1 was a member...20 March: We heard indirectly - Geddes had phoned his wife and indicated that the individual (C-1 with whom he had been collaborating in Unidad Revolucionaria was in trouble). The fact behind this was that one of our agents (member of the UR) inside Cuba had against instructions visited his wife in Cuba. As a result a UR net of seven persons was arrested including C-1. Besides C-1, none of the others of this net knew of Geddes' activities...(Page 3): ..."18 April...(1) The CIA agent inside (C-1) vouched for Geddes but we here in Headquarters do not know to what extent C-1 had probed into the background of Geddes and his contacts...(6) To Mr. (REDACTION) repeated request for identities of C-4, C-1, the Miami case officer, and the net that was arrested on 18 March, Simmons replied that only the DCI has the authority to release such information. (7) The Miami case officer never arrived inside Cuba...b. Identities of C-1, C-4 and members of the net with whom C-1 was arrested on March 18 (note: Simmons acknowledged that besides C-1 conceivably several other members of this net might have known of Geddes and his activities)..."


06/14/61: Memo from WH/4/CI to Chief, WH/4/PM: (Note: Clark Simmon's name is unredacted in the 2022 release): ..."c. Ralph Diaz Hanscom - AMGLAD/1 - arrested 18 March. d. Humberto Sori Marin - arrested 18 March. e. Rogelio Gonzalez Corozo - arrested 18 March. f. (fnu) Fernandez of MRR - arrested 18 March. g. Manuel Puig - arrested 18 March...m. Arturo Villar ('Javier') - long-time friend of Geddes; asylee in Venezuelan Embassy..." - - - 2022 release: https://documents3.theblackvault.com/documents/jfkfiles/jfk2022/104-10226-10044.pdf


04/16/63: CIA document: Page 7: "ATTACHMENT A...It was at this time of UR ascendancy that an unfortunate security breach occurred at a meeting in the Biltmore section of Habana on 18 March 1961. Leading members of UR and MRR (and of other groups) met to discuss unification of resistance activity. This was apparently a contunuation of discussions held earlier between UR and MRR concerning an operational merger. What should have been a clandestine conference between a few UR and MRR leaders was expanded until it included over 30 leading resistance figures. PBRUMEN (Cuban) security forces learned of the meeting and its location, ordered a surprise raid and arrested approximately 38 participants. (203) Included among those arrested: National Coordinators Rafael Diaz Hanscomb (AMGLAD-1) and Rogelio Gonzalez Corzo (AMRUNG-1) of UR and MRR: Maj. Humberto Sori Marin, Military Coordinator of UR; and many others whose arrests officially disoriented anti-Communist opposition movements throughout PBRUMEN. (184)..."

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