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Cryptonym: BGMORNING

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A program related to LIFEAT, Mexico City, and the Soviet spy Rudolf Abel

104-10172-10322 WITHHELD

1/3/58 memo from Chief of Helsinki station to Chief, WE, re Grigori Golub, the Soviet consul in Helsinki: "On 28 December VACCINE-1 told us that he had recently seen Grigori Golub for lunch when the latter asked VACCINE-1 what he thought of the BGMORNING case and whether he had been able to ascertain whether he had been able to ascertain if Reino Hayhansen had ever been to Finland...Golub went on to comment that the whole case was clearly a provocative fabrication on the part of the Americans." To view this document in a mostly unredacted version: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/104-10172-10322.pdf

104-10219-10153: [RESTRICTED]

10/21/58, memo from Chief of Station, Mexico City to Chief, WH re Raymond Gerende's Operations and Activities: (p. 97) "two LIFEAT functions he is currently handling (are) BGMORNING and the Cuban exile taps"; (p. 107) "LIFEAT: Target - Conversations coming from two telephone taps, BGMORNING and Cuban exiles. Personnel - Gerende lives in the apartment where these two lines are maintained. He personally processes the take from the lines and passes it to REDACTED for Station dissemination to REDACTED (BGMORNING) and REACTED (Cubans)." (p. 110)


7/7/59 memo on Rudolf Abel and Operational/REDWOOD/LCIMPROVE/BGMORNING: "...with the exception of Reino Hayhanen's speculation that Abel may have been assigned during an undetermined period of time in Norway, France and England, the only other evidence that we have concerning Abel's travels are several items found in his possession at the time of his arrest, which indicate that Abel was at some time in Canada and probably in Mexico. In addition, it is our belief that Abel was a Soviet intelligence operative of long standing...He entered the US on a false passport in November 1948, to serve as a KGB illegal resident, at which position he remained until his arrest in June 1957. He lived in New York City, using the cover of a photographer and artist. Hayhanen was told in Moscow that Subject's primary function in the United States was to recruit new agents and work with them, as well as the previously recruited agents." His physical description was 5 foot 9, 165 pounds. Reminiscent of the "5 foot 10, 165 pound" Oswald, who was actually 5 foot 9, 131 pounds. Had clothing and other items indicating time spent in Mexico.


BGMORNING files and many other documents were held separately from the rest of the CIA's document system, and kept in Angleton's safes. When stacked up, these documents would measure about eight feet high. The file said these documents would be "reviewed and possibly processed". A less redacted version is available at 104-10336-10003.

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