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Cryptonym: BEVISION

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Project using the Polish defector Michal Goleniewski
Author John Newman believes that Goleniewski was the one who initially spurred Angleton to begin his molehunts.

Review - https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=8432&search=bremen_+and+defect+defected+defector#relPageId=3&tab=page

Also known as AEVISION, see below.

Also see 104-10439-10029, p. 2: Vladimir Sloboda's "prior KGB involvement was confirmed by BEVISION...Sloboda's defection was precipitated by increased Army security measures, according to BEVISION."

Roy Pateman, Residual Uncertainty

BEVISION informed that George Blake had fallen in with the Soviets in 1958. He also informed the Germans that their counterintelligence chief Heinz Felfe was in the control of the Soviets.

John Newman, Oswald and the CIA, p. 89

1959: "(Events)...suggested a mole in the CIA: a series of letters to the CIA written by a Soviet informant, Michal Goleniewski, beginning in 1959, under the name 'Sniper'. According to another of Angleton's molehunters, Clare Petty, this is why some people in the CIA began to suspect there was a mole...Angleton was said to be suspicious of Goleniewski from the beginning...It was the Goleniewski episode that gave credence within the Agency to the idea of a mole, an idea Angleton would shortly turn into a crusade. David Martin's CIA chronicle, Wilderness of Mirrors, has this incisive comment: 'Goleniewski, with or without the knowledge of the KGB, had planted a germ within the body of the CIA that would become a debilitating disease, all but paralyzing the Agency's clandestine operations against the Soviet Union. The germ was the suspicion that the CIA itself had been penetrated by the KGB, that a Soivet mole had burrowed to the Agency's core. "Goleniewski was the first and primary source on a mole," a CIA officer said.' (Newman asks) Could that germ from 1959, along with the U-2 compromise of the previous year, have led to a counterintelligence 'dangle' of Oswald in the Soviet Union?"

Jeffrey T. Richelson, A Century of Spies

In Dec 1960 BEVISION defected to West Berlin.


4/12/61: Herman Kimsey was chief of the Analysis and Research Section, Graphic Aids Reproduction Branch (GARB), Technical Services Division. By 5/18/61, Kimsey received $380,000 from Colonel Edwards (note: Chief of Office of Security). Kimsey resigned 7/16/62. Died 1/26/71. Also see 1993.08.13.17:03:02:090059 - 11/22/74 memo - Colonel Philip Corso was active in Goleniewski (BEVISION) case during 1963. As late as 1969, Kimsey was alerting the CIA about the explosive mind of Goleniewski, who he believed had caused the deaths of Soviet and American military leaders. 4/27/61: Hugh C. McDonald alleged that on this date he met "Saul", the assassin-to-be, in the office of Herman Kimsey and that Kimsey later told McDonald of the complicity of 'Saul' in the JFK assassination..."From 1955 to circa 1961 Mr. McDonald, as an independent contractor, assisted Technical Services Division/Authentication Division/DDP in the development of the 'Identikit', a system for the graphic reproduction of the facial features of an individual. During this period Mr. McDonald did have contacts with Herman Kimsey who was terminated in July 1962 and died in January 1971...all that can be said is that Mr. Kimsey is deceased but he is known to have exaggerated and fabricated considerably at times..." (Director of Security Robert Gambino, August 1976)


11/16/61 memo from Anita Potocki to William Harvey: "This afternoon (Howard Roman - the senior case officer of the BEVISION case, with EE) advised by telephone that he actually had questioned BEVISION on his knowledge of (Hermann Field, Merta Field and Elsie Field aka Elsie H. Doob and Joseph Leo Doob) and had determined that the source actually had no knowledge of the case save what source had acquired from the press..." Also see 104-10437-10032: REPORT: COMMUNIST CONTROL TECHNIQUES, p. 73: "(Noel and Hermann Fields) were men of Communist sympathies whose presence in Poland and Hungary were entirely the result of their going to Eastern Europe in order to have a first hand look at the new 'Peoples' Democracies'. In 1954, Hermann Field was released by the Poles with the statement that his arrest had been a mistake. He then went to Switzerland. He described the events of his imprisonment but has never publicly expressed complaints against the Communist state that arrested him. A 'confession' by Noel Field was published at the time of the Rajk trial. After his release from prison, Noel was seen in a sanatorium by a representative of the U.S. Embassy, but he elected to stay in Hungary. The performance of both of these men is typical of that of Communist sympathizers who are arrested by Communist police. They continue to defend the regime and 'understand' their arrests in terms of Communist logic."

Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (University of California, 1996), pp. 214-215

1963-1964: "Phase one stories linking Oswald and Ruby to Communists were circulated by (Major General Charles) Willoughby's associates Philip J. Corso, a veteran of army intelligence who had retired by 1963 to work for the segregationist Strom Thurmond, and Cuban exile Salvador Diaz Verson/AMPALM-26, a former chief of Cuban military intelligence. Corso, the army intelligence veteran, was like Willoughby a foe of the CIA from the right, having tangled with the Agency in his years under C.D. Jackson as a member of Eisenhower's Operations Control Board. In 1963-64 Corso and Willoughby were part of a secret right-wing group, the 'Shickshinny Knights of Malta' (so called after their headquarters in Shickshinny, PA, to distinguish them from the more famous Roman Catholic Sovereign Military Order of Malta based in Rome). The group provided a home to dissident retired military officers dissatisfied with the CIA's internationalism, many of them, like Willoughby and General Bonner Fellers, veterans of the old Hunt-MacArthur-Pawley coalition of the early 1950s. By 1963 the group's leading asset in their anti-CIA propaganda was a Polish intelligence defector, Michal Goleniewski, who had claimed to audiences inside and outside the CIA that the Agency was penetrated by the KGB at a high level."

Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (University of California, 1996), pp. 214-215

(continued) 1963-1964: "(Col. Philip) Corso built on this anti-CIA paranoia by telling his friend and fellow Senate staffer Julien Sourwine, who made sure it was relayed to the FBI, that Oswald was tied to a Communist ring inside the CIA, and was doubling as an informant for the FBI. Shickshinny Knight Herman Kimsey, who claimed to have been Goleniewski's handler inside the CIA, also spun an elaborate story about how his CIA duties had put him in touch with Kennedy's assassin - the mystery man in Mexico. Finally, the chief press contact of the Shickshinny Knights, Guy Richards of the New York Journal-American, published the claim...that Oswald, like another alleged KGB assassin (Bogdan Stashynsky( had been trained at a KGB assassination school in Minsk... (Professor Revilo) Oliver argued that the assassination grew out of a conspiracy between Khrushchev and Kennedy to enact a fake revolt against Castro, and replace Castro with a crypto-Communist agrarian reformer. Roughly the same story was circulated at this time by John Martino (note: and Prisbeck/Hede Massing and Nathaniel Weyl) and by the Minutemen. Questioned by the Warren Commision about the sources for his research, Oliver identified his 'research assistant', Frank Capell, 'a private expert on Communism and Communistic information, who, I understand, has the cooperation of many former intelligence officers of the Army and former members of the CIA...It seems clear that the Foreign Intelligence Digest network (FID), through Corso, Capell, and possibly Kimsey, enjoyed connections within the official intelligence world. Though their claims were distorted to the point of absurdity, there may have been a germ of truth to their claims, enough to have embarrassed and possibly even blackmailed the FBI."

Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XV: Current Section: Prof. Revilo Pendleton Oliver

1964: Counsel Albert Jenner asks Revilo Oliver to read into the record three pages of one of his recent speeches. It includes a reference to Joachim Joesten, author of 'Oswald: Assassin or Fall Guy?' "(Joesten) was identified as a member of the Communist Party, when he was employed in our super secret 'intelligence' organization, the OSS, and in the State Department...and the book makes much of the possible activities of our Central Intelligence Agency...this is designed for readers who have memories so poor that they will not recall the long list of events from the fake invasion of Cuba known as Operation Judas because it betrayed the anti-Communist Cubans into the hands of Castro...It is designed for readers who will not remember that a defector from the Soviet Secret Police has sworn that his colleagues in the Central Intelligence Agency used your money directly to subsidize (a) the Soviet Secret Police; (b) the official Communist Party in Italy; and (c) the official Communist Party in the United States. I should interpolate that this is obviously a reference to Lieutenant Colonel Goleniewski...I do not know whether Oswald was paid by the CIA, but I hear that there was testimony before the Warren Commission that he was. There is nothing improbable in that...there are some further indications of some significance in at least the second edition of Nathaniel Weyl's 'Red Star Over Cuba'..."


12/9/64 memo from Ralph E. Tobiassen to Director of Security: Identifies ()VISION as OS #240 003. Kimsey referred to ()VISION.throughout the interview as "Tsarevich" (son of the last czar of Russia) and that Eugenia Smith of NYC was in fact the real Anastasia and thus ()VISION's sister. Kimsey, as a former questioned documents analyst, was considered by his associate polygraph expert Cleve Baxter to be a good candidate to help ()VISION sort out a large volume of material.


Feb. 1968 memo to Chief LEOB/SRS: Goleniewski is identified as #240003. This memo focuses on Shickhinny Knights and friends: Goleniewski, Herman Kimsey, Guy Richards, and Thomas de Baggio who was writing about these men. "The Director of Security is cognizant of latest developments in Subject's claims against the Agency. The latest memorandum in the file dated 3 August 1967 recommends that a final stand be taken against Goleniewski; that no further efforts be made to placate him and observed that the news media is no longer listening to his pretension to be the Crown Prince of Alexi Romanoff." See 1993.08.13.17:03:02:090059 - p. 191 - back in early 1965, Herman Kimsey, now the assistant chief of security for the Republican National Committee, went public with statements saying that scientific evidence proved that Goleniewski was Grand Duke Alexei, only son of Czar Nicholas II. Kimsey mentioned that Goleniewski defected from the USSR in 1960, "only ten days after the defector declared himself the true czarevich and heir to a $400 million dollar fortune deposited by the czar in Western banks more than fifty years ago."

1993.08.13.17:03:02:.Security File on Herman Edward Kimsey

1970 memo: Under the title "Herman E. Kimsey Shenanigans", the Office of Security relays the latest on Kimsey "of BEVISION fame".


6/14/73 Memorandum for the Record by SA/C/CI/OPS Ernest J. Tsikerdanos/Wallace Rowton: "GOLENIEWSKI (AEVISION) is a real nut who aspires to the Romanoff crown. Notify the Secret Service." 12/31/75: Also see 104-10412-10024 - FBI supervisor Robert Gemberling, who was one of the original supervisors in the JFK investigation, writes a 30 page analysis of Hugh McDonald's book Appointment in Dallas. McDonald worked on the 1964 Goldwater campaign, and hired his former CIA supervisor Herman Kimsey. McDonald claims that Kimsey told him he knew the story of the killing of the JFK, and that the shooter was in the second floor of the Records Building with instructions to shoot JFK when Oswald aims the gun "close to the President", believing he is working with the CIA and that the Secret Service has knowledge of his action. The shooter is supposed to shoot Oswald at his perch in the Texas Book Depository window after he shoots JFK, but fails in this aspect of the plan. Kimsey said that he would deny it if asked. McDonald allegedly obtained some documents of Kimsey's at some point. McDonald's entire tale has many problems - not the least of which is that the alleged shooter claims that Oswald was in place by 11:48 am, although a number of witnesses saw Oswald in the lunchroom well after 12 noon. The story is not without interest, as Gemberling claims it is ridiculous never decisively refutes it.

Bill Simpich

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