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Cryptonym: BEDOX

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The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that BEDOX was the cryptonym for East Europe, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 12: ..."Term: BEDOX. Definition: East Europe, Czechoslovakia, and Poland..."


02/06/57: Air Dispatch from COB, Berlin to Chief, EE: Subject: General - Operational/BEDOX: Specific - Progress Report - Subject A of BRLN 8752: A number of references to PBHASSOCK in this document. On the first page: ..."The PBHASSOCK Panel being notified of the fact that we had operational interest in her..."


02/08/57: Air Dispatch from COB, Berlin to COB, Bonn: Subject: Operational/BEDOX Hildegard Luise Laechert: "1. Enclosed please find a photocopy of the front of an envelope, bearing the following address: 'Mr. Mrs. Alicia Krajewska, Warazama. Putawska 128m 15, Polska - Poland.' The original of which also bore postmark Hartford, Connecticut, November 19, 1956. 2. The original envelope was turned over to German authorities (BFV) at House 'H', Marienfelde Refugee Center, by the Subject on or about 13 December 1956. At that time Subject, a German national, was undergoing processing as a Political Repatriate, released from 11 years of prison confinement in Poland. Subsequent to this, Subject was referred to BOB (Berlin Operating Base) via PBHASSOCK and when it was determined that we had operational interest in her, both PBHASSOCK and the local BFV Liaison Office were notified accordingly. 3. It would be appreciated if the original of this envelope could be recovered from BFV through the LFV we were given a photocopy and advised that the original was not available, presumably it having been forwarded to Bonn. It is required in order to determine its authenticity, if possible."


3/16/57: Memo from Berlin to Director (in Frankfurt), slugline BEDOX PBHASSOCK: BOB (the Berlin Operations Base) made it known that it had priority for debriefing this subject, "however we would provide briefs if any agency requested same."


11/21/63: Dispatch from Chief of Station, Mexico City to Chief, EE Division (Info: Chief, Western Hemisphere Division): Subject: BEDOX/Operational - BESMOOTH Project Renewal: Pages 5-6: "A. Current Objectives: Woodrow D. Gabbott continues to carry out the first objective of the BESMOOTH Project, the monitoring and translating of LIFEAT/LITMUS and other LIFEAT/BEDOX materials. The second objective, processing of this material, is performed by the two NYXIS officers in the Station. Regarding the third objective, the assessment and approach to potential recruitment targets (official BEDOX personnel), the Station has made one unsuccessful approach to BEKNAVE and is planning an approach to the Subject of HMMA-22460, 8 November 1963. Several other leads, including BESEAL and the BEDOX Commercial Counselor, are the direct results of LIFEAT processing and/or development by Gabbott. As regards the fourth objective, the development of sources in contact with BEDOX officials, we have recruited BECATCH (see below under Changes) and continue to look for other appropriate leads through LIFEAT and personal contacts...D. Effectiveness: Project BESMOOTH is the mainspring of the BEDOX effort in Mexico. LIFEAT materials and Gabbott's contact with BEDOX officials have been instrumental in initiating operations against a BEDOX official (BEKNAVE) and a local access agent (BECATCH). Without this support apparatus, a BEDOX effort in Mexico would be greatly handicapped. New leads now under development establish the continuing need for the BESMOOTH Project...H. Plans: The Station plan remains to continue to use all BESMOOTH Project facilities to recruit BEDOX officials..."

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