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Cryptonym: ATTIC

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Pyotr Popov, who provided information on the Soviet Union to CI/SIG.

Tom Mangold, Cold Warrior, p. 250; John Newman, Oswald and the CIA, p. 87.

During the late fifties, Col. Pyotr Popov was a top double agent for the CIA, providing important Soviet military intelligence to Angleton’s CI/SIG under the code name ATTIC.

Mark Riebling, Wedge (Touchstone, 1994), p. 155, quoted in Newman, p. 87.

In April, 1958, Popov heard a drunken colonel brag about the “technical details” that the KGB had on a new high-altitude spycraft that America was flying over the USSR. Popov concluded that the leak of such details came from within the U-2 project itself.

John Newman, Oswald and the CIA, pp. 87-88.

While in Berlin, Popov passed this U-2 leak to the Agency and then returned to Moscow.

Gerald Arboit, In His Defector He Trusted, Notes Historiques http://www.cf2r.org/fr/notes-historiques/in-his-defector-he-trusted-how-the-cia-counterintelligence-staff-broke-the-western-intelligence-community-for-ten-years-1962-1973.php

"In November 1952, GRU lieutenant colonel Piotr Semionovich Popov was recruited in Vienna to become a defector in situ, where he was betrayed by George Blake in October 1959."

Bill Simpich

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