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Cryptonym: AMYEAST-19

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Hans Tanner. AMYEAST-19 was a Swiss national, who in April 1961 was being used by the MDC as a courier to Cuba.
AMYEAST-19 was also a close contact of AMDIP-3 (Ramon Augusto Ruisanchez, aka Comandante Augusto, Cesar, and Tandi). JMWAVE was considering recruiting AMYEAST-19 as a penetration of AMDIPS and the MDC. In terms of Hans Tanner, documents state that he was a Swiss national, who was involved in the anti-Castro Cuban cause. Tanner was in the Movimiento Democrata Cristiana (MDC), and was an associate of Laureano Batista Falla.


04/13/61, Cable from WAVE to BELL: Slugline JMZIP KUSODA LCFLUTTER: "Request OPIM KUSODA approval LCFLUTTER Swiss national AMYEAST-19. SUBJ presently used by MDC as courier to Cuba. Also has close contact AMDIP/3. WAVE considering possibility recruitment as penetration AMDIPS and MDC. CS Comment: *Requested POA's on a number of individuals."


05/01/63: Dictation of FBI interview of Hans Ruedi Tanner by Robert G. Strong on 04/29/63: "Hans Ruedi Tanner, 16675 Northeast 20th Avenue, Apartment 5, North Miami Beach, Florida, was advised that any statement he made was free and voluntary and that any statement he made could be used in a court of law against him...He said he is a visiting Swiss national...He was born March 2, 1927 at Schaffhausen, San Salvador. He is employed by G. T. Folis and Company, London, England. He is also a writer for the Road and Track Magazine, Newport Beach, California. His wife is the former Marcia Liebowitz, her parents being Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Liebowitz...He has known Alexander I. Rorke, Jr. for about one and one-half to two years, having met Rorke in New York City through mutual friends who are authors. He considers Rorke to be a very loyal American and an actual fanatic in his anti-Communist beliefs. He considered him to be a 'loud-mouth' at times who brags in great detail about his 'exploits'...Tanner denied being with Rorke on the supposed flight over Cuba on the night of April 25, 1963. He said he would never do such a thing as enter into such a venture in view of his status as visitor in the United States. He hopes to become an American citizen in the near future and he definitely would do nothing to jeopardize this opportunity..." - - - Page 3: ..."Tanner admitted that in the past he has been a member of the English Armed Forces and has knowledge of bombs and all types of guns. He said he has no idea where Rorke and the others with him could possibly have obtained the bombs..."


05/01/63: Dictation of FBI interview of Frank Fiorini by Robert G. Strong on 04/27/63: "Frank Fiorini, 2515 Northwest 122nd Street, Miami, Florida, was advised that any statement he made was free and voluntary and that any statement he made could be used in a court of law against him. He was advised of his right to seek advise of counsel. He said he understood the foregoing and that he would be more than willing to cooperate and answer questions. He said he first met Alexander I. Rorke, Jr. in 1960 at the home of a leading anti-Castro Cuban, Pedro Diaz Lanz, in Miami. He first met Hans Ruedi Tanner about one and one-half years ago at the headquarters of the Movimiento Democratic Cristiano (MDC) (Christian Democratic Movement). Tanner was supposedly a friend of Laureano Batista Falla, the leading official of the MDC..."


05/02/63: FBI report from Oklahoma City by SA J. A. Grimes: Title: Alexander Irwin Rorke, JR.: "Synopsis: Records of Federal Aviation Agency, Oklahoma City, reflect Beech model aircraft, Registration N-7373C, registered 3/18/63 to Alexander I. Rorke, Jr. and Geoffrey F. Sullivan as partners. Bill of Sale dated 3/18/63 reflects plane purchased from Albert H. Harris and is subject to chattel mortgage in favor of Appliance Buyers Credit Corp., St. Joseph, Michigan. FAA records reflect no pilot certificate for Subject, Hans Ruebi Tanner, or Laureano Batista Falla. Geoffrey Franklin Sullivan, 86 Lexington Avenue, Waterbury, Connecticut, currently has Commercial Pilot Certificate #1316589, with latest date of issue as 3/12/62." See 1993.07.21.16:53:12:810280 - p. 20 - CIA claims only two OO/C (Domestic Contacts) interactions with Rorke. See CIA's !960 dossier on Rorke, p. 3; reference to Army Intelligence monthly summaries on Rorke, p. 2.


01/10/64: Field Information Report: Country: Cuba. Subject: Explosives Donated to the Movimiento Democrata Cristiana (MDC) by Hans Tanner, a Swiss National: "Source: An American citizen who maintains contacts with Cuban exiles in the United States: Hans Tanner, a Swiss national, born 2 March 1927 in Switzerland, whose last known address is 16675 N.E. 20th Street, Apt. 5, North Miami Beach, has donated 10 or 15 hundred pounds of explosives to the Movimiento Democrata Cristiana (MDC, Christian Democrat Movement). The explosives were allegedly loaded into a light green VW station wagon which left New York City for Florida on 7 January 1964. The trip is to be made slowly, with stops at the end of each day while traveling. One of the drivers is said to be Victor Paneque aka Comandante Diego of the MDC. Also involved in this enterprise is Cuban exile Gaspar Vilato Barrios, born 26 July 1933 in Cuba, whose address is given as Hotel Bradford, New York City."


01/22/64: FBI report from New York: Titled: Anti-Castro Activities: "New York T-1, another government agency which conducts security type investigations, advised on January 8, 1964, that Hans Tanner was working with Victor Paneque also known as Comandante Diego and Gaspar Villato who resides at the Hotel Bradford in New York City. New York T-1 further stated that Paneque and an unidentified individual were reported to be driving a green Volkswagen bus from New York City to Florida, carrying 1200 to 1500 pounds of explosives. The explosives, according to New York T-1, were hidden under a mattress which was covered by furniture. New York T-1 advised that the exact destination of Paneque and the purpose for which the explosives were to be used were unknown..."

Report to the Rockefeller Commission by Ralph Schoenman

03/26/75: Pages 8-9: ..."It is this assassination attempt which St. George related in his article of April 17, 1964 (50) involving as well a close associate of Sturgis, Alexander Rorke. Rorke died in the attempt, his plane crashing in the Caribbean. (51) Further such assassination attempts involving C.I.A. were spelled out by Rorke's attorney, Hans Tanner, particularly an action in July 1961. (52) Not only did this assassination attempt involve the mob who 'financed (it), dispossessed hotel and gambling room owners who operated under Batista' (53) but they backed as well the International Anti-Communist Brigade of Frank Sturgis. (54)..." - - - Pages 31-32: ..."(50). Parade, April 17, 1964, page 4. (51). Ibid.; C.D. 1020.29. (52) Counter-Revolutionary Agent by Hans Tanner, G.T. Foulis, 1962, p. 12. (53) Ibid. (54) Ibid..."

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