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Miguel Angel Leon, aka Miguel de Leon Rojas, aka "Cuco", former Cuban senator and aide to Manuel Artime. Used the alias of Domingo Beltard when he helped Tony Sforza and other CIA officers escape from Cuba in the wake of the Bay of Pigs.


Early 1962: Delbert Ray, a Bircher, was a close associate of Edgar Seay, employed by General Edwin Walker. On 4/30/62, a gasoline can with a paper fuse started a fire at Penn Jones' Midlothian Mirror in the middle of the night. Police were certain Delbert Ray was the perpetrator. In 1965 Delbert Ray was active in distributing the Minuteman publication On Target throughout the Fort Worth area.

104-1067-10099: Dispatch: Operational/GYROSE/AMCONCERT-1 report on Jofge Nobregas Heria

1/10/63 dispatch from JMWAVE chief Ted Shackley to TFW chief Bill Harvey: Cuco is also known as Domingo Beltard. In 1961 he helped Tony Sforza/AMRYE-1 and other CIA officers escape Cuba after the Bay of Pigs. Jorge Nobregas presented AMCONCERT-1 to Cuco. AMCONCERT-1 noticed that Cuzco had contacts with local fishermen, including the local Nunez brothers (Alicio, Angel and Jose). Was Jose the same man as AMLEO-3? -


9/24/63 cable WAVE 4899 from JMWAVE to Director, slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMWORLD YOBITE: "AMPALM-4 reports 23 Sept Miguel 'Cuco' Leon said Carlos Prio Socarras to be civilian chief of Somoza Plan. This affects Francisco Chao Hermida who Prio considers as personal enemy. Prio will now pass upon formal appointment Chao as chief propaganda for Somoza Plan. Without giving figures or amounts, Leon said financial backing for Somoza Plan was cut back. Nevertheless, by summer 64 Central American countries will be in open conflict with Cuba. On pending trip to Europe, Luis Somoza will visit Guillermo Alonso Pujol, former Cuban Vice President, and Fulgencio Batista."

The Third Decade, Volume 3, Issue 5 Current Section: Dead Suspects - Part 4, by Scott Van Wynsberghe

11/22/63: "Aside from (Luis Somoza"s) association with Artime/AMBIDDY-1, he is known to have met with three startlingly dubious individuals: Miguel de Leon, Dr. Carlos Prio Socarras, and Laureano Batista Falla. Miguel de Leon by himself was noteworthy. The Nicaraguan coordinator for Artime, he would react to the assassination of Kennedy by spreading disinformation linking the deed to Havana." The author's source was Peter Dale Scott, Crime and Cover-Up, pages 18, 20. Also see 104-10163-10098, page 4: In the early 60s, Miguel de Leon was the CRC representative in Managua.

Commission Document 770 - FBI O'Connor Report of 30 Mar 1964 re: Oswald/Cuba

Circa 11/29/63: Dr. Fernando Penabaz said Miguel de Leon told him a story about how "Quintin Pino had crossed into Texas from Mexico for the purpose of rescuing Oswald after the assassination, but that the plot failed because Oswald was not wearing clothing of the prearranged color, whereby he would be readily recognized by Pino, and also, since Oswald became involved in the shooting of Dallas Patrolman Tippit, Oswald failed to reach the rendezvous at the time Pino would pick him up." Penabaz described de Leon as a "former Cuban Congressman with contacts throughout Latin America. He said that "according to de Leon, Pino was a strongman in the diplomatic service of Fidel Castro, and had been sent by Castro to Nicaragua as of 1959 to organize anti-government guerrillas there." Penabaz added that as he never received any corroboration of de Leon's story, he did not write about it nor report it to any authorities. At page 9, Miguel de Leon Rojas of 17 Marjorca, Coral Gables, Florida affirmed that he was the source of the Pino story, and that he had heard it from "someone" while visiting the home of Sixto Mesa about a week after 11/22/63. He said that from his various contacts, "he was aware that Quintin Pino had served on a Cuban assignment in Mexico to investigate activities directed against the Castro regime." At p. 10, Sixto Mesa of 285 Shore Drive, Bay Heights, Miami, said that Adolfo Vilasuso was the source of the Pino story. At p. 11, Dr. Adolfo Vilasuso of 8620 Southwest 21st St., Miami said that he heared it as a rumor. These are contained in FBI reports dated 3/25/64.

Commission Document 643 - FBI Williams Report of 03 Mar 1964 re: Oswald

2/23/64: FBI agent "Malford O. Eid learned that Reverend Frederick Curtis Fowler, Presbyterian Church, Duluth, Minnesota...played a tape of a recording between Lee Harvey Oswald and Carlos Bringuier...(the voice of) Billy Jean Hargis, publisher of the 'Weekly Crusader', Tulsa, Oklahoma...(was) dubbed in to replace the original moderator...Reverend Fowler related that he attended an Anti-Communist Faculty Meeting in Shreveport, Louisiana between February 17-21, 1964. Representatives from twenty-five states attended, among these were General Walker, Billy Jean Hargis, and Fernando Penabaz, a newspaper reporter for the 'Fort Lauderdale News"...General Walker stated (one night during the meeting) Lee Oswald had shot at him and deliberately missed as part of a prearranged plan by the Communists. He stated the Communists felt that if, he, Walker, a conservative, were also shot at, that would make his shooting and the shooting of President Kennedy appear as the work of a crank...Penabaz said Oswald did not wear a jacket of the prescribed color and therefore was not picked up by (Quintin) Pino's representative...Reverend Fowler also stated the garage mechanic who furnished information about Oswald entering the Dallas, Texas theater after the assassination has since been mysteriously killed."

Warren Commission Document 770 - FBI O'Connor Report of 30 Mar 1964 re: Oswald/Cuba

3/30/64 report of FBI agent James J. O'Connor: "Dr. Fernando Penabaz (of Miami)...is currently active in preparation of radio programs broadcast over 110 stations in eleven Latin American countries. He said these programs are directed against the Castro regime...(during Feb. 10-14, 1964) he was invited to speak at the national anti-communist leadership school, sponsored by the Christian Crusade, in Shreveport. He was speaking with Billy Jean Hargis and Edwin Walker. He said he heard from Artime's aide Miguel de Leon Rojas that Oswald allegedly went to Cuba and returned with Quintin Pino, who was supposed to rescue Oswald after the assassination, but Oswald wasn't wearing clothes of the proper color and then got caught up in the Tippit shooting and missed being picked up by Pino. De Leon said Pino was a strongman in the diplomatic corps, and was sent to Nicaragua in 1959 to organize anti-government guerrillas and to teach sabotage. De Leon said he learned the story about Pino and Oswald about a week after 11/22/63 at the home of Sixto Mesa. Dr. Adolfo Vilabubo took credit as the source of the story, and said it was common rumor among the Cuban exile colony in Miami.


3/3/65 cable from JMWAVE to DC/WH/C3: Marginalia indicates that AMWORM-1 is Miguel Leon.


3/14/65 cable from JMWAVE to DC/WH/C3: His full name is Miguel Angel Leon, aka "Cuco". At this time, he lived in Coral Gables, Florida.


5/10/65 dispatch from Chief of Station, JMWAVE to Chief of Station, Madrid: "...The following information was contained in a letter dated 13 April 1965 from AMOT-3's friend in Madrid, Manuel Lopez Lourido" Lopez said that the assassination plan against Castro - a commando action between AMLASH's group and AMBIDDY-1's group - was foiled because Castro was out cutting sugar cane). Lopez advised that Cuco Leon was the permanent contact and was in Spain about 11 April 1965. When Leon returned to Miami from Europe, he contacted AMCRAG-1 and told him that Cuban officials in Europe don't want to work with Wallace Growery (true name Earl Williamson) and would prefer to work with "the Miami Group". "FYI, AMCRAG-1 is not known as being connected with (CIA) and has mainly dedicated himself to private business. He has maintained close friendship with AMBIDDY-1 and AMBIDDY-1's followers." Signed by Andrew Reuterman, the pseudonym for Theodore Shackley.

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