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Cryptonym: AMWHEN-1

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Unknown identity. A cable in November of 1971 mentioned that "target's evasiveness may reflect tightened measures for AMWHEN defection."
A Routing Sheet in January, 1972, contained a comment from Margaret Nankall on AMWHEN-1. Albert Amori's name was also on the routing sheet (formerly C/TFW/INTEL OPS SPT - see 104-10172-10138).

A cable from WH/Miami on January 17, 1972, requested that AMWHEN-1 be shown a photograph of Manuel Vega (201-334253) ASAP. The station was particularly interested in any information AMWHEN-1 could provide on Vega's activities since October 1966, and his present location. Two 201 numbers were included in this cable, Vega's 201 number mentioned above, and 201-885311, which was AMWHEN-1's number.

The source cryptonym for a report on Orlando Prendes Gutierrez in February, 1972, was AMWHEN-1. Prendes was the Cuban Mission to the United Nations First Secretary, and Chief of the Cuban General Directorate of Intelligence Center in New York. AMSTROKE-1 and AMBEDEW-1 (probably Orlando Castro Hidalgo) were mentioned in the report.

A dispatch on March 10, 1972, mentioned that "the recent group of photographs of PBRUMEN (Cuban) Embassy staffers forwarded to Headquarters for review by AMBEDEW-1 and AMWHEN-1 (the latter has not yet been completed) were of high quality."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

11/23/71: Cable from Madrid to Director (Info: WH/Miami): Slugline TYPIC AMETROPIA/AMMUG: "1. After QUTIMID conversations indicated AMETROPIA-1 (Roberto Rodriguez Llompart) due arrive each day 23-25 November, subject finally appeared 26 November. QUSEQUIN at airport did not note arrival and station cognizant only through QUTIMID monitoring afternoon 27 November. After negative QUSEQUIN-37 check of hotels normally frequented by Cubans, phone call to Hotel Conde Duque (where Cubana aircrews stay) received answer that target had checked in 26 and left 27 November. (Airlists later show target went to Havana on 28 November and (REDACTION) after-action check Conde Duque reveals other Cuban DIP with same patronym had registered and departed on dates specified). 2. AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) leaving for New York by Iberia 951 on 29 November and ETA Miami 1900 hours on Eastern 027. Advanced $100 (T/A Miami) to purchase new ticket since full value return trip good only for period longer than 17 days. 3. Target's evasiveness may reflect tightened measures for AMWHEN defection. He did not stay at usual hotel. QUSEQUIN travel control procedures obviously deficient. AMMUG-1 gave professional performance and appears more eager than every to attempt pitch. 4. File: 201-865547; 201-749651."


01/06/72: Routing Sheet: TO: "1. WH/COG. 2. AC/WH/COG (handwritten: Anderson has copy). 3. Nankall (handwritten: "Re action, we should also ask AMWHEN-1 about 'Marcos' and his assignments"). 5. (Unintelligible). 7. Amori (signed: Q). 9. Marshall. (handwritten comment from Q about 'Marcos' being a henchman of Gustavo Aracz (note: probably meant Gustavo Arcos - NIELOPE). 11. IP/AN. 12. GASO."


01/17/72: Cable from WH/Miami to Director: Slugline TYPIC AMWHEN: "1. Request that AMWHEN-1 be shown photo of Manuel Vega (201-334253) ASAP. Station particularly interested in any info AMWHEN-1 can provide on Vega's activities since October 1966 and present location. 2. File: 201-334253, 201-885311, 19-5-152/5. GPI."


02/05/72: Routing and Record Sheet: Subject: CI/SO Summary on: Orlando Prendes Gutierrez (201-330002). From: C/CI/SO - Rober. "Comments: This information is not to be disseminated outside CI/SO without prior approval of Chief, Special Operations Group, CI Staff. Originated by: F. Rafalko...Source: Cryptonym: AMWHEN/1 soft Field Station..." Page 3: "1. Orlando Prendes Gutierrez, Cuban Mission to the United Nations First Secretary and Chief of the Cuban General Directorate of Intelligence Center in New York, was declared persona non grata on 9 October 1970 and departed New York PCS on 11 October. Rogelio Rodriguez Lopez (201-332665), CMUN Counsellor and DGI officer, also was expelled at the same time...4. One source reported that Prendes was an activist with considerable experience in clandestine operations and sabotage. He further reported that Prendes was working with the Departamento de Servicios de Information (DSI) of the DGI while in Havana. The DSI was then responsible for collecting information necessary for placing and maintaining CUIS agents overseas. (AMSTROKE-1). Another source (AMBEDEW-1), who knew him as 'Oberto' reported that he was later working in the 'illegals' branch of the DGI prior to the 1966 reorganization..."

104-10188-10020: ( )AFGHAN OPERATIONS (VOL I).

03/10/72: Dispatch from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to COS, Mexico City: Subject: PBRUMEN/KDAFGHAN - Comments on Proposal to Terminate KDAFGHAN-1 and KDAFGHAN-2 and Recruit New OP Site Team: Page 2: ..."3. While we are more than a little ambivalent concerning the over-all value of this activity as presently constituted, given the priority need for coverage of the AMSTAFF (probably DGI) personnel stationed at the PBRUMEN (Cuban) Embassy and the relative dearth of PBRUMEN target access agents, we believe that this activity should be continued. We share the Station's concern about our inability to identify the photographs of non-PBRUMEN personnel who visit the Embassy or Consulate, but appreciate the difficult technical problems involved. On a more positive note, the recent group of photographs of PBRUMEN Embassy staffers forwarded to Headquarters for review by AMBEDEW-1 (probably Orlando Castro Hidalgo) and AMWHEN-1 (the latter has not yet been completed) were of high quality. As a result of the high quality of these photographs, AMBEDEW-1 was able to identify still another AMSTAFFer assigned to the Embassy...Meanwhile, the high rate of identification of PBRUMEN visitors to the Embassy currently being achieved by the Station testifies to your determined efforts to obtain the maximum 'take' from this operation..."

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