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Cryptonym: AMWAIL-6

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Unknown identity. A cable in December, 1960, contained a handwritten note which stated that Victor Borden had ordered the arrest of AMWAIL-6 in February 1960.
AMWAIL was the cryptonym for Agrapucion Montecristi. AMWAIL-6 was mentioned on page 417 of John Newman's Countdown to Darkness: The Assassination of President Kennedy Volume II. AMWAIL-6 was among the cryptonyms and pseudonyms compromised in Mexico City in December of 1960.


12/23/60: Cable from Havana to Director (Sirett Acting) (Mr. Moore, WH DIV notified 2145 22 Dec) (Handwritten note at top of cable: Duque el donitz (?): JMNET: "1. AMTHRILL-1 (Julio Kouri Barreto, diplomat and brother-in-law of Cuban foreign minister Raul Roa Garcia) called on Knapman (probably Warren E. Frank) night 21 December and reported following: He in contact Major Caesar Paez Sanchez, former chief Fidel Castro's escort and assistant Che Guevara in Las Villas during fight against Batista. A-1 described Paez as 'Muy Guapo' (tough guy), with little political conviction and something of a thug. Paez claims control fifty in Habana, who will be joined by 250 more in Placetas, Las Villas. Says he plans open three fronts against Castro in Las Villas, one of which will work with Osvaldo Ramirez. His deputy is Lt. Ramonin Quesada. In addition, Paez claims support 50 active officers in Cuban Rebel Army, both Paez and Quesada, active duty officers without command. 2. Paez who claims large following among people in Placetas area, says he will paralyze Cuban sugar harvest. Says that Victor Bordon (handwritten note: he shouldn't, Bordon requested unintelligible order for AMWAIL-6 arrest. See HAVA 3464 12 Feb 1960, unintelligible) has been fighting anti-Castro forces in Las Villas, offered to collaborate with him, but Paez does not entirely trust Bordon. Nor does he trust Major Antonio Santiago Garcia whom he claims has been mentioned (unintelligible) AMDIP-1 (Tony Varona) through Carlos (unintelligible) Rodriguez, owner of a rice mill..."


December 1960 - Page 345: ..."A survey of the damage caused by the loss of the briefcases, dated December 1960, indicated that (REDACTION - refers to Samuel Orrison) not only had classified data on current operations but documents and data on CA operations dating back several years. Among the missing papers were the true names of the following CIA employees: Joseph Baker, Gerald Droller, Jacob D. Esterline, John Heyn, David A. Phillips, Grace Roberts, Stannard K. Short, Jack Stewart, Philip Toomey, E. Howard Hunt, and William Kent. The following official cryptonyms and pseudonyms were compromised: AMCIGAR, AMGUPPY-1, AMHAWK-1 and 2, AMRASP, AMWAIL, AMWAIL-1 through 12, JMASH, Samuel G. Orrison (pseudonym for (REDACTION) and Walter C. Twicker (pseudonym for Hunt)..." 11/16/78, Ann Goodpasture's Mexico City Station History. - - - 2022 release, page 148: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10414-10124.pdf

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