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Cryptonym: AMVALUE-2

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Luis Amado Blanco. A cable in March, 1965, noted that Luis Amado Blanco had a 201 number of 201-276972. A cable in August of 1971 mentioned that AMVALUE-2's 201 number was 201-276972.
A memo in October of 1962 mentioned that Luis Amado Blanco was the Cuban Ambassador to the Vatican.

1994.06.24.14:06:16:780005: Reel 69, Folder M - [DELETION] MEMOS FOR OFFICE

08/24/62: Memorandum for the record No.: Subject: Confidential Report of Jose Ignacio Rasco to Dr. Miro Cardona relative to Venezuela, Argentina and the International Congress of the International Catholic Organizations: Page 4: "Luis Amado Blanco is carrying on a very subtle policy or campaign which is awakening hopes and confidence among some nuncios and cardinals on the case of Cuba. He has formally invited a group of seminarians who are studying in Rome - they are Cubans - to return to Communist Cuba with a formal promise that they are to receive better treatment and that they will be able to exercise their ministry with the fullest liberty, and he is making everybody believe that the Communist regime now is losing its anti-religious prejudices and soon will elaborate a concordat for the most complete convivencia (living with) with the church. This line is being developed in Washington by Mr. Rostow and the French and Belgians are also supporting it, who consider the Spanish line very hard and the cause of Castro having had to embrace Sovietism as a reaction to the falangist clerics. In a meeting that took place in Munich recently of a group of Spanish exiled republicans, this frenchified line was eulogized because it went contrary to Francoism. At any rate, we have in the Holy City good friends who are in favor of an energetic front in the Cuban case. But, in general, the information which they have there is very poor and they have taken advantage of the arteriosclerosis of Cardinal Arteaga and of Monsoignor Contoz to misrepresent things in favor of the soft line..."

1994.06.24.14:15:13:470005: Reel 70, Folder B - AMBUD INTEL PRODUCTION

10/15/62: Memorandum for Record, No. 383: Subject: List of Diplomatic and Consular Personnel of Communist Cuba: Page 8: ..."LUGAR DE DESTINO (Destination place): Santa Sede (Holy See). NOMBRE Y APELLIDOS (Name and surname): Luis Amado Blanco. CATEGORIA (Category): Embajador (Ambassador)..."

104-10234-10007: CABLE====ARRIVED ITALY 9 MARCH, ROME 10 MARCH.

03/11/66: Cable from Rome to Director: Slugline KAPOK/KEYWAY/TYPIC/DELORRY: "1. DELORRY (D) arrived Italy 9 March, Rome 10 March. Returning from Rome 15 March to submit detailed report. 2. ETA Cuba about 1 April at suggestion Fidel (F) giving dinner party for him soon thereafter. 3. D says Annie de Quendoz (Q) (no STA traces) wife (but getting divorce) of Swiss chancellor in Havana, was mistress of both 'Che' Guevara and F, continues relations with F. DIP community giving her cold shoulder but D has taken pains be friendly, for which both she and F grateful. D says can gain direct access F through Q in any emergency. Q daughter high-ranking Portuguese police official. Mother is Nita S. Pais, Rua Mozambique, 52-1-DTO Lisbon. Q gave D letter to mother. Have opened, photoed, will pouch. RQST traces Q. 4. German (Amado-Blanco) y Fernandez (201-264208) gave Q ministry foreign trade envelope containing two letters for Luis Amado-Blanco (201-276972). Also photoed, will pouch. 5. D on good terms with Rogelio (Montenegro) Guasp (M). Preparing report. M was scheduled leave Havana one hour after D for Prague to meet Manuel ('Manolito') (Perez) Hernandez before coming Rome. According Havana rumor M to keep eye on Ricardo (Subirana) y Lobo (201-333831), will become de facto chief of Cuba Embassy to Quirinale. D suspects has CUIS ties. Energetic commy. 6. D also on good terms with Saverio Tutino (201-353093) who gave him four letters which could not safely open. Pouching names addressees. Tutino told D AMLASH/1 and AMTRUNK/10 certainly guilty. But F letter suggesting clemency caused rumors of prior deal. Also many rumors students chalked 'Viva A/1' and 'Viva A/10' on walls but D did not see. For two days after arrests GOC put controls on many key figures..."


08/13/71: Cable from Madrid to Director (Info: WH/Miami): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMECRU AMCALL AMHINT AMSOUR: Page 4: ..."In Europe, similar overtures to be continued for Papal intervention through Identities F, I, J (Note: Handwriting) and AMVALUE-2 (201-276972) (latter hopefully through persuasion exerted by others)..."

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