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Cryptonym: AMTRUNK-4

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A fisherman who defected to the US during Feb. 1963 and was used as a maritime guide. Identity unknown.

104-10102-10237: Operational Public Review

AMTRUNK-4 was a fisherman that defected to the US in February 1963. The plan was to use him as a maritime guide. He had worked with AMICE-14 on "infils and exfils". There was a tentative plan to infiltrate him, AMICE-27 and AMICE-14 into the Cinco Leguas area of Cuba on 4/23/63.

104-10247-10319: Prefer Using Same P.O. Box Present

May 1963: AMTRUNK-4 should not be added as co-addressee with AMTRUNK-3 in the New York-New Jersey area.

Bill Simpich

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