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Cryptonym: AMTRUNK-19

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Jose Alberto Semidey Isalgue, cousin of Miguel Diaz Isalgue (AMICE-14/AMSTALK-1), and Cubana pilot.
Jose Alberto Semidey Isalgue was reported in 1961 to be a personal aide of Fidel and Raul Castro.

AMTRUNK-13 attempted to recruit AMTRUNK-19 in 1964. A Document Transfer and Cross Reference for Jose Alberto Semidey Isalgue in March of 1964 stated his 201 number was 201-356707.

A CIA dispatch in June, 1964, stated that AMTRUNK-13 was to return to Mexico for another recruitment attempt against the Subject of 201-356707. Therefore, AMTRUNK-19 was almost certainly Jose Alberto Semidey Isalgue.


12/22/61: PRQ: "SECTION XIV: RELATIVES, ACQUAINTANCES AND CONTACTS: Jose Alberto Semedey Isalgue, cousin, pilot, personal aide of Fidel and Raul Castro, makes frequent trips to Prague. Jose Massip Isalgue, well-known member of Communist Party, cousin."


01/22/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: "F. AMTRUNK-13 will attempt the recruitment of Jose Alberto Semidey Isalgue, a close friend of AMTRUNK-13's for 18 years and a first cousin of AMICE-14. The following is a short biographical sketch of SEMIDEY: Age 37-38 years old. Born in (REDACTION), the son of (REDACTION) of the National Army and veteran of the Spanish-American War. Semidey studied for one year at (REDACTION) University, (REDACTION). He and AMTRUNK-13 graduated from the second class of (REDACTION) in 1942. Semidey flew for (REDACTION) and (REDACTION) for about 11 years before he became (REDACTION) for the latter company after the Revolution. After (REDACTION) was absorbed into Cubana, Semidey held various positions of importance in Cubana. He also holds the rank of Captain in the Rebel Air Force and reportedly has made reconnaissance flights and black flights carrying arms and/or agents to and from other Latin American countries. Semidey has a close friendship with Victor Pina Cardoso, the Director of Civil Aviation and is reportedly close to Raul Castro for whom he is a frequent personal pilot. Because of the close former friendship between AMTRUNK-13 and Semidey and because of reports from AMICE-14's family which indicates that Semidey has become disenchanted with the Castro regime, both AMTRUNK-13 and AMICE-14 consider Semidey a prime candidate for recruitment." - - - 2022 release, page 4: https://documents2.theblackvault.com/documents/jfkfiles/jfk2022/104-10216-10148.pdf


03/19/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: "Forwarded under separate cover are copies of nine photographs taken at IDENTITY E/AMICE-14/Miguel Diaz Isalgue's wedding in April 1959. From these photographs, mug shots of three possible AMTRUNK recruitment targets and one influential figure in the PBRUMEN Government were extracted. These individuals are identified as follows: A. IDENTITY A - See para 4-C, Reference B B. IDENTITY B - See para 5-G (3), Reference A C. IDENTITY C - See para 5-G (4), Reference A D. IDENTITY D - Photo sent to RID! E. IDENTITY E" (Handwritten notes). Page 2: "IDENTITY A - Jose Alberto SEMIDEY Isalgue. IDENTITY B - Carlos DIAGO (May be Carlos VALDES Diago). IDENTITY C - Manuel GARCIA Suarez (Matronymic may be Sanchez). IDENTITY D - Jose Antonio NARANJO Morales aka "Pepin", Mayor of Havana. IDENTITY E - Miguel DIAZ Isalgue" NOTE: SEE 104-10234-10189, p. 5, which identifies "Jose Alberto Naranjo Morales as "201-333393. No current WAVE or Ops interest."


03/24/64: Document Transfer and Cross Reference: Jose Alberto Semidey Isalgue: "Semidey Isalgue, Jose Alberto. 201-356707. Sex: M DOB ? CIT Cuba. OCC ? Photo of Subj taken at Miguel Diaz Isalgue/201-307337/wedding." - - - 06/11/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: Page 2: ..."4. Projected Plans: The following are the primary tasks to be accomplished in the AMTRUNK project during the next few months:...c. To return AMTRUNK-13 to Mexico for another recruitment attempt against the Subject of 201-356707..." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=48016&search=104-10216-10170#relPageId=3&tab=page


07/14/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: "Reference: UFGA-16757, After-Action Report, AMTRUNK-13 Recruitment of AMTRUNK-19 in Mexico City, 6 July 1964: 1. OPERATIONAL ACTIVITY: The most noteworthy development in the AMTRUNK project during the reporting period was AMTRUNK-13's successful initial discussions with AMTRUNK-19 in Mexico City, details of which are presented in the reference. AMTRUNK-19 was given a JMWAVE accommodation address and an open code to be used with a commercial telegram whereby he can provide advance notice of his flight schedule to the Free World. The next step is to meet AMTRUNK-19 where there is sufficient time to cement the recruitment, teach him a system of communications (S/W and/or OWVL), and levy specific MHAPRON and FI requirements upon him..." - - - Page 4: "4. PROJECTED PLANS: ...AMTRUNK-13 has returned to Mexico and has been successful in contacting AMTRUNK-19 and laying on bona fides and future contact plans...As mentioned in paragraph 1 above, AMTRUNK-19 must be met somewhere in the Free World and the details of his future utilization firmed up."


09/18/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to COS, Santiago; COS, Buenos Aires; COS, Montevideo; COS, Caracas (Info: Chief, WH, Deputy Chief, WH/SA): "SECTION XIV: RELATIVES, ACQUAINTANCES AND CONTACTS: 55. Sara ISALGUE Isalgue, married to ex-Cuban Ambassador to Poland, Salvador MASSIP. Jose MASSIP Isalgue, Communist Party member who works in Cuban movie industry. Jose Alberto SEMIDEY Isalgue, Cubana pilot and official. 58. NAMES, ALIASES, TELECODES AND RELATIONSHIP OF ALL PERSONS KNOWN TO BE CONNECTED IN ANY WAY WITH ANY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE. Jose Alberto SEMIDEY Isalgue, first cousin, Cubana pilot and official."

https://documents2.theblackvault.com/documents/jfkfiles/jfk2022/104-10216-10273.pdf: DISPATCH: AMTRUNK PROGRESS REPORT FOR PERIOD 1-30 NOVEMBER 1964

12/10/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: "1. OPERATIONAL ACTIVITY: A. Preparations were underway in early November to dispatch AMTRUNK-13 to Madrid in mid-November to cement the recruitment of AMTRUNK-19. These plans fell through when the Madrid Station notified Headquarters and WAVE that their workload would not allow sufficient case officer time to handle AMTRUNK-13 in Madrid at this time. WAVE agreed to postpone AMTRUNK-13's trip to Madrid several weeks until Madrid Station's workload abated somewhat. B. The prospects of finalizing the recruitment of AMTRUNK-19 increased however the receipt at WAVE of another open letter from AMTRUNK-19, this one mailed from Mexico City in mid-November. In AMTRUNK-19's first letter, mailed from Montreal in mid-October, he suggested using a friend in Mexico City as a cut-out to initiate a channel of communications between himself and AMTRUNK-13. In his second letter, AMTRUNK-19 stated that he had made the necessary arrangements with his friend in Mexico. Although WAVE, Headquarters and MEXI traces on AMTRUNK-19's friend, IDEN A, were fragmentary, Mexico Station stated that IDEN A was well-known to one of its PBRUMEN assets who vouched for IDEN A's loyalties. WAVE intends to send an innocuous letter to AMTRUNK-19 in AMTRUNK-13's handwriting to keep the channel with A-19 alive. AMTRUNK-19 appears eager to see AMTRUNK-13 again and has stated in both letters that he has considerable information to discuss in detail. It is well realized that this open letter channel is far from ideal but it is hoped that in early January 1965 AMTRUNK-13 can recontact AMTRUNK-19 and provide him with a system of S/W as well as debrief him thoroughly and levy FI and MHAPRON requirements upon him." Page 4: "4. PROJECTED PLANS: Primary tasks to be accomplished are the mounting of Operation AMTRUNK X in early December, the dispatching of AMTRUNK-13 to Madrid to finalize the recruitment of AMTRUNK-19..."


03/17/66: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Info: Mexico): "1. Contingent successful LCFLUTTER which assume will be given next AMTRUNK/19 at first opportunity, and favorable security review of operation, HQs concurs Ref D escrow salary $200 per month pre-dated 1 Nov 65. 1750 pesos (assume at 3 pesos to 1 dollar) for A/19 home improvement per Ref B can be deducted from salary. With WAVE concurrence believe in view Ref A censorship A/19 should be given MADR accommodation address for future SW. In order have LCFLUTTER operator available MADR alternate commo re A-19 schedule may have to be developed. 2. Before proceeding additional operational aspects believe through security review A/19 case in order. Must assume A/19 at least under close scrutiny as result AMLASH/1 - - AMTRUNK/10 (IDEN A) trial where A/19 cousin AMICE/14 (IDEN B) implicated as KUBARK recruiter."


03/17/66: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Info: Mexico): Pages 2-3: "3. Following RQMTS for post LCFLUTTER debriefing A/19 and other AMMOON contacts where appropriate: A. Any reactions public or private trial. B. Info student demonstrations as result trial. C. DIR 83492 (particularly Customs officials per para 1) and DIR 81218 requests. D. Reorganization of Cubana with increased Communist influence. E. Any knowledge Mario Cecilio (Torres) Menier, newly-appointed President of Control and Information for Air Transportation Cuba? What is control in this title? Political control or air traffic control? Other details on this job? F. Info on Marcos (Alvarez) de la Noval, member of the National Institute of Cuban Air Transport? Info on institute. G. Any info all Cubana personnel now under jurisdiction Cuban Communist Party within armed forces. Details on report that one Capt Diocre was recently named as army delegate to Cubana. Is this possibly Comdte. Diocles Torralba of Air Force? Promotions in Cubana to be given solely to "integrated" personnel? If true what reactions from flight crews? H. Any details latest Soviet planes, both military and commercial, in Cuba. Who are pilots? Does A/19 have any personal friends among military pilots, particularly MIG 21 pilots? I. Is Comdte. Alvaro Prendes Quintana now flying for Cubana? Any info on him? J. Is Cubana training pilots to replace those who recently arrested or suspended?"


03/19/66: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline TYPIC AMMOON MHAPRON AMTRUNK-19 COMMO: "1. Believe possibility censorship AMTRUNK-19 MSGS 5 and 6 (Ref B) cleared up in Ref C and UFGA 24782, dated 17 Mar 66. As stated Ref C, comparison last 4 A-19 MSGS indicates censorship any A-19 MSGS improbable. 2. Although WAVE aware date last A-19 SW MSG (Ref C) predates AMLASH-1/AMTRUNK-10 arrest, UFGA 24782 points out independent link AMICE-14 family has given no indication AMTRUNK-19 in any difficultly with GOC. AMICE-14 and AMTRUNK 19 have many mutual relatives inside Cuba (some as pro-regime as AMICE-14 and AMTRUNK-11 are anti-) and these relatives keep A-14 and other cousins resident WAVE area posted thru telephone calls and letter correspondence. Last telecon on 12 Mar by A-14 cousin WAVE area indicates A-14 mother who named during AMLASH-1 trial as safehouse and accommodation address keeper still free from jail or harassment. Since original notification AMTRUNK-11 arrest came WAVE thru this channel (Ref D), believe this medium WAVE best advance indicator any GOC moves against A-19. 3. Agree wholeheartedly LCFLUTTER A-19 next trip MADR to resolve A-19 motives and clear up minor SW deficiencies. Concur MADR accom address would be quicker and more secure. Would suggest, however, that A-19 retain WAVE accom address as alternate means commo. View demonstrated A-19 grasp SW technique, possibly encrypted SW would also contribute A-19 security. 4. View A-19 SW MSG 8 stating Cubana has discontinued publishing advance crew schedule, alternate channel re notification his next trip MADR could be initiated by A-19 thru commercial cable using method described para 27, attachment to UFGA 23992, 30 Nov 65. WAVE accom address not set up receive commercial cables. 5. A-19 SW MSGS 6 and 8 (disseminated in UFG 8002 and UFG 8048) touch on para 3F Ref A RUMTS. 6. WAVE continuing reserve OWVL schedule in anticipation completing this commo link to A-19."

104-10225-10009: CABLE: CIA FILE ON () SHELL-5

05/04/67: Cable from Director to Madrid (Info: JMWAVE): (Orig: Withheld,: WH/COG/FI): KAPOK KEYWAY AMMOON MHGUILE: "1. AMSTALK/1 (formerly AMICE/14) received note from Cuban intelligence service which was delivered by his cousin who arrived in Miami aboard a freedom flight...2. As station aware AMSTALK/1 is cousin of AMTRUNK/19. Suggest station bear para 1 background in mind future meetings with AMTRUNK/19..." - - - 2022 release, page 207: https://documents2.theblackvault.com/documents/jfkfiles/jfk2022/104-10225-10009.pdf


12/27/74: Cable from Commissioner to Immigration and Naturalization Service: "5. Subject has numerous relatives who are or have been in Communist countries. Among them are: Cousin: Antonio Massip Isalgue, who defected in 1967 to West Germany. Was detained in the USSR for approximately 12 years due to his knowledge of Soviet atomic science. Cousin: Jose Massip Isalgue is one of the directors of the Cuban Motion Picture Institute...(ADD) 6. According to a report dated 3 May 1967, Marta (Isalgue) Rodriguez, subject's cousin, was allowed to leave Cuba as a result of the direct intervention of Manuel Piniero, Director of Cuban DGI, who was a childhood friend of hers."

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