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Cryptonym: AMTRAIL

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Unknown operation in 1963 with Mexican links.

104-10246-10022: OPERATIONAL/MONTHLY REPORT - - 1-31 AUGUST 1963

09/24/63, Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, KURIOT (Attn: Photographic Branch): Page 2: ..."5. STATION SUPPORT (Secret Writing): a. On 5 August Parmuth (Robert Zambernardi) was requested by Terrence P. McGee, a visiting TDYer, to train AMTRAIL/1 in the use of the 37 carbon and the 29 developer which he would take into PBRUMEN (Cuba) and pass on to AMTRAIL/3. Training was carried out satisfactorily..."

104-10062-10227: DOCUMENT LISTINGS

10/16/63, HMMW-11995: AMTRAIL-2 is apparently 201-349952.


12/11/63, Cable from Director to London (Orig: H. H. Ginsburg, WE/BC): Slugline RYBAT KEYWAY PBRUMEN AMTRAIL: Reference: LOND 0220: "1. SMALTITE late October informed us that SMUTTERLY had interviewed AMTRAIL/1 when latter arrived England on leave early fall. According SMUTTERLY AMTRAIL claimed he had been running Cuban agents for KUBARK (CIA), and had taken SW carbons, one time pads and money into Cuba. SMOTH (MI-6) requested clarification. HQs replied that: A. To the best of our knowledge he had never taken in pads or substantial amounts of money. B. AMTRAIL/1 had been in contact with AMTRAIL/2 prior to KUBARK relationship with him and that without prior consultation with his MEXI case officer AMTRAIL/1 had recruited AMTRAIL/2. An SW system had been transmitted to AMTRAIL/2 via AMTRAIL/1 but no system had ever been given AMTRAIL/1 for his own use. 2. We discussed our reply to SMALTITE and reviewed entire case with SMUNCOVER in early November with TYPIC (routing indicator for Cuban operations), DYVOUR (probably routing indicator for Mexico) and KEYWAY (CIA Europe Division) reps present. SMUNCOVER stated AMTRAIL quitting English electric and would work for Coventry climax for whom would travel widely in Eastern Europe. SMOTH therefore wished utilize him in this new capacity. SMUNCOVER asked whether KUBARK had any objection and if in our opinion AMTRAIL activities in Cuba had brought him to attention Cuban IS and would jeopardize his safety were he to travel Eastern Europe. Stated to best our knowledge his contact with KUBARK not known to Cuban IS. Also stated we had no objection whatever to SMOTH taking over AMTRAIL/1..."


3/19/66 cable from Hard-to-read note indicates that Pelegrin Torras may be 201-349952.

Bill Simpich

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