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Cryptonym: AMTAUP-1

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Dr. Ernesto Alanis Angulo.
Stay on the lookout for more items about AMTAUP-1 in particular. His brother AMTAUP-2 is very important. A dispatch in August, 1965, on the death of Roberto Trujillo Rodriguez, who died in the AMWORLD training camps which were under the control of AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa), mentioned AMTAUP-1 and AMTAUP-2. The former provincial coordinator of Camaguey, Dr. Luis Casas Martinez, and AMTAUP-2 were told by AMTAUP-1 that the widow of Trujillo, Alicia Tudela Sanchez, was blaming the CIA and Artime for the death of her husband. She apparently wanted to shot Artime in revenge. AMTAUP-1 claimed he tried to calm her down and was trying to persuade her not to attack Artime. AMTAUP-2 commented that AMTAUP-1 was boasting that he had obtained the information and proof against AMWORLD and the CIA, and that he had this proof in his possession. AMTAUP-2 believed that it was AMTAUP-1 who steered Tudela's accusations from AMWORLD towards the CIA.


July 1962: From a CIA profile of UR: "There is one possible explanation for 'JURE' hope of gaining UR support. Among those mentioned as possible leaders of this new group were Justo Carrillo of Agrupacion Montecristi. AMTAUP-1 reported in July 1962 that Carrillo had given monetary aid to Juan Medina Vega of Accion Cubana, an organization affiliated with UR since its founding. Medina was then General Secretary of UR. Carrillo may have felt his influence with UR was strong enough to bring about UR entry into 'JURE'."


10/10/62: "HISTORY (OF MRAC): Founded Jan-Feb 1959 by Tarafa and Reyes and composed of sugar cane growers, cattlemen, and industrialists, mainly from Camaguey province. Later joined by peasants, members of the Rebel Army, Militias, and pre-revolutionary Army. Claim to have offered Varona leadership of MRAC in 1959, but Varona refused. MRAC (under Tarafa) has not been united with any sector or political leader in exile."


See this 11-29-62 memo, where the rarely seen Amtaup-1 and "IDENS" (the Alanis brothers) visited the group UR (Unidad Revoutionario). Two pages later, the Alanis brothers are identified as "IDENS". This suggests that the Alanis brothers may be AMTAUP-1 and AMTAUP-2.


January 1963: (AMTAUP-1) is original founder in (Cuba) of MRAC; he is now in the JMWAVE area and was recruited as a KUTUBE (FI) asset; close personal friend of Jose Rodriguez Espada, UR Secretary General; antagonist of Juan Medina, self-appointed coordinator of (MR)AC in the Torriente faction of UR; agent plans to incorporate/affiliate his MRAC group with the UR under Rodriguez Espada."

HSCA Segregated CIA Collection (staff notes): 180-10141-10251.

10/1/63: "Cisneros tells AMTAUP-1 that Ray to visit Betancourt later in week to report on status of JURE negotiations with U.S. and promises made to Ray by RFK during recent interviews."

104-10163-10173: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL (VOL XIII).

08/17/65, Dispatch to COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Subject: Operational/TYPIC/AMOT/AMWORLD/Charges Against KUBARK in the Death of Roberto Trujillo Rodriguez: "1. On 11 August 1965, AMTAUP-2, accompanied by Dr. Luis Casas Martinez, former provincial commissioner of Camaguey, held a conversation with AMTAUP-1 in which he learned the information given below. This information was reported in AMOT Report DD-1562, 13 August 1965. 2. According to AMTAUP-1, Alicia Tudela Sanchez is planning to bring up again the case of the death of her husband, Roberto Trujillo Rodriguez, who died in the AMWORLD training camps which were under the direction of AMBIDDY-1. According to AMTAUP-1, Tudela plans to blame KUBARK (CIA) for the death of her husband. Tudela claims details of her husband's death which she has in her possession will substantiate this accusation. 3. AMTAUP-1 also says that Tudela is preparing to make an attempt on the life of AMBIDDY-1. She is receiving information from persons close to AMBIDDY-1 on all AMBIDDY-1's movements and is looking for a silencer to put on the gun she will use in this attack. AMTAUP-1 reports that he has attempted to calm Tudela down and is trying to persuade her to give up the idea of attacking AMBIDDY-1. 4. AMTAUP-2 commented that AMTAUP-1 boasts that he is the one who obtained the information and proof against AMWORLD and CIA in the death of Trujillo and that he has this proof in his possession. AMTAUP-2 believes that it was AMTAUP-1 who steered Tudela's accusations from AMWORLD towards CIA. Philip G. Elmard."

Bill Simpich

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