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AMTAFFY-1 may possibly have been Mary Louise Wilkinson, Miami News reporter in the 1960's. AMTAFFY-1 was possibly a female journalist/reporter (see 9/20/65 dispatch). Husband was Robert Wilkinson, a CIA officer.
A State Department document in December of 1961 described Wilkinson as a "former Havana newspaper woman." Mary Louise Wilkinson was a prominent journalist at the Miami News, reporting on the anti-Castro Cuban movement in Florida.

A cable from JMWAVE on December 4, 1963, mentioned that "Mary Louise Wilkinson Miami News feels story obvious fabrication to gain publicity for (Luis) Suao and Christian Youth Group. Intends interview Suao and write article for News 5 Dec. William S. Wibalda (probably Robert Wall) reports Suao and old friend AMCORE-2 (Luis Ernesto Conte Aguero)." The story referred to above appeared in an article in the Miami Herald.

A cable on December 14, 1963, noted that Mary Louise Wilkinson reported on the mixed reactions in the Cuban exile community to the exile aid cut announced by the U.S. government in the Miami News on December 13, 1963.

The FBI interviewed Wilkinson on February 14, 1964, about an article by her in the Miami News on January 29, 1964. It was captioned "Ruby visited Cuba - exiles." In the article, Wilkinson reported that, according to a Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE) spokesman, Jack Ruby had visited Cuba. Ruby flew from Mexico City to Havana in the latter part of December, 1962. Ruby stayed in Havana until early January, 1963, visiting a tourist store owned by Solomon Pratkins. Wilkinson said the source for this article was the DRE, and she did not consider any particular individual as the source.

A cable in June, 1964, described Wilkinson, along with AMRAZOR-1 (probably Norman Diaz) and AMCORE-2, as "weather vanes." Moreover, a dispatch from JMWAVE on September 20, 1965, stated that Huber Matos JR., who resided in New York, telephoned AMTAFFY-1 and told her of AMLEO-3's (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez) capture. "AMTAFFY-1 was requested not to print the story as it could endanger AMLEO-3's life." AMTAFFY-1 also reported on issues relating to AMSCROLL (UR, aka Unidad Revolucionaria) in 1966.


12/04/61: State Department letter from Eugene A. Gilmore to Robert A. Hurwitch: Page 3: ..."Mary Louise Wilkinson: 11800 SW 83 Court, Miami 56, Fla., former Havana newspaper woman..."


04/27/63: Article in the Miami News by Mary Louise Wilkinson: Titled: Exile Group Petitions OAS To Recognize War On Cuba: "A Miami exile group today petitioned the United States and other nations in the Organization of American States to recognize it as a belligerent at war with Castro's Cuba. The United Front for National Liberation, through its lawyer, Charles Ashmann, drew up a petition asking for recognition by the 19-nation OAS to conduct lawful 'civilized' warfare. Ashmann defined civilized war as one in which prisoners were treated according to international agreement. Spokesmen for National Liberation, a heretofore little known group, was Felipe Vidal Santiago, 37, a former Cuban naval officer. Vidal said his so-called 'Declaration of Miami' would permit the group to wage sea and land warfare against Castro if recognized by any nation in the OAS...Vidal, who said the group was formed in October 1960, displayed a khaki uniform and a green and white flag bearing The Cross of Lorraine. He said the group did not intend to violate the laws of any country. But he declared that if the state of belligerency went unrecognized the group would still maintain their right to sail international waters and would oppose any attempt at the confiscation of their boats and arms. 'It is the duty of the United States to recognize our belligerency,' he said, 'a duty to the Cuban people with whom the U.S. entered into agreements before Castro seized power.' Vidal was among the first exile leaders to be served with papers prohibiting him from leaving Dade County recently. Ashmann said Vidal had been released into his custody after being discovered in the Monroe County everglades following the prohibition order."


12/04/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "1. Keith G. Bongirno (probably Anthony Sileo) reports Miami Herald story 4 Dec on Castro agent coming US via MEXI to purchase badly needed aquaduct parts and equipment appears be fabrication by Luis Suao of Christian Youth Group and his Miami Herald friend Carlos Martinez. Purpose of fabrication is create publicity Suao and Christian Youth. 2. Mary Louise Wilkinson Miami News feels story obvious fabrication to gain publicity for Suao and Christian Youth Group. Intends interview Suao and write article for News 5 Dec. 3. William S. Wibalda (probably Robert Wall) reports Suao and old friend AMCORE-2 (Luis Ernesto Conte Aguero). Wibalda checking on possibility Suao may have been supplied info for fabrication by AMCORE-2's assistant Vicente Rodriguez. AMCORE-2 who still in New York City claims knows nothing about Suao story. C/S Comment: Dissemination applicable to RYBAT (a high level of secrecy required to protect the message) TYPIC (routing indicator for Cuban operations) YOBITE cables."


12/14/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "Miami News 13 Dec. Mary Louise Wilkinson reported mixed emotions amidst exile community to exile aid cut announced by US government. Some leaders, e.g. Dr. Manuel Antonio de Varona and Andrez Nazario Sargen feel cut will hurt their hopes to free Cuba through concerted action. Others, e.g. Dr. Jose Morell Romero, were more philosophical and said, 'we shouldn't blame others for our difficulties. Rather, we should stop complaining and start fighting.'"

Commission Document 736 - FBI Clements Report of 03 Apr 1964 re: Ruby/Oswald

02/14/64: FBI interview of Mary Louise Wilkinson: "Mary Louise Wilkinson, Reporter, 'Miami News,' was interviewed by SA Robert K. Lewis on February 14, 1964. She was referred to her article which appeared in the 'Miami News,' on January 29, 1964, captioned 'Ruby visited Cuba - exiles.' In the article, Wilkinson reported that 'Jack Ruby - has visited Castro's Cuba, an exiled student group charged here today - Ruby flew from Mexico City to Havana the latter part of December, 1962, said a spokesman for DRE. Ruby stayed in Havana until early January, 1963, frequenting a tourist store owned by a man named Solomon Pratkins. The store was located across the street from the Sevilla Biltmore Hotel.' Miss Wilkinson said the source of her information for this article was the Cuban Student Directorate (DRE), and she does not consider any particular individual as the source. She said she considered all members of DRE as speaking for the group and was also informed that this information was known to the FBI. She said she had no idea as to whether or not the information was true. She said she had no further information on this subject."


06/10/64: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMBANG: ..."2. Most interesting new tendency is tendency ignore Ray completely. This tendency exemplified by near deep-freeze treatment Ray accorded by local media as contrasted hullabaloo surrounding preparations for his 'war' and his capture and return. Same tendency evident in comments by such weather vanes as AMRAZOR-1 (probably Norman Diaz), AMCORE-2 (Luis Ernesto Conte Aguero), and (Miami News reporter) Mary Louise Wilkinson...Wilkinson says answer to question as of 9 June 'How do exiles feel about Ray?' Is: 'Who is he?'"...


09/10/65, dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH (Info: C/FE; COS, Tokyo; COS, Mexico; COS, Caracas): "REF: WAVE 5450, 31 August 1965: Pages 387-388: Separate Cover Attachment to No. 1 to - LFGX-54: Unidad Revolucionaria Memorandum. "The following steps have been taken in the defection and subsequent publicity of Gilberto Alemany, Trade Counselor of the Cuban Embassy in Tokyo, Japan: 1. A press conference was held on August 27th at 7 p.m. in the Biscayne Room of the McAllister Hotel, which was attended by most of the members of the Miami area press, (approximately 50 persons in total) in response to Unidad Revolucionaria (UR) invitation...2. Coverage by the press included the following items: a. A front-page article by Mary Louise Wilkinson in the Miami News of August 28th. (Both editions). b. An article by Don Bohning in the Miami Herald of August 28th. c. A front-page story in the 'Diario de las Americas' of August 29th by Benjamin de la Vega...e. An article by Humberto Modrano in the 'Diario de la Americas' of September 1st..j. A.I.P. interviewed Mr. Alemany (Jose M. Illan) on September 1st for a cover story in that publication. k. The 'Voice of America' taped an interview in September 2nd (Manolo de la Torre). l. Mr. Al Burt, Latin editor of the 'Miami Herald', interviewed Mr. Alemany on September 2nd for a subsequent story...5. Dr. Rivas-Vasquez (AMFRAME-1) of the UR propaganda section contacted Mr. Martin Correa, Secretary General of the Venezuelan Dockworkers for further steps in that area. Rivas-Vasquez also spoke to Mr. Salvador Romani, of the Movimiento Anti-Comunista Femenino de Venezuela, and Mr. Carlos Andres Perez, former Venezuelan Cabinet member and future presidential candidate. Mr. Martin Correa also requested, and was granted, a private interview with Mr. Alemany on Saturday, August 28, which was also attended by Dr. Seiglie, president of the UR..."


09/20/65, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Page 2: ..."6. One Huber Matos JR., also connected with the group, who resides in New York, telephoned AMTAFFY-1 and told her of AMLEO-3's (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez) capture. AMTAFFY-1 was requested not to print the story as it could endanger AMLEO-3's life. AMTAFFY-1 reported that rumors are widespread in JMWAVE area that AMLEO-3 has been captured."


09/29/66, Cable from JMWAVE to Director (Info: Ottawa, Paris): Slugline TYPIC MHVIPER AMSCROLL: "1. Using discussed sensitive source info and overt data Station prepared study of Cuban misadventures in selling tinned and frozen lobsters to World Seafood distributors of Montreal and Jacques Fourchtein & CIE of France. Article stressed late deliveries, shoddy Cuban business practises, improperly cooked meat, and ended on note that latest shipment of frozen lobster to World Seafood contained quantity rotten lobster which discovered only after six or seven hundred cartons had been distributed throughout Canada. 2. Study released by AMSCROLL (UR, aka Unidad Revolucionaria) 26 Sept. AFP filed story 26 Sept and AMTAFFY-1 provided excellent coverage 29 Sept. Believe additional publicity these facts especially abroad will further exacerbate at least Cuba/Canada trade. Release and clip forwarded HQs. Also airmailing Paris, pouching Ottawa." - - - August 24, 2023 release, page 177: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2023/08/104-10226-10024.pdf


09/30/66, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to COS, Ottawa (Info: Chief, WH): Subject: TYPIC/MHVIPER/AMSCROLL Cuban Lobster: "1. We forwarded by separate cover the AMSCROLL (UR, aka Unidad Revolucionaria) report, page 4 of which contains the study on Cuban Canadian lobster trade discussed in the reference as well as a clip of the AMTAFFY-1 treatment of this study. It may be of interest to report that the mailing list routinely used for this and similar studies of this nature contains the following Canadian firms: (REDACTION). 2. As part of the follow-up play Station of course would appreciate any reaction from the Canadian press or other sources. We will particularly appreciate being informed if it comes to the attention of Station Ottawa that the health authorities inspect, condemn, or otherwise take any action on these shipments."


09/30/66, Cable from JMWAVE to Ottawa (Info: Director, Paris): Slugline TYPIC MHVIPER AMSCROLL: "1. North American Newspaper Alliance (NANA) wishes distribute feature article based upon AMTAFFY-1 story described Ref A. Prior releasing article NANA has asked AMTAFFY-1 check further for more facts. In attempting this AMTAFFY-1 unable reach Sam Beiner though has spoken to Mrs. Beiner at Ref B number who confirms Beiner home also World Seafood Distributors office. She says Beiner not available. As consequence both NANA and AMTAFFY-1 believe they on to big story and NANA has decided sit on material it now has until more background info on Beiner, World Seafood, and their methods of operation can be developed. 2. Request HQs and Ottawa traces Beiner and World Seafood with indications what can be passed AMTAFFY-1. From Ottawa also request any additional info on this subject, especially any deserved local reaction (Ref C lists seven Canadian firms and agencies that received original AMSCROLL (UR, aka Unidad Revolucionaria) release about 28 Sept which may have generated Canadian publicity). This info will be included in follow-up story mentioned para 3 Ref A. For obvious reasons please do not check with liaison. 3. For Paris: Will be happy include any angle you provide re Jacques Fourchtein & CIE or others that may be dealing in Cuban lobsters." - - - August 24, 2023 release, page 172: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2023/08/104-10226-10024.pdf


04/02/2006: Obituary in the Washington Post: Titled: "Robert Wilkinson CIA Radio Manager: Robert Wilkinson, 89, a Cuban television producer and director who became general manager of a CIA-operated radio station in Miami, died March 21 at his son's home in McLean. He had dementia. Mr. Wilkinson was born in Catamarca, Argentina, the son of a civil engineer, and was educated around the world. While living in Hollywood in the early 1920s, the youngster appeared in several movies, including some of the 'Our Gang' series. He also did voice-over work for several years. He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. Mr. Wilkinson's family moved to Cuba in 1942. He worked as a radio actor there, playing the role of El Fantasma in one of the more popular serials of the time. In 1951, he became a television producer and director of 'Cabaret Regalias,' a variety show that was the top-rated program on Cuban TV for 11 years. He later produced and directed 'Esta Es Tu Vida' (This Is Your Life), a weekly drama. In 1960, Mr. Wilkinson joined the Central Intelligence Agency and, while in Miami, he became general manager of Radio Americas, which transmitted news, political commentary and entertainment to Cuba. The station was abruptly closed in 1968, and Mr. Wilkinson moved to Washington before being sent to Spain as a covert agent for four years. His last four years as a full-time employee before his 1976 retirement were spent training other CIA personnel. Mr. Wilkinson worked on contract with the agency until 1990. He enjoyed world travel and was a specialist in hieroglyphics and past vice president of the Institute of Maya Studies in Miami. His wife, Mary Louise Wilkinson, died in 1992. A daughter, Patricia Wilkinson, died in 1996. Survivors include his son, John L. Wilkinson of McLean; and a granddaughter." - - - See (2022) Scorpions' Dance: The President, the Spymaster, and Watergate by Jefferson Morley, pages 56 and 281.

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